The Brilliant Fighting Master
1267 The Blood Race in the Sea of Blood
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1267 The Blood Race in the Sea of Blood

Gazing at Jiang Chen expectantly, Shui Zhen'er said, "Please. We'll die here without you."

"Come with me then."


The Third Princess was in the deepest area of the mountains. No matter what the terrain here used to be like, it was now covered by a sea of blood. There was not just blood in the sea of blood. There was also deep, thick fog. They could hear iron chains clanging in the deepest part.

The Third Princess of the Water Spirit was next to the sea of blood. There were ten-odd people with her. All of them were strong. The Third Princess's strength was especially surprising. She was almost as strong as the Spirit Emperors Jiang Chen had killed. All of the team members were staring at Jiang Chen as he approached.

"Human, why are you here?" The Third Princess asked.

"Third Princess…," Shui Zhen'er was going to explain for him.

"I want him to tell me," the Third Princess interrupted her.

Shui Zhen'er bit her lip. She stepped aside helplessly.

"Does it matter?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Why do you have the compass that belongs to those who are hunting us?" The Third Princess asked another question.

"Because I killed all of them," said Jiang Chen. This created an uproar within the Third Princess's subordinates. They all looked extremely shocked.

"There were eight Spirit Emperors. Except for a very few people, whoever ran into them would absolutely have been killed," one of them said. He did not say anything explicitly, but he sounded deeply doubtful.

"You mean you killed all of them?" the Third Princess asked.

"How much more time will we waste on these stupid questions?" Jiang Chen said impatiently. He irritated the Third Princess's subordinates successfully.

When they were about to step forward to teach Jiang Chen a lesson, the Third Princess stopped them. "If you are telling the truth, I want to thank you for my deceased clansmen," said the Third Princess seriously.

"So, if it is possible, please tell me where Prince Tian Ping is," said Jiang Chen.

Neither the Third Princess nor others knew why he wanted to see Prince Tian Ping. "He went to the other side of the sea of blood. We're trying to figure out a way to kill the Blood Emperor."

"In other words, you have ways to contact him?" That was what mattered to Jiang Chen most.

"Yes," the Third Princess said.

"I want to talk to him."

His request was rather confusing. Only Shui Zhen'er knew the inside story.

"Princess, this human is really rude. Don't say yes to him!"

"How dare a Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage be so arrogant."

"There is no way he could kill eight Spirit Emperors. He is quite suspicious. Maybe he just wants to use us to locate the prince."

The Third Princess's men cautioned her.

However, ignoring them, she took out a spiritual stone and injected her spiritual power into it. The spiritual stone emitted a light. The light gradually transformed to a vivid man.

"What's up? Are you already ready?"

It was a real-time projection. A man's figure showed up. Shui Zhen'er nodded at Jiang Chen, as a way to tell him this was Prince Tian Ping.

"Elder brother, someone wants to see you," said the Third Princess.

"Seriously? You are wasting a chance of communication for this?" Prince Tian Ping was very angry. Without needing the Third Princess to tell him who it was, he spun around and then laid his eyes on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was the only human there. It was impossible for him not to be noticed.

"Is Ye Xue with you?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Oh?" Prince Tian Ping was surprised by his question. The impatience in his face turned to a meaningful smile.

"Yes, she is with me." He admitted straightforwardly under Jiang Chen's gaze.

"Release her," Jiang Chen only said two words.

"Who are you?" Prince Tian Ping did not take his words seriously.

"You will regret it if you don't release her," said Jiang Chen.

Prince Tian Ping did not mind. He mocked, "Compared to your unthreatening threat, I care more about the Blood Emperor. The sea of blood is getting bigger and bigger. It's impossible for you to approach me. If no one can get rid of the Blood Emperor, you might not be able to see Ye Xue for the rest of your life." Then he disconnected the spiritual stone. His voice came again before his figure completely disappeared. "Don't approach me until you are ready!"

The Third Princess took the spiritual stone back. She and her subordinates also learned what had happened through their conversation. "As he said, if you want to see Ye Xue again, we must get rid of the Blood Emperor first. What happens after that is between you two," the Third Princess said to him. 

"What is your plan?" Jiang Chen managed to calm down. He also realized that these Water Spirits actually had a plan.

"The Blood Emperor is tied by 16 iron chains. Every time he breaks a chain, the sea of blood will become thicker, until he is completely free and the sea of blood expands to the entire mountain. And we'll become his delicious meal by then."

"Eh?" Jiang Chen recalled the clangs of the iron chains he had heard.

"We can use the spiritual power of water to flush the sea of blood away if it hasn't completely shaped up yet. However, there are eight Blood Slaves in the sea of blood, who are guarding eight different directions. We must act at the same time to kill the eight Blood Slaves," the Third Princess said.

"If you are really as strong as you claim, you'll be able to kill at least two of them," a subordinate of the Third Princess said.

"How many in all do we need to deal with?" asked Jiang Chen.


"Leave all of them to me." As he spoke, Jiang Chen walked toward the sea of blood.

"Are you sure?" The Third Princess was a decisive person, but she was still surprised by his straightforwardness.

"100 percent sure."

So, the Third Princess took out her spiritual stone to inform her clansmen guarding the other directions that they were ready to act. "Be prepared. If anything happens to him, we'll act right away," the Third Princess told her subordinates. She did not pin her hopes on Jiang Chen.

"Huh, getting rid of three Blood Slaves alone. He talks really big."

"Let's wait and see how he will show off."

The Third Princess's subordinates were all Water Spirit geniuses. They had never seen anyone more arrogant than themselves. So, they could not accept Jiang Chen's way of being at all.

"The Blood Emperor hasn't got enough blood to recover his strength yet, but he is pretty smart. The Blood Slaves he created have the strengths of the Blood Slaves of the Blood Emperor in his prime."

Shui Zhen'er replied, "Princess, that means those Blood Slaves are probably our clansmen."

"Not probably. They are."

In the sea of blood, Jiang Chen could only see things within a range of less than half a mile. In the darkness, he could still feel he was being stared at by three energies, one of which was extremely excited.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen's entire body gave off the Buddha's light. As if made of glass, his body illuminated the sea of blood.

"Ha, ha, ha, a surprise, isn't it?!" A familiar Blood Slave walked toward him. It was His Highness of the Ice Spirits. He had not been killed by the two teams of the Metal Spirits and the Fire Spirits after being left behind by Jiang Chen. Instead, he became the Blood Emperor's Blood Slave. It provided Jiang Chen with a chance to see how much exactly a Blood Slave's strength could improve. His Highness, who had been rather vulnerable before him previously, was much stronger than a Spirit Emperor now. And he was the weakest one among those three Blood Slaves. Of course, they needed to pay a certain price to become a Blood Slave. None of the three Blood Slaves looked as healthy as they used to be.


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