The Brilliant Fighting Master
1264 Ye Xue Is Missing!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1264 Ye Xue Is Missing!

With the compass, Jiang Chen found the other four Spirit Emperors without much effort. The two chieftains who had fought with Jiang Chen earlier were also among them.

"You killed all of them?" They had found their companions were dead, but they could not figure out how Jiang Chen had killed them until the two practicing bodies showed up.

"You were holding back," the Fire Chieftain said in anger.

"Actually, I wasn't holding back. I just didn't want to fight with you in this way. That's all," Jiang Chen said honestly.

The Metal Chieftain was not irritated. She said, "I gather you know that we are not afraid of death." The woman sounded very calm. She was ready to sacrifice herself.

"Maybe you think you aren't afraid of death, but when death is really near, you'll probably find it untrue." Jiang Chen glanced over at the other eight Spirit Kings as he spoke.

"You Human Race don't know what loyalty is at all. We would give our eyeteeth to stop any Water Spirit from becoming the Sacred Lord!" the Fire Chieftain roared in fury.

"Cut the crap. The Blood Emperor is already awake. No one will survive," said the Metal Chieftain.

"I'm not going to die here," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"You can change nothing. Everything is destined," the Fire Chieftain said. He finally calmed down. As soon as he finished speaking, the four Spirit Kings from the Fire Spirit started to run toward the deep mountains. A few seconds later, the Spirit Kings from the Metal Spirits also followed them.

"You are all nuts!" Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he realized these eight Spirit Kings were going to let the Blood Emperor suck their blood! One of the practicing bodies exerted A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart and The Escaping Method of the Nether to chase the eight Spirit Kings.

"Go!" The Fire Chieftain also started his attack with his Spirit Emperors. Intentionally or unintentionally, the eight Spirit Kings drew the attention of the practicing body successfully. Jiang Chen was facing the same situation he had been facing earlier. The difference was that his Solar Golden Flame had had a great improvement.

"Sky-burning Anger!" Jiang Chen exerted the same movement. The other practicing body jumped onto the Metal Chieftain and a Spirit Emperor from the Metal Spirits with a sea of fire.

"How dare you show off your fire in front of the Fire Spirits!" The Fire Chieftain confronted the practicing body in the sea of fire. Meanwhile, he let the Metal Chieftain deal with the true body. Soon, the practicing body and the Fire Spirit were competing in a sea of fire.

The true body's wind and thunder and the Metal Spirit's golden radiance kept exchanging blows. Every time the two made contact, it was like two lightnings flashing at each other and thunder was roaring. The slim Metal Chieftain was very agile. She was good at kicks and punches.

"Split in Two!"

While she kept Jiang Chen busy, another Spirit Emperor jumped into the air. Pressing his palms together, he threw them down with effort. The golden radiance became long and thick. Its golden light was even more brilliant. When it fell on Jiang Chen, it reacted intensely to Du Tian Holy Thunder. The two formed a type of metal thunder together. Just as the Metal Chieftain had warned, this kind of metal thunder was more destructive than normal holy thunders. But unfortunately, the metal thunder was formed due to the blow exchange. It belonged to neither party. It would hurt not only Jiang Chen, but also the Metal Chieftain. In the end, they separated, both injured.

"You know your Immortal Dais better and better. And I can literally feel the great potential in your body." The Metal Chieftain complimented Jiang Chen, but, given the current situation, soon she would not be saying anything nice.

"If you had listened to us and had stayed out of this, you would have had a great future."

Regulating his breath, Jiang Chen said, "You can still choose to resist the Blood Emperor with me now. We still have time." He said so many things just in order to persuade these Spirit Emperors. He did not expect the Fire Chieftain to agree to collaborate with him, but the Metal Chieftain was a much calmer person.

"How can I betray my clansmen?!" It was not easy to persuade the Metal Chieftain. The spiritual power in her body was pulsing. She was emitting a strong golden light. Same as her, another Metal Spirit Emperor also entered such a status. They turned themselves into legendary weapons. No one could touch them anymore. They were cutting the air madly to gain incredible speed. The two Spirit Emperors jumped. Two deep craters were created on the ground under their feet. They came at high speed, one from the left and the other from the right, to launch a fatal attack against the enemy.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. He was going to use the Thunderbolt Martial Soul and the Ultimate Sword Soul together. A blade surrounded by thunder and lightning arose from underfoot. The two Spirit Emperors' brutal collision against the blade formed the same metal thunder again, and, this time, a sword blade. The remaining energy spread across the place. The forest and mountains all disappeared. The place suddenly became flat.

There, the battle between the practicing body and the Fire Spirit was also white-hot. It was a matter of fact that the chieftain was really much stronger than average Spirit Emperors.

Jiang Chen, with the Solar Golden Fame, still felt rather pressured facing the same amount of Spirit Emperors. Fortunately, at this moment, the practicing body who had gone to chase the Spirit Kings returned. He had killed all of the eight Spirit Kings who were going to feed the Blood Emperor with their blood. The practicing body aided the other practicing body first. They confronted the Fire Spirit Emperors together.

"You humans are like flies!" The Fire Chieftain felt exhausted. He was not happy with the situation, but there was nothing else he could do except vent his anger by swearing.

On the ground, the true body and the Metal Spirit Emperors were all lying around, heavily or slightly injured. Jiang Chen recovered fast thanks to the divine body. He came up to the Metal Chieftain. The woman's chest had been pierced through by the metal thunder. She was dying.

"Loyal…ty," she said with a strenuous effort. Then the Metal Chieftain closed her eyes. Shaking his head, Jiang Chen felt full of pity. It was still possible to save the other Metal Spirit Emperor, but Jiang Chen knew it would not be prudent. Jiang Chen gave him a quick death. Then he burnt him and the chieftain up so that the Blood Race would not be able to suck their blood. By then, this battle had kind of ended.

The Fire Chieftain was still struggling, but, in the end, he was smelted by the practicing bodies. The eight Spirit Emperors and the 16 Spirit Kings were all killed by Jiang Chen alone. In fact, one of the Spirit Kings was killed by the Blood Race, but it was Jiang Chen who had knocked him unconscious first. 

"Next, the Blood Emperor."

Jiang Chen went back to the valley. He did not forget a big fight was still waiting for him there. However, he did not see Ye Xue or Shui Zhen'er. He only saw some ice pallets on the rocks there. It meant Ye Xue had been fighting. Jiang Chen felt anxious. He was running like crazy around the valley, wondering whether they had been attacked by the Blood Race. However, blood-general-level Sleepers could be compared to a Marital Emperor at most or a Spirit King for the Spirits. Most of them had not sucked any blood. As a result, their strength had not recovered. They should not be threatening for Ye Xue at all.

At the other end of the valley, Jiang Chen saw a woman lying on the ground. He went over and found it was Shui Zhen'er. She was fine. She had just passed out.

"Ouch." The woman was still in a trance when Jiang Chen woke her up.

"What happened? Where is Ye Xue?" Jiang Chen asked anxiously.

Not until then did Shui Zhen'er come to herself. She hurried to get to her feet. She said, "We ran into Prince Tian Ping. He accused Ye Xue of collaborating with the Metal Spirits and the Fire Spirits. Then he attacked us, and I passed out."

According to her, Ye Xue had been fighting before she passed out, so she had no idea how Ye Xue was or whether she was safe at the moment.


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