The Brilliant Fighting Master
1268 Fighting a Blood Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1268 Fighting a Blood Emperor

In order to turn into a Blood Servant, a person's appearance had to change into something that resembled a Blood Clan member. Their skin became a morbid white color, in which one could see the blue veins and arteries clearly. It wasn't limited to this alone, as all the hair on a person's body would fall away. So, even if their mouths remained the same, they would be bald and have no eyebrows. However, it was obvious that the three Blood Servants didn't care about their outward appearances and instead were intoxicated by how much their power had increased.

The prince was an example of this. His eyes shone brightly with excitement. He had been beaten up by Jiang Chen, and now he had finally gotten a chance to avenge himself and give an outlet to his anger.

Jiang Chen obviously couldn't manage to face these three guys, who were more powerful than low-grade Spirit Emperors, alone, without the help of his magical clones. He also had other ideas about how to defeat them.

"Tathagata Magical Seal!" Jiang Chen called out the Solar Tathagata Scripture to fully use the heavenly god's power. This gave rise to a bright golden light that stirred the blood sea. As the golden light shone upon the Blood Servants, their bodies started burning and black smoke rose out of them. Jiang Chen took a step forward and struck the prince's chest with his palm and left a magical seal on it. He had planted a golden Buddhist Seal in his body.

The prince's excited expression changed, and utter despair was written on his face, as his body started being purified. The other two Blood Servants were startled, and they both moved back quickly as they looked at Jiang Chen, who resembled the Buddha. Jiang Chen, however, attacked them one after the other. They weren't able to put up the slightest resistance to the Buddhist Light.

After Jiang Chen had dealt with three Blood Servants easily, he sat down and started reading the scripture aloud. The Buddhist Light was shining now upon the Blood Sea, and the sea returned to its original state.

"This is..." The third princess didn't know any longer what she should say. The word powerful couldn't be used any longer to describe him. "You always bring people pleasant surprises."

Shui Zhener looked at the figure shining with golden light and muttered to herself, as her gaze brimmed with affection, It seems like we won't have to die here.

The third princess was overjoyed. She had had no idea that Jiang Chen was a Buddhist Sect's disciple, and she quickly took out her spiritual stones to notify the other teams.

As Jiang Chen continued using the scripture, the blood sea became quite small, and the Blood Emperor inside it was revealed. It was a Blood Clan member who was chained by iron shackles onto a small platform. The Blood Emperor, who seemed like a young giant, was struggling with all his might, and just six out of the 18 iron shackles binding him were still intact.

"The Buddhist Sect!" When this young giant of a Blood Emperor saw Jiang Chen, who was not far from him and who was reading a scripture, hatred appeared in his eyes. The Blood Servants were all affected by the Buddhist Light and restrained, and they had ended up being killed by the Water Spirits.

"Human, you have done well. Continue reading the scripture, and leave the rest to us," Prince Ping Tian's voice echoed out. Prince Ping Tian, the third princess, and another powerful person of their clan took their teams and encircled the Blood Emperor. As the Buddhist Light shone upon the Blood Emperor, he didn't seem too scary any longer. However, his facial features were still hideous. His skin had turned blood-red, and he had become very thin, with only bones and skin left. One could clearly see the outline of his thin muscles.

Jiang Chen was still reading the scripture. But his magical clone had already arrived and taken advantage of the disappearance of the blood sea to go to Prince Ping Tian's side. Soon, Jiang Chen started looking around and he found the unconscious Ye Xue. She had just lost consciousness, and he didn't see any signs that someone had encroached upon her. This was good news and he couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. Then he started trying to wake Ye Xue. But he was surprised to discover that he couldn't succeed regardless of what he tried.

What is going on? Jiang Chen had great medical expertise. Yet, he was finding that he couldn't discern what was wrong with Ye Xue.


In the blood sea, more than 50 Water Spirits were attacking the Blood Emperor, who was chained and couldn't move. He bore their attacks silently, without uttering a single word.

"Ah-oh, be careful!" All of a sudden, the third princess noticed that even though their spiritual power attacks were able to injure the Blood Emperor, they were also damaging the chains.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Blood Emperor's right hand had managed to free itself before the third princess had noticed and warned the others. There were three other chains on his left side, but that didn't stop the Blood Emperor, with a hand that had regained freedom, from starting to wreak havoc.

"Don't let him succeed!" Prince Ping Tian passed down an order, and he used his whole spiritual power. Even though they were Water Spirits, they were still closely related to ice, and the Blood Emperor's feet started freezing slowly. In the end, he turned into an ice sculpture.

"Humph! A Blood Emperor doesn't amount to more than this."

This matter was managed more easily than they had imagined, and the Water Spirit Clan couldn't help but relax. Prince Ping Tian raised the sword in his hand. He wanted to destroy the ice sculpture and thoroughly kill the Blood Emperor.

"Wait for a moment!" The third princess stopped him and said, "Why is it you who should attack him?" The third princess ended up reminding the others. The Sacred Spirit had stated that whoever killed the Blood Emperor would become the Sacred Lord, and the last strike was quite crucial.

"If I didn't respond in time, would you have managed to achieve the death of the Blood Emperor smoothly? If it isn't me who will do it, who should it be?" Prince Ping Tian spoke with displeasure.

"Let's attack him together! If we just depended upon one of our powers alone, we maybe wouldn't manage to shatter the ice sculpture into pieces, and we may end up destroying only the ice, which would be awful for us."

"I don't have any objection, let's attack together, and let the Sacred Spirit made a decision," the third princess said.

"Okay!" Prince Ping Tian agreed readily.

Thereupon, six people stood on the front and back of the Blood Emperor, as well his left and right sides, and Shui Zhener was among them. After they decided to count to three, the six people started building up power. However, when they had just counted to two, a complacent smile appeared on the corners of Prince Ping Tian's mouth. He jumped the gun and attacked the ice sculpture strongly.

"Contemptible!" The third princess's expression changed drastically, and she was so infuriated that she scolded him loudly. However, she still cared more about the ice sculpture's state. Prince Ping Tian's all-out strike had only managed to make a crack in the ice sculpture. Soon, more cracks started quickly spreading from there, and the whole ice sculpture split open.

The Water Spirits suddenly realized that the current situation was anything but reassuring. At that moment, the Blood Emperor took advantage of such a chance to break the ice seal. The whole ice sculpture shattered apart, as did the remaining three chains.

The Blood Emperor, who had gotten back his freedom, waved his hand and held Prince Ping Tian, who was the closest to him. He opened his big mouth, and his tongue twined around Prince Ping Tian's neck. Prince Ping Tian's body spasmed several times. But he wasn't able to put up the slightest resistance, and he died.

As for the Blood Emperor, his whole body started wiggling and his muscles became more robust and sturdy. He even became bigger!

Then the Blood Emperor threw away Prince Ping Tian as if he was a piece of trash, and, disregarding the other Water Spirits shivering with fear, he looked at Jiang Chen with his gaze filled with excitement. The Blood Emperor was extremely interested in the blood of a Divine Clan member. He strode forward step by step, while none of the Water Spirits dared to obstruct him.

With his enormous strides, he ended up quickly approaching Jiang Chen, who was still reading his scripture. As long as the Blood Emperor got rid of the scripture's influence, his power would become even more terrifying.


"Did the Sacred Spirit harm us on purpose?"

"It's impossible for us to defeat such a Blood Emperor."

"Why don't we...why don't we accept becoming Blood Servants?"

The Water Spirit Clan members didn't have any fighting spirit left. They were greatly frightened by Prince Ping Tian's miserable death. One couldn't blame them for this.


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