The Brilliant Fighting Master
1263 To Be Crueler
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1263 To Be Crueler

The two Spirit Emperors who had come to the rescue came up from behind. They had fought with Jiang Chen once before. Therefore, they knew his strength pretty well.

"It will be fine as long as we parry his blade of wind and thunder." One of the two Spirit Emperors scorned Jiang Chen, while the other warned their companions. Wounds soon appeared on the bodies of Jiang Chen and the practicing body. Most of them were caused by the two Spirit Emperors from the Metal Spirits. Their golden radiances were too sharp to defend against.

"You've made a huge mistake." Jiang Chen did have a countermeasure, and it was kind of silly. As a result, he had never thought he would really use it. However, it was not the time to be stubborn, so, in the end, he decided to use it.


In the Heavenly Palace, the practicing body, who was still a Star Venerable, said something to the master. Then he disintegrated himself and disappeared from the world.


At the same time, in the valley, Jiang Chen created another practicing body of the Martial Emperor level. It meant Jiang Chen had one more helper. It was such a simple countermeasure that even a fool could think of it. It was one of the uses of One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones. Jiang Chen had not used it before because he was here to have adventures.

"Call reinforcements!" Aware that Jiang Chen's practicing bodies were as strong as he was, the four Spirit Emperors figured out a countermeasure very quickly. They had eight Spirit Emperors in all. If they had two more Spirit Emperors here, the influence brought about by Jiang Chen's practicing bodies would be offset. However, time was the key.

Jiang Chen launched his fiercest attack. The two practicing bodies were chasing and beating one of the Spirit Emperors, while the true body tied down three of them. The practicing bodies killed that Spirit Emperor very soon. In this way, the fight became three versus three.

The other three Spirit Emperors were smart. They did not linger there to wait for their deaths. Instead, they ran toward where their companions were coming from.



"Divine Bird!"

The three identical Jiang Chens called out three Martial Souls respectively.

"Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud, Peerless Beauty!"

"The Sword Method of Ksana, the fourth movement!"

"Twelfth Sword, Thousand Swords Induce Thunders!"

The true body and the practicing body with the swords exerted the previous two movements, and the practicing body without the sword exerted the sword formula. Just like the wind that swept away the dead leaves of autumn, the three Spirit Emperors, fighting while retreating, were finally killed by the swords.

The eight Spirit Kings confronting Ye Xue went weak at the knees. They turned around to escape right away.

"Freeze!" Ye Xue threw her sword over. The eight Spirit Kings were turned to ice sculptures. Then she pierced her sword through their bodies. The ice sculptures exploded. Ice pallets stained by blood flew everywhere.

Shui Zhen'er, who had not done anything yet, was dumbfounded.

"Why did you oblige me to cheat?" The three identical Jiang Chens made the same gesture. They shook their heads and sighed.

"Apprentice younger brother, burn all of the dead bodies." Ye Xue reminded him, not giving him the chance to keep on pretending.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

If the Blood Race sucked the four Spirit Emperors' blood, the Sleepers' strengths would be recovered immediately.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

As soon as Ye Xue finished speaking, a few dark shadows flew out of the darkness. They were the Bloods, who had been attracted by the fight. They jumped onto the four Spirit Emperors' corpses like crazy. If the blood of the dead people became cold, even though the Blood Race sucked it, it would not work.

"Die!" Jiang Chen did not give them the chance. The Sky-burning Anger was unleashed throughout the entire valley. It did not only destroy the corpses, but also burned the Sleepers to ashes.

"Eh?" Since it was a crucial moment, Jiang Chen turned to the Solar Golden Flame. When the fire had smelted the two dead Fire Spirits, his Solar Golden Flame had some surprising gains.

"Are Fire Spirits one of the fire's origins themselves?" It was a pleasant surprise for Jiang Chen. The two Spirit Emperors' fire origins benefitted him a lot.

"Divine body. Divine body!"

While Jiang Chen was bursting with joy, a sharp magnetic voice came from the deep mountains on the other side of the valley. More than that, the voice had an alluring magic. It froze people's blood and made their heartbeats accelerate.

"It's the Blood Emperor. He is awake!" Shui Zhen'er was startled and terrified.

"He wants to suck the blood of your divine body!" said Ye Xue.

While Jiang Chen was on guard, ready to exchange blows with the Blood Emperor, it suddenly went quiet in the deep mountains.

"He can't move for the moment, because he isn't strong enough," Ye Xue concluded.

"If the Metal Spirits and the Fire Spirits teams go on providing him with blood, it will be hard to say what will happen." They assumed that it was the dead bodies thrown off the mountains by the Spirit Emperors in the valley that had awakened the Blood Emperor ahead of schedule.

"There are still four Spirit Emperors and eight Spirit Kings." Jiang Chen decided to get rid of them and improve the Solar Golden Flame at the same time.

"How will we find them?" Shui Zhen'er asked.

"Easy." Jiang Chen took the compass out. He fiddled with it. Soon, the luminous dots on the compass started to change—not only the positions, but also the quantities had changed. There were 12 of them, neither more nor less.

"The compass's algorithm locates people by spiritual power. I changed its parameters to the spiritual power of fire and metal," explained Jiang Chen. It was a simple explanation, but it embodied the essence of the function principle of the compass.

"That's amazing!" The lovely beauty Shui Zhen'er was totally convinced. She asked, now in awe of Jiang Chen, "Are humans so great now?"

Jiang Chen smiled complacently. If he had sufficient time, he would not mind spending some time in boasting about himself a little bit.

"You wait for me here. I'll get rid of those people." Then Jiang Chen left with his two practicing bodies. "Alas, I left my Doctrine Artifacts in the Heavenly Palace. What a pity." Seeing one of the practicing bodies holding nothing, Jiang Chen felt awkward. Fortunately, he still could exert the sword formula.

After Jiang Chen left, Ye Xue and Shui Zhen'er waited there until the temperature in the valley dropped. Then they walked, shoulder to shoulder.

"I'm so jealous of you. You have the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart and such a great man," said Shui Zhen'er.

Ye Xue frowned slightly. She should feel happy for the compliment she had received, but she knew from Shui Zhen'er's tone that the latter adored Jiang Chen, and the latter was not hiding it at all.

"I'm even very ordinary in the Water Spirits. I worked very hard to get the opportunity to come to the World of Bloody Sea to have adventures." Shui Zhen'er lowered her head again. She sounded very frustrated.

Ye Xue was kind of confused. She did not know how to comfort people.

"Tell me. What should I do to change my fate?" Forcing a smile, Shui Zhen'er asked seriously.

"Strive. Don't yield to your fate," said Ye Xue.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Shui Zhen'er laughed like crazy. She had started to look a little bit different. She said, "Striving is the most basic thing in the world. Everyone can do that. It's impossible to change your fate only by striving. That's an illusion." Shui Zhen'er's mocking tone made Ye Xue quite uncomfortable.

"What do you think you should do?" asked Ye Xue.

Shui Zhen'er beamed, approaching her. "For example, to be cruel. Kill everyone and seize the precious chance to be the Sacred Lord. How does that sound?"

Her words chilled Ye Xue. Shui Zhen'er's laugh sounded extremely evil.

"It's you!" Ye Xue suddenly tumbled to the fact.

"It's me! Of course!" The delicate Shui Zhen'er abruptly exerted an abundant spiritual power that was far stronger than a Spirit King's spiritual power!


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