The Brilliant Fighting Master
1276 External Body
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1276 External Body

After Shui Wuchen's back took a strike, his body started quickly stiffening and was soon covered fully in ice. He had turned into an ice sculpture!

"Prince?" The Water Dragon Black Guards watching the battle strode forward. They all had vowed loyalty to Shui Wuchen and were confused by this.

"General Wuchen used a sound transmission to divulge the criminal's location, and he will be imprisoned temporarily." Shui Zhener wore a stern expression and a sharp look appeared in her eyes.

The Water Dragon Black Guards looked at each other in dismay. They were skeptical of this. However, they were aware that their general was in love with Ye Xue. Moreover, since they still hadn't dealt with Jiang Chen, they could only take Shui Wuchen away. Such an incident created a tense ambiance, and many people discovered that their palms were filled with sweat. But, before the crowd could adjust to this, another incident occurred.

After a powerful aura had emanated out of Wushuang, Shui Zhener also showed off her power, and a large amount of chilly spiritual power surged out of her heart and froze the whole town. "A Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart is quite useful." Delight appeared on Shui Zhener's pretty face, while Jiang Chen's expression became gloomy because the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart belonged to Ye Xue.

"Tear apart his outer clothing!" At this moment, the Human Emperor's voice echoed from a distant place. The Human Emperor had attacked two times in succession. Yet he still hadn't managed to shoot Jiang Chen to death. It could be discerned from his voice that he was quite anxious.

"Let's do it like that." Tian Weiyi agreed, without giving this matter any consideration. He was already fed up with this, and he didn't care any longer about anything else. Everything was fine as long as they could dispose of Jiang Chen.

"Fine." Wushuang also agreed because he was afraid of the occurrence of any other unexpected incidents.

As for Shui Zhener, she didn't have any reason to object to this even more than the others.

The gazes of these three people, who were among the best in the second area, became sharp, and the ambiance became quite grave.

Jiang Chen was now fighting three people, and he still had to ensure that his outer defenses wouldn't be destroyed, because if destroyed, the shots of the Human Emperor would become more ferocious.

"You don't have a chance."

Jiang Chen decided to give this fight his all. He held the Heavenly Fault Sword, while the magical clone held the Red Cloud Sword. They both stood on the same line and made the same movements. Their sword moves were also similar, and the only difference between them was that they were targeting different directions.

"Worldly Wind and Lighting: Heavenly Power Sword!"

Jiang Chen wanted to use a sword move that he still hadn't mastered, and he hoped that he could succeed. Even if he didn't succeed, he still didn't need to worry about anything, because the three people next to him were too close to him.

The Human Emperor was standing on the peak of a mountain 10,000 miles from the town. He had an upright, tall body, and as he pulled the strings of his bow, it seemed like he possessed a dreadful might. As the Human Emperor started pulling the string, it seemed like the world's power was sucked into it. The special Human Emperor arrows could be considered single-use Doctrine Artifacts, and this time, the Human Emperor used three arrows. As he stretched the bowstring, the whole 100-mile-radius around him was engulfed by a tremendous wave of pressure.

The fight in the sky of the small town, which was 10,000 miles from this land, was reflected in the Human Emperor's profound pupils, and he could see it more clearly than the spectators there. The hand holding the bowstring started loosening its grip, while the Human Emperor looked for a suitable opportunity for shooting his arrows.

"You are really a perfect demonstration of the proverb, an arrow in the dark injures people." The Human Emperor was concentrated fully and didn't realize at all that another person had appeared next to him. While that person spoke, he extended his hand toward the three arrows, struck them, and sent them flying away.

"What!" The Human Emperor ended up releasing an empty string, and the consequences of that were too dreadful. The Human Emperor bow possessed a great might, and it could be only used with the Human Emperor arrows. But now, its power hadn't released anything, which caused grave damage to the bow.


The Human Emperor bow flew out of the Human Emperor's hands, which were dripping with blood.

"Ah!" The Human Emperor screamed miserably. The reason wasn't his injuries, as he didn't give regard to danger, but he charged forward to catch the Human Emperor bow. But just after this, his expression became extremely unsightly. It seemed like the Human Emperor bow bore the brunt of the power, which should have been used on the three arrows to deal with Jiang Chen, and many cracks appeared on the bow. The main culprit behind everything was Jiang Chen's second magical clone. The reason why he didn't show himself on the battlefield to fight the enemies was that he had to deal with the Human Emperor's sneak attacks. As Jiang Chen observed the state of the Human Emperor's hands, he realized that this fight didn't have any more suspense.

"You seem insignificant after losing the Human Emperor bow," Jiang Chen mocked him relentlessly. He would never treat someone who wanted to kill him leniently.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!" However, what he didn't expect was that the aggrieved Human Emperor laughed heartily. "What do you think was the reason why I dared to enter the Divine Tree on that day?" The Human Emperor asked. The Human Emperor was an expert who specialized in shooting people dead at a long distance, yet he still entered the Divine Prison Continent rashly even though he was aware that he had killed only a magical clone. However, he still had only entered its outer regions.

"Awful!" Jiang Chen quickly realized what had happened. It shouldn't be this easy to destroy the Human Emperor bow, and this must be a counterfeit product. However, the Human Emperor depended upon the true Human Emperor bow to get a resounding reputation. So the only explanation for this was that the Human Emperor in front of him was also fake.

Sure enough! The Human Emperor suddenly exploded, and his own body's power engulfed the 100-mile-radius around him, and Jiang Chen couldn't budge.

"If it was so easy to deal with a Human Emperor like me, would I have managed to survive until this day?" The Human Emperor's voice transmitted from a more distant place. The Human Emperor was standing in front of two trees in the depths of a valley, and was still pulling the bowstring as before. But, what was different about the current Human Emperor was that he was wearing a helmet, which had many circular lenses, and they seemed like countless eyes.

"An external body?" Jiang Chen recalled some pieces of information related to the Human Emperor bow. The Human Emperor, who had just exploded, wasn't a mere clone and was something like a transmission device that could help the Human Emperor release the Human Emperor bow's power without exposing himself to danger.


A Human Emperor arrow penetrated the magical clone, who couldn't move, and it left once again a hole in his chest.

"This is the second time, and the third time, it will be your main body." The Human Emperor was aware that this was just a magical clone. Now, his external power was destroyed, and if he wanted his arrows to reach the small town, he must come out personally.

"Just wait, when I learn how to use four linked arrows, it won't matter that you have a magical clone, as I can still shoot you dead as before." The Human Emperor didn't want to take such a risk. But he still didn't forget to mock the magical clone, who still hadn't disappeared, before he left. "Or you may probably die today in the town."


Returning to the main topic, the fight in the small town had already reached its most intense juncture, and even though Jiang Chen didn't need to worry about the Human Emperor's arrows, he was still as apprehensive as before. The reason behind this was if the Heavenly Power Sword Move failed, it wouldn't just harm his enemies, it would also injure him. Jiang Chen wanted to depend upon his divine body's endurance and wait until the three people around him died. But he had forgotten a certain matter.

The magical clone had also used the same move as him and, once they failed, the damages would be doubled and even his divine body might not bear it. The reason why he realized it only now was that he detected the Heavenly Power Sword Move's might and could predict such an occurrence However, it was still fortunate that everything went smoothly, and his sword move succeeded. He managed to discern its might clearly because it was about to succeed. Jiang Chen had also counted previously on its success, as he didn't have any intention of bringing down those three people and dying with them.

Shui Zhener and the other two people still weren't aware of how grave was their current situation, and they all used their magical techniques to attack Jiang Chen and obstruct him from using such a sword move. Jiang Chen couldn't help but chuckle bitterly. If he was in their place, he would hope that the move would succeed because if it failed, even Jiang Chen himself would tremble with fear.

The first person to attack Jiang Chen was Tian Weiyi. His Seven Stars Sword turned into stars, and he seemed like a heavenly god as he attacked Jiang Chen.


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