The Brilliant Fighting Master
1273 Setting a Formation and Breaking a Formation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1273 Setting a Formation and Breaking a Formation

While the crowd was thinking and talking about him, a familiar-looking person appeared in the distance. Jiang Chen wasn't really coming out empty-handed from his dangerous trip in the mountains. At least he had familiarized himself fully with the Immortal Dais, and he could use it smoothly enough to execute any sword moves or techniques. Other people would need a long adaptation period, while Jiang Chen learned it completely in several risky battles.

Yao Zhiyan, who was in the town, flew into the sky to take a look, and, after he had ascertained that it was Jiang Chen, his mouth curled into a snarl. "He has really dared to come." Yao Zhiyan was slightly embarrassed due to his previous words, and, since Jiang Chen's Realm Level had already reached the Martial Emperor Realm, he wasn't really confident about fighting with him. Jiang Chen had previously stated that once he became a Martial Emperor, no one would amount to anything in comparison to him.

Countless people flew into the sky to observe Jiang Chen's appearance.

"The people who have nothing to do with this affair should stay on the ground, so that they won't be injured by mistake," the Magical Demon Clan's man spoke coldly, while a wave of pressure weighed upon everyone's shoulders. The crowd was angered, but they didn't dare to express their anger. They could only settle for the second-best thing, and they landed on the roofs of houses.

"He's mine!" Tian Weiyi cast a glance at the stranger and emphasized this matter.

"I'm not interested in arguing with a weirdo like you," the man from the Magical Demon Clan didn't spare him even a glance.

Tian Weiyi snorted coldly. If Jiang Chen didn't come, he would surely fight this guy.

However, what no one could accept was that Jiang Chen continued flying quickly and didn't stop before the wall, as he flew in the sky above the town.

"He is really daring!"

The Water Spirit Clan had already taken control of this place temporarily, and the sky was in the scope of the great formation, as well as warfare weapons.

"Shui Zhener, release her and give her back the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart," Jiang Chen challenged swaggeringly and confidently. If people didn't know him, they might even have assumed that he came with a great army.

"You are really heartless." What Jiang Chen didn't expect was that Shui Zhener would reveal her crazy side in front of so many people. However, she quickly changed the topic and said, "You have harmed and killed many of my clansmen. Yet you still dare to act arrogantly. Do you assume that no one in our Water Spirit Clan can deal with you?" After Shui Zhener spoke, a familiar-looking person appeared in front of Jiang Chen. It was the great general, Shui Wuchen.

"Well, did you come back with reinforcements?" Jiang Chen spoke mockingly

An embarrassed look appeared on Shui Wuchen's face. But he still didn't explain anything and just said, "Just give up on resisting, and prove your innocence."

"I don't care whether you really don't know this affair's truth or are just putting on an act. I still won't spare you for a second time," Jiang Chen said coldly.

Shui Wuchen's expression became gloomy, and more than 100 Water Dragon Black Guards appeared behind him. "Ye Xue is in the third house in the western district, and she hasn't suffered any harm. If you are really skilled, take her away." What was surprising was that Shui Wuchen secretly sent a voice transmission to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief and realized what he should do.

"Human Clan's divine body, you should repent for your crimes." Tian Weiyi, who was behind Jiang Chen, moved in front of him and wanted to attack him before the others.

 "You have ruined my Wizard Clan's great plans, and your crime is unforgivable," the Magical Wizard Clan's man followed Tian Weiyi.

"Sirs, this is a matter related to my Water Spirit Clan's safety. So please don't be careless, and let's attack him jointly and subdue him," Shui Zhener shouted. "If it's possible, don't take his life because I still want to punish him." When Shui Zhener stated these last words, an indiscernible smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

When Jiang Chen heard her last words, an uncomfortable feeling welled up in his whole body.

"Do you really believe that those people can deal with me? It would be better for you to hand her over before any casualties occur," Jiang Chen warned her for the last time.

"How can I know that I can't deal with you without fighting you." Shui Zhener didn't back down.

The ambiance became quite tense, and the people in the town, who were watching this event, all prepared to fly away. They were now observing the battle from very close and weren't safe.

"Heavenly Punishment!" Tian Weiyi was the first person to attack, and he used the Seven Stars Sword Move to release the same divine might as last time. The Seven Stars possessed a great might able to destroy everything, while the sword following them seemed able to penetrate even the sun.

"What damned punishment!" Jiang Chen wasn't the same as before, and he turned around and faced the Seven Stars without using any external power. Jiang Chen didn't bother even taking out his sword. He clenched his right hand while he condensed Du Tian Divine Lightning in his hand. The fist's powerful energy managed to deflect the Seven Stars, and, when it collided with the sword, Du Tian Divine Lightning erupted.

"Let's quickly run away! Let's quickly run away!" The people watching the battle felt as if they would be exterminated if they stayed in the vicinity, and they all quickly ran outside of the town.

"This is...this isn't possible!" When Yao Zhiyan, who had also planned to attack, witnessed Jiang Chen's performance, he was dumbfounded. He felt like he was looking at the same Jiang Chen as last time, who used an external power to face Tian Weiyi. However, this was the second area, and external power couldn't be used here.

When Tian Weiyi felt his Seven Stars and sword vibrating, the expression on his face, which never changed, changed slightly.

"I have already said it. You couldn't kill me last time, and this time, it's me who will kill you." Jiang Chen closed in on Tian Weiyi, and this time he put his hand on his Heavenly Fault Sword.

Tian Weiyi felt an intense sense of crisis, and his body shone brightly, as his divine power surged crazily. "String of Joined Seven Stars!" Tian Weiyi couldn't allow Jiang Chen to unsheathe his sword. He strode forward with his sword and launched a powerful attack.

"Wind Firmament Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!"

But no one could prevent Jiang Chen from pulling out his sword. The Heavenly Fault Sword was unsheathed, and thunder rolls, as well as the wind's whistling sound, reverberated throughout the land, while the sword purged everything in front of it.


When the people who had run outside of the town detected such a disturbance, they all rejoiced because if they hadn't escaped in time, they would have been affected and harmed. However, they were still surprised to discover that Tian Weiyi was at a disadvantage in such a confrontation. Tian Weiyi's Seven Stars Sword almost flew out of his hand, and he couldn't keep his composure any longer.

"Let's attack him together!" When they were deadlocked, Yao Zhiyan invited the other experts present to fight with them. After he got a response, he joined hands with Shui Wuchen and attacked Jiang Chen's back.

The proud Tian Weiyi was displeased by this. But he still just swallowed his words due to the results of the previous confrontation. He wore the Divine Armor, waved his sword, and attacked. The Magical Demon Clan's man didn't attack at all, and, if he hadn't been quite close to them, the crowd might have even assumed that he was just a spectator.

Jiang Chen, who was facing three people all by himself, didn't panic, and he dealt with them easily.

"He's really amazing!" After the people, who had been skeptical of Jiang Chen, witnessed such a sight, they believed the previous statements about Jiang Chen. It was already amazing that Jiang Chen could get the upper hand while facing Tian Weiyi, Shui Wuchen, and Yao Zhiyan. Yao Zhiyan was the weakest among them. But he was also the one most resolved to kill Jiang Chen. However, regardless of how hard the three people strived, they still couldn't break through Jiang Chen's defenses, and they even got the worst of such a confrontation.

"Activate the formation!"

Shui Zhener stood on the tallest building in the town like a general on the battlefield and passed down an order. She was commanding them! When her voice echoed out, all the Water Dragon Black Guards released their spiritual power. Their cyan spiritual power turned into countless light beams, which soared into the sky. After they reached a certain height, the light beams blossomed like flowers, and boundless spiritual power started converging there.

Meanwhile, a buzzing sound echoed throughout the whole town, and they could see that Zhuge Fu had combined the Water Spirits' spiritual power to set a great formation.

"I'm not as good at breaking formations as you. But this Heaven Stealing Sun Substituting Formation is a secret technique passed down in my Zhuge family for many generations. Let's see how you can deal with it." Zhuge Fu still wasn't willing to give up, and he wanted Jiang Chen to see how amazing he was.


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