The Brilliant Fighting Master
1275 Fighting All Sides
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1275 Fighting All Sides

"That's really a pity!" If Jiang Chen had mastered the Metal Rule, the golden lightning formed by Du Tian Divine Lightning would have been able to instantly kill his opponent. But, unfortunately, his Metal Lore was still just in full mastery-level, and it managed to reach such a level only due to his sword practice. After Jiang Chen was enlightened by the Metal Spirits, he tried to use the golden lightning, and he had really managed to succeed. The destruction brought by it let Jiang Chen resolve to properly raise his Wind Conception's level.

"Worldly Wind and Lightning: Earth Power Sword!" Meanwhile, the main body attacked both Shui Zhener and Shui Wuchen. After the Golden Solar Flame burned the fourth Fire Spirit Clan's Spirit Emperor, its power rose greatly, and now Jiang Chen fused it with the Alien Flame and Sword Spirit. As Jiang Chen attacked with his sword, the Boundless Sword Soul and the Immortal Divine Bird appeared.

"Let's withdraw!" Shui Zhener and Shui Wuchen chose to dodge the sword strike. However, they had underestimated the might of Jiang Chen's sword strike, and, as they were engulfed by the raging flames, they both ended up sustaining heavy injuries.

"Powerful! He's really invincible!"

When the people watching the battle witnessed that Jiang Chen was unrivaled, they all became excited. They weren't on any side, and they just admired Jiang Chen since he could fight three people at the same time without suffering a defeat. And plus, those three people weren't random nobodies— they all weren't humans and the Martial Emperor Realm System couldn't be used on them. Shui Zhener and Shui Wuchen were Spirit Emperors, and the power of the weakest Spirit Emperor was tantamount to the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm. Moreover, there was another Divine Recluse Clan's expert among them.

"Sir, have you enjoyed watching the fight enough?" After Shui Zhener extinguished the heatwave with great difficulty, she ended up sustaining heavy injuries, and she couldn't help but look at the Magical Demon Clan's man, who still hadn't intervened in the fight. This man had a powerful aura, and his fighting prowess was immeasurable. But he still didn't fight and instead watched the fight from a close distance.

"In any case, what you are truly depending upon isn't me," the Magical Demon Clan's man said. "It's impossible for you all to obstruct him alone. Call over your men."

"What nonsense are you talking?" When Tian Weiyi heard such words, he was irritated, and he felt like he had turned into a mediocre supporting character. "Don't look down on a divine clan's warrior." Tian Weiyi used his whole power, and boundless divine power surged in his body and formed a terrifying stream of air around him. Tian Weiyi's body was engulfed by radiant energy, and a mystical transformation occurred. Tian Weiyi was already seven feet tall. Suddenly he grew to ten feet tall and a cracking sound echoed from his muscles and bones. Many golden patterns appeared on his skin, even on his face. They streaked across his cheeks and formed a design of a moon and a sun in the center of his forehead.

"Divine Transformation!" Upon witnessing such a sight, the crowd realized that Tian Weiyi's status in the Divine Recluse Clan was tantamount to the royal family. Divine blood was flowing in his veins, and he could carry out a Divine Transformation and get great divine power.


As the crowd was expressing its surprise by Tian Weiyi's transformation, a brief sound of something flying through the air could be heard. It was a light beam, which shot from a distant place, and it was so quick that most people couldn't follow it with their eyes.

"It's the Human Emperor's arrow!" However, there were still some people with great power, who managed to clearly see what it was. It was the same arrow that had shot and killed Jiang Chen last time. But its target now wasn't just Jiang Chen—it had two targets. The Human Emperor had been waiting patiently for a chance to kill two birds with one stone, and he planned to penetrate both the hearts of the main body and the magical clone with a single arrow. The Human Emperor had done this because he couldn't discern which one of them was the main body, and he didn't want to return home without achieving anything like the last time. However, this time, the Human Emperor was concerned about the wrong matter. He shouldn't have been concerned about whether he would end up shooting the wrong target—but whether he could really shoot any target.

When the light beam had almost reached Jiang Chen and was about to penetrate his chest like last time, golden light emanated out of him, and a metallic collision sound echoed, as the Human Emperor's arrow was deflected back and broke apart in the air.


It wasn't the Human Emperor alone who was shocked. All the people who witnessed this were dumbfounded. They all knew well the power of the Human Emperor's arrows and were dumbstruck, as if they had just seen a ghost. The Human Emperor bow and the Human Emperor arrows were both renowned in the Bloody Sea Realm, and the Human Emperor holding those two divine weapons was one of the most special Sacred Lords. He would never easily show himself, and anyone he set his eyes upon would end up suddenly shot dead. Such techniques weren't honorable, but after the Human Emperor's might had reached a high level, the crowd didn't have the nerve to despise him any longer, and many people started looking up to him.

Regardless of everything, the powerful arrows fired by the Human Emperor were still a part of his power, and once he attacked, he would rarely fail. As long as an arrow was shot, it would surely hit its target, and the only question was whether the target would die or survive. The Human Emperor's most famous feat was shooting an Ancient Race's Sacred Lord, and the Human Emperor arrow then penetrated its target's heart. However, no one was aware that the heart of that Ancient Race's member was on his right side, and he managed to survive due to this. The Human Emperor's attempt last time near the Creation Divine Tree couldn't really be considered a failure, as Jiang Chen had only survived due to the magical clone. But now, the Human Emperor's arrow had been deflected, and many people were stunned by this, and they even questioned whether the shooter was really the Human Emperor.

Everyone was looking at the arrow, which was broken in half.

"It is really the Human Emperor's arrow."

"It is only the Human Emperor whose arrows can reach such a high speed."

"Jiang Chen is really terrifying!"

As they looked at the safe and sound Jiang Chen, many startled exclamations echoed all around. As Jiang Chen was wearing a Tathagata Buddhist Robe, he had a defensive power that was greater than even a divine armor.

"Worldly Wind and Lightning: Wind and Lightning Power Sword!"

Jiang Chen didn't care about the Human Emperor, who was far away, and he joined hands with the magical clone and faced Tian Weiyi. They should attack one after the other to break through Tian Weiyi's defenses, and, if they didn't do it, the situation would get out of control. The main body was using the Wind Power Sword Move, while the magical clone was using the Lightning Power Sword Move. Both swords coordinated well and were directed at the divine Tian Weiyi.

Tian Weiyi, who had just gotten the limelight, was overshadowed by the Human Emperor's arrow and the Tathagata Buddhist Robe, and he seemed once again like a supporting character. Tian Weiyi wasn't willing to accept this, and he shouted angrily, while he used his Seven Stars Precious Sword's whole power and waved it at his opponent. The Seven Stars Sword and the two swords ended up colliding, and the Wind and Lightning Swords got an overwhelming advantage. Tian Weiyi was once again defeated, and he cast his gaze at the Magical Demon Clan's man, as well as at Shui Zhener.

"The Divine Recluse Clan's member was beaten so much that he was scared."

"Jiang Chen's individual power is enough to proclaim himself the second area's overlord."

The situation wasn't advantageous to the Water Spirit Clan at all.

The magical demon, who had crossed his arms in front of his chest, lowered his arms, and an intense fighting spirit emanated from his body. He finally planned to attack! A sword with an intense blade appeared in the hand of the magical demon and great power erupted out of his body.

"I'm Zhan Wushuang!" The magical demon announced his name. This meant that he would represent the Wizard Clan and kill Jiang Chen for them. Meanwhile, the sound of two objects flying through the air could be heard, as two Human Emperor arrows flew one after the other. One of the Human Emperor arrows hit the end of the other, which caused the speed to rise even farther.

"Two linked arrows!"

The crowd was aware that this was the Human Emperor's archery technique. He didn't manage to succeed the first time and wasn't willing to accept such a failure. This was why he depended upon his advantage, which was his great distance from his target, to attack once again.

Jiang Chen summoned his Lightning Martial Soul and engulfed his whole body with its power, while he also strengthened the Tathagata Buddhist Robe. The Human Emperor arrow failed once again, but the magical clone became quite unstable.

"Just leave, I will ensure that Ye Xue won't suffer any harm." Shui Wuchen transmitted his voice to Jiang Chen once again.

The magical demon still didn't attack, and the confrontation had just started. It was only an insignificant person like Yao Zhiyan who had died.

"General Wuchen, why are you helping the enemy?" What was terrifying was that it seemed like Shui Zhener was unexpectedly able to eavesdrop on people's sound transmissions. As Shui Zhener sneered coldly, the crowd couldn't help but shiver with fear. Shui Wuchen realized that his situation was anything but reassuring, and he was about to pull back the spear to defend himself.

"Do so many people desire that ice-cold woman?" Shui Zhener attacked.


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