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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1265 Suspicion

"Tian Ping!" The anger was burning in Jiang Chen's eyes. He took out the other compass he had gotten. It could still locate the Water Spirits and the Ice Spirits.

Just as Jiang Chen was going to find Tian Ping to save Ye Xue, Shui Zhen'er screamed tragically and fell onto the ground. Jiang Chen checked on her and found her severely injured.

"Why do you want to help Ye Xue? The enemy is your clansmen," asked Jiang Chen casually.

Rolling her eyes, Shui Zhen'er answered without thinking, "Because what they did is not right."

Jiang Chen did not ask anything more after getting this answer. "I'll treat your injuries. Please don't object." Where Shui Zhen'er was injured was awkward. It was a private part. She obviously knew it, but Jiang Chen still surprised her. She had thought Jiang Chen would explain something to her first and would not act until she told him he could. However, once Jiang Chen decided to save people, he would not overthink. It was not exaggerating at all to say that he was a saint when treating people. He took off Shui Zhen'er's clothes quickly. He was so straightforward that it took Shui Zhen'er some time to realize what had happened. Not until then did she start to shriek.

"Don't move. Stay here to wait for the Blood Race to suck your blood if you move," said Jiang Chen coldly.

His stern tone froze Shui Zhen'er. She agreed reluctantly. Soon, Jiang Chen's hands touched her smooth skin. She tensed up. Jiang Chen looked emotionless, not affected by the beauty of the woman at all. However, the patient could not stay as calm as he did. Shui Zhen'er's cheeks were as red as an apple. She moaned from time to time.

"Done!" Jiang Chen finished the treatment. He was going to help her put her clothes on.

"I'll do it myself!" Shui Zhen'er felt like she had been awakened from a dream. She put her clothes on in a hurry. When she tried to get to her feet, she felt very weak in her legs.

"It will take some time for your spiritual power to recover," Jiang Chen said. He kept frowning, walking back and forth. Anyone could see he was anxious. Lowering her head, Shui Zhen'er said in a low voice, "Go ahead. Elder Sister Ye Xue might be in danger."

Jiang Chen did not speak. If the Blood Race showed up after he left, Shui Zhen'er would not be able to resist them. Since there was no alternative, he pulled Shui Zhen'er to her feet from the ground. Carrying her on his back, he set off toward the closest luminous dot shown on the compass. Not long after they hit the road, Jiang Chen found his neck was wet. Not until then did he find that Shui Zhen'er was crying.

"Why are you crying?" said Jiang Chen.

"Why…why didn't you ask for my permission? You didn't say anything to me," Shui Zhen'er accused him, feeling aggrieved.

"You would rather I left you dying there?" asked Jiang Chen.

"What about my virginity?" said Shui Zhen'er.

"Don't bring this up now," said Jiang Chen coldly. He was not in the mood to talk about that.

Shui Zhen'er did not speak. Instead, she started to struggle on his back.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked Jiang Chen loudly.

"Just go save some other people. Leave me alone." Shui Zhen'er fell onto the ground. She was scared by Jiang Chen's look, but she still managed to pluck up her courage to speak.

Jiang Chen squatted down, pressing one hand against her thigh.

"You…you…you are mean to me!" Seeing him touch her without asking her first again, tears welled up in Shui Zhen'er's eyes.

"I'm a doctor," Jiang Chen emphasized.

Shui Zhen'er could feel Jiang Chen's hand was warm against her skin. "It's not gonna work. You are not a Spirit. You don't have any spiritual power. There is no way you can make me recover more quickly." After realizing his intentions, Shui Zhen'er said, "Please. Just go! Don't pay attention to me!"

"Look, what is this?" Jiang Chen extended his right hand toward her.

"What?" There was curiosity in Shui Zhen'er's big eyes. Then she was shocked. Then everything turned to black.

"Women are troublesome." Jiang Chen had knocked Shui Zhen'er unconscious. Then, carrying her on his back again, he went on racing ahead. As the luminous dot on the compass got closer and closer, the Sleepers started to pop out from time to time.

Jiang Chen let his practicing body handle them. But, to his surprise, the deeper he went, the more Sleepers showed up. Jiang Chen had to use his practicing bodies to start an unusual relay so that those Bloods could be killed as quickly as possible.

He arrived in the deepest part of the mountains very soon. He was almost where the luminous dot on the compass was. It meant the Water Spirits were just nearby. He could already see a team of four, all of whom were Water Spirits.

Jiang Chen charged up to them to stop them. "Where is Prince Tian Ping?!"

The luminous dot on the compass could only help him find the way, but he had no idea whom he was chasing. Jiang Chen was sure none of these four was Prince Tian Ping because their states were not even higher than Ye Xue's.

"Human?!" Walking in the deep mountains, the four were on tenterhooks. Jiang Chen's sudden appearance scared them out of their wits.

"The compass!" They recognized Jiang Chen first, and then they saw Shui Zhen'er on his back. "Let go of the princess!" The four Spirit Kings had no idea how strong Jiang Chen was yet. They thought he had come to kill them.

"Princess?" Jiang Chen was surprised by this identity of Shui Zhen'er's. "I can kill you with only one hand. Cut the cr*p!" said Jiang Chen.

"Arrogant!" The four Spirit Kings did not take his words seriously.13 seconds later, the four were rolling on the ground, begging for his mercy. Jiang Chen, still carrying Shui Zhen'er on his back, beat them up.

"Where is Prince Tian Ping?!"

"We don't have any compass. We have no idea where the prince is!"

"We are not with the prince."

"Whatever you think, we have nothing to do with him."

Jiang Chen believed them. They did not look they were lying. He took the compass out again.

Excluding the luminous dots that represented the four, the closest dot was still very far away.

Jiang Chen was calculating the time span between the elimination of the Metal Spirit team and the Fire Spirit Team and Ye Xue's kidnapping. He found a place to put Shui Zhen'er down. Then he woke her up. Shui Zhen'er was still in a daze. Frowning, she touched where she had been hit involuntarily.

"The luminous dot that can be Prince Tian Ping on the compass is very far away. Not much time has passed. He can't be the one who took Ye Xue away, if he has traveled over such a long distance," Jiang Chen said.

"You…what do you mean?" Shui Zhen'er could not even speak fluently.

"I'm not in the mood to talk nonsense with you!" Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Fault Sword.

Shui Zhen'er freaked out. She lowered her head again. Her shoulders were trembling. She was crying again.

When Jiang Chen had got very impatient, she said, "Didn't you say Prince Tian Ping could avoid the trace of the compass and be the final winner?"

It was striking for Jiang Chen. He was too worried. He even forgot about that. He had been tracing the prince using the compass, but it turned out to be in vain. Jiang Chen was so annoyed that he crumpled the compass to pieces. Then he noticed Shui Zhen'er was frightened out of her wits. She was more than sad.

"I'm sorry. I was just too worried." Jiang Chen honestly felt he had been too mean to her.

"It's all right. I understand." Shui Zhen'er knew why he had lost his senses.


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