The Brilliant Fighting Master
1272 The Commotion in the Small Town
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1272 The Commotion in the Small Town

After Jiang Chen left the cave, what appeared before his eyes was the mountain range that had been used for the Water and Ice Clans' trial. As he was pondering about how he could recover his power, the wine's effects disappeared, and his power started coming back.

If he hadn't managed to struggle out of the restraints by using the Buddhist Power, he might have really ended up spending the night with Shui Zhener. However, even if they had gone through with it, he would still have been able to fight her after it. Did she assume that sleeping with her would change something, and I wouldn't attack her after it? I don't think she's that crazy. If that had been the case, she wouldn't have sent only a clone here. Shui Zhener was probably crazy, but she was still careful and prudent.


After this insane incident, Jiang Chen proceeded toward the small town where Ye Xue was imprisoned to save her. Jiang Chen could deal with even Spirit Emperors and didn't really need to fear anything. Moreover, according to the Bloody Sea Realm's restrictions, Spirit Emperors were the strongest who could come into this area. Thus, no one stronger than Jiang Chen would be allowed into the area.

On the way to town, Jiang Chen ran into Wan Ruoxi, and he was quite surprised by this. He assumed that it was just a coincidence, but it was obvious from her expression when she saw him that she had been seeking him.

"Are you going to the small town?" Wan Ruoxi asked.

"That's right." Jiang Chen was bewildered and confused by this question. So Wan Ruoxi explained what had happened, and Jiang Chen got an understanding of the course of events. Shui Zhener had become one of the Sacred Lords, and she had managed to quickly join the Sacred Lord list. It was also at the same time that news spread about Ye Xue's collusion with the Metal and Fire Clans. It was said that she was cruel and unscrupulous and she had tried to exterminate her own clansmen to become a Sacred Lord. Ye Xue was now imprisoned in the small town, so that her companion, Jiang Chen, would come to rescue her.

The Water Spirit Clan hadn't set many defenses in the small town, and many experts were waiting for Jiang Chen to arrive. The Divine Recluse Clan's Tian Weiyi and the half-demon Yao Zhiyan were among them. Besides this, there was someone, who could be considered an influential man, who had come especially from another area in order to find Jiang Chen.

"An influential man?" Jiang Chen was confused by this description.

"It's a Magical Demon! He's the descendant of a wizard and demon and could be considered an evolved species. However, they still aren't known about by everyone because they haven't been able to increase their population," Wan Ruoxi said.

"Well?" Jiang Chen felt that since that guy was related to the Wizard Clan, it was reasonable for him to want to attack him.

"I will still go back." Jiang Chen's will did not waver.

"An inescapable net has been set in the small town. My big brother got news about it and asked me to stop you from taking any rash actions," Wan Ruoxi said.

Jiang Chen always incurred hatred from people wherever he went, and he felt a warm current well up in his heart as he witnessed someone caring for him. Jiang Chen also noticed that Wan Ruoxi had already achieved a breakthrough and become a primary-stage Martial Emperor. It must have been due to that Immortal Elixir. After this, Jiang Chen inquired about the whereabouts of Wan Ruoxi's younger sister.

"She's going through a trial, and if she was saved by someone, it wouldn't be any different than losing her life, and she will be eliminated," Wan Ruoxi said. As Jiang Chen thought about the Wan family's little girl, he felt like it would be better for her to leave this place.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen realized that the character of the Wan family's little girl resembled Shui Zhener's character a lot, and he couldn't help but wonder whether she was also crazy. Even though Jiang Chen was aware that it was wrong for him to have such thoughts, Jiang Chen still couldn't help it because Shui Zhener had almost caused him to suffer a phobia about women.

"You are trying to change the topic, aren't you?" Wan Ruoxi realized that Jiang Chen was trying to divert her attention.

"Fine, I'm quite grateful to you since you have such sincere concern about me. But the person imprisoned in this small town is my most beloved, and even if I have to cross a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, I will still go there," Jiang Chen spoke earnestly.

Wan Ruoxi hadn't been aware of the relationship between Ye Xue and Jiang Chen, and she had assumed that they were just simple accomplices. After she came to understand this matter, she realized that it would be inappropriate for her to urge him any further. "I will ask my brother to come over." 

"There isn't any need. A large number of people isn't needed to save someone," Jiang Chen said. He summoned two magical clones so that Wan Ruoxi wouldn't say anything further.

As Wan Ruoxi observed them, she found it difficult to figure out who was the real among them. The magical closes possessed complete power, and Wan Ruoxi was surprised by them greatly. "I will first sneak into the town to get information about what is happening there, and I will transmit it to you secretly." As Wan Ruoxi spoke, she noticed that Jiang Chen frowned and she quickly said, "You shouldn't refuse it. Why don't you want to let anyone help you, even though you are always helping people?"

"I have already said that it's too dangerous," Jiang Chen said.

"They don't know me, and the small town doesn't belong to the Water Spirit Clan. So let us do it my way." Wan Ruoxi didn't pay attention to Jiang Chen's opposition, and she flew toward the small town before him.

Jiang Chen waited where he was for a while and left Wan Ruoxi enough time to scope out what was going on. The small town was currently more lively than when Jiang Chen visited it last time—it was bustling with noise and excitement. One shouldn't be deceived by the fact that the Bloody Sea Realm was filled by people, as only a few among them could become Sacred Lords. Most of the people in the small town came here to congratulate Wan Ruoxi. Some people, like Tian Weiyi who had a grudge against Jiang Chen, would still help them.


Yao Zhiyan was now next to Shui Zhener and was showing off his eloquence. "Spirits are really mystical and can quickly raise their Realm Level. Miss Shui Zhener, I didn't know you previously, and didn't expect at all that you were able to kill even a Blood Emperor. It's amazing, too amazing!"

The people had gotten to know about the mountain range's trial, and when they got to know that there was a Blood Emperor there, they were all amazed.

"The Blood Emperor had just awakened and didn't have even a fifth of its power. Moreover, I only managed to get a chance after my clansmen sacrificed themselves." Shui Zhener shook her head while wearing an aggrieved look, as if she still couldn't forget her dead clansmen. In other people's eyes, this was an almost perfect woman, who was kind, innocent, and had boundless potential. All the Water Spirits were respectful to her because her fighting prowess was the highest among the people here.

"It's all due to Ye Xue and Jiang Chen. If they didn't betray you, the Water Spirits team wouldn't have suffered such grave casualties," Yao Zhiyan said.

Shui Zhener adjusted her breathing and forced herself to keep calm. She said once again, "Jiang Chen will probably try to save that woman. Young master, I will then have to ask for your help."

"Ha, ha, Miss Shui, you are too courteous. Just set your mind at ease, external power can't be used in the second area, and I feel like he probably won't dare to come over," Yao Zhiyan said. Yao Zhiyan stated the most important point, which the crowd in the small town paid attention to. One didn't even need to mention how the Water Spirit Clan had turned the small town into an impenetrable fortress, as just the two people standing on the wall alone possessed enough deterrence. Those two people were Divine Recluse Clan's Tian Weiyi, as well as the Magical Demon Clan's man, whose aura was even stronger than the former's. The crowd even reproached them due to this. They shouldn't stand on the town's wall because it would be awful if they ended up scaring away Jiang Chen.

"Tian Chen won't come over."

"What Tian Chen? His name is Jiang Chen, and you all don't understand him. I have to inform you that if you tell the Nine Realms people what has occurred, and ask them whether Jiang Chen will come over, you will get the same answer."

There was someone who knew Jiang Chen well in the town, and he managed to evoke the crowd's curiosity with several words.

"What would be the answer?"

Many people looked at that guy and awaited the answer.

"Jiang Chen will surely come," the guy spoke in a resolute and confident tone.

"Is it true?"

"There is such a great battle formation here. So, won't he just throw away his life if he comes over?"

However, the people in the Independent Realms circle didn't know Jiang Chen well, and they all felt like it was only a fool who would come over.

"He will come over!"


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