The Brilliant Fighting Master
1266 The Third Princess
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1266 The Third Princess

Jiang Chen felt even more guilty after hearing that. At such a special moment, Jiang Chen really was not in the mood to say things that could make Shui Zhen'er feel better. All he could think about was Ye Xue.

"Don't worry. The Water Spirit won't hurt Ye Xue," Shui Zhen'er comforted him instead.


"Ye Xue is the Spirit King of the Nine Realms. She rules the Spirit Zone of the Three Middle Realms. The Ancient Spirit will count on her to reappear in the world. If the Water Spirits want to subdue Ye Xue, the best way would be to marry her to the prince. The Ice Spirits want to escape from the suppression of the Water Spirits and move the entire clan to the Three Middle Realms, but their royal family also wants to occupy the Spirit Zone of the Nine Realms. No one here except the Blood Race will hurt her." Shui Zhen'er analyzed the situation for him patiently. She did make sense, but Jiang Chen somehow worried more.

"Are you afraid the prince will rape Ye Xue to force her into marriage?" said Shui Zhen'er.

Jiang Chen snorted. His look was cold.

"Who would do that in such a dangerous place?" said Shui Zhen'er. Then she recalled how Jiang Chen had treated her earlier, feeling hot. Her words were soothing. Jiang Chen felt less anxious.

"I won't tell anyone about it. Even if people know, they should know I did that to save your life," said Jiang Chen.

"People will talk. You don't know how terrible it could be," Shui Zhen'er said with a bitter smile.

"No, I know how terrible rumors can be. However, as long as I have a clear conscience, they won't be able to hurt me," said Jiang Chen.

Shui Zhen'er lifted her head. Her pretty almond eyes lit up. "What if I do feel guilty?"

Her question puzzled Jiang Chen. Walking back and forth uncomfortably, he said slowly, "Emotion is intangible. Sometimes you think it's like this, but later you'll find it's not true."

"Then I'll need a chance to find it out. The thing is, if I always hold this belief, won't I be grumpy? And won't I miss a lot of things?"

Jiang Chen did not expect her to answer his argument from such a tricky angle. He said after coming to himself, "You are smarter than you seem to be."

"Do you mean I seem silly?" Rolling her eyes, Shui Zhen'er was quite unhappy. When the tension between them had been alleviated, Shui Zhen'er said, "You must be adored by a lot of girls." 

Jiang Chen gave her an affirmative answer.

"Nothing ever happened?"

"If I'm with whoever likes me, no matter how many practicing bodies I have, they won't be enough," said Jiang Chen.

"So, why are you in love with Elder Sister Ye Xue?"

"A matter of feeling." Jiang Chen recalled the first time they had met. His apprentice elder sister had just come out of the bath. Her hair was wet. Her fair-skinned feet were bare.

"Do you feel anything for me?" Jiang Chen heard Shui Zhen'er's shy voice when he was thinking back to Ye Xue. Before he could answer, they heard footsteps approaching.

The four Water Spirits who had been beaten up approached rapidly, with three more very strong companions. "Let go of the princess!" The one with the strongest spiritual power was a man. He attacked first, quite aggressively, as if he was going to be the hero to save the beautiful woman. The other two sandwiched Jiang Chen, not leaving him any chance to escape.

"Shui Hu!" Shui Zhen'er hurried to get to her feet. She called that man by his name. Then she explained, "I'm not kidnapped. We are together."

"You are together?" She had put it in a pretty ambiguous way. Shui Hu, opposite to her, knitted his brows tightly. "Princess, you are still quite inexperienced in the world. You have no idea that all humans are b*stards!" said Shui Hu.

Jiang Chen was pissed off. "Get lost, as far as you can!" In a bad mood, he swore directly.

Shui Hu was struck dumb. He did not expect Jiang Chen to have the nerve to swear. Flying into a rage, he shouted, "The state system of the humans and the Spirits are different. I won't blame you if you have no idea what my state is, but can't you feel the pressure?"

"Pressure? You mean this?" Curling his lip, Jiang Chen concentrated. Then a sound like a dull thunder came.

Shui Hu and others all turned pale. His companions took some steps back involuntarily. Shui Hu was still enduring it, but his face got very flushed. Not until Shui Zhen'er had begged Jiang Chen's mercy did he take his energy back.

Shui Hu gasped for air immediately, like a person who almost died of suffocation. "You…you…" Pointing at Jiang Chen, he did not know what to say.

"It's just a misunderstanding. Shui Hu, don't be so rude," said Shui Zhen'er.

Shui Hu gradually calmed down, although he still looked unhappy with the situation. "Princess, do you know what is happening? Why are there so many Sleepers waking up in the deep mountains?" asked Shui Hu.

"You don't know yet?"

"All I got is a message from Shui Jun and his companions. They told me to meet them in the deepest part, but I'm not able to get in touch with them anymore." Then Shui Hu told her about the last time they had spoken. His friend said he was going through a valley. It reminded Jiang Chen of those killed by the two Spirit Emperors in the valley. Shui Zhen'er also associated them with Shui Hu's friends. She told him what had happened with sadness.

"Damn it! Who the hell leaked the news?!" Learning his friends could have died tragically, Shui Hu flew into a rage. He threw Jiang Chen a glance as he spoke. People not of my clan must have different beliefs. This thought made him suspicious of Jiang Chen immediately.

"Only qualifiers can hear the voice of the Sacred Spirits?" Jiang Chen did not mind him. He just felt weird that Shui Hu did not know about the Blood Emperor. After getting an affirmative answer, he realized Shui Hu and others were just here to protect their qualified clansmen. By comparison, due to the hindering of the tactical formations, the Ice Spirit did not get such treatment. At this moment, one of the four Water Spirits who had been beaten up whispered something into Shui Hu's ear.

"How come you have the compass that can trace my clansmen?!" Shui Hu still did not trust him.

"Shui Hu!" Shui Zhen'er screamed in anger.

This time, Jiang Chen jumped out to collide with this man directly, sending him flying.

"In the worst scenario, even if things were like what you think, you wouldn't be able to do anything except wait for your deaths." Watching Shui Hu lying on the ground, too weak to get to his feet, Jiang Chen felt really pissed.

"We'd better figure out a way to deal with the Blood Emperor. You are the strongest. Collaborate with us and others. We'll still have a chance to win in that way." Shui Zhen'er did not forget about the biggest crisis.

Seeing that Jiang Chen did not object, Shui Zhen'er let someone pull Shui Hu to his feet.

"Can you still get in touch with other teams?" asked Shui Zhen'er.


Jiang Chen's eyes lit up when he had heard that. However, before he could speak, Shui Zhen'er added, "There is no way we can get in touch with Prince Tian Ping." It turned out that the Water Spirit also had different camps. Shui Hu could only get in touch with those in their camp, namely, those who were loyal to the Third Princess. Prince Tian Ping was in another camp. They could not communicate with him. Besides, even if they could communicate with him, it would not be so easy to locate him.

"Resolve the crisis and leave here. You'll find him without effort in the territory of the Water Spirit," said Shui Hu. Shui Hu looked like he was talking to himself. Then he told them the Third Princess was nearby, and she wanted them to meet up with her.



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