The Brilliant Fighting Master
1262 The Resolution to Die
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1262 The Resolution to Die

They believed that the two teams of the Metal Spirits and the Fire Spirits that had entered the area were also sweating, because if they could not leave that place, once the Blood Emperor's strength was fully recovered, all of them would die. The consequences would be more serious if the Blood Emperor was let out. Then the whole World of Bloody Sea would suffer.


In the Heavenly Palace, at the Divine Tree of Creatures, Jiang Chen's practicing body communicated with the divine tree about the Blood Emperor.

"There are many Blood Kings and Blood Emperors asleep in the World of Bloody Sea, but with the Sacred Spirits in cooperation, they can't revive themselves." The Divine Tree of Creatures continued, "Usually only when Sacred Spirits send Sacred Lords to have adventures, they will revive the Blood Kings and Blood Emperors."

Blood Kings and Blood Emperors who had just revived had at most 30 percent of their strength left. If their strengths were fully recovered, Sacred Spirits would come out to kill them. "However, what usually happens is, if you can't get rid of the Blood Emperor, Sacred Spirits won't come out until everyone in the mountains are dead."

"What are you doing in others' testing grounds?" The Divine Tree of Creatures complained that Jiang Chen did not save it any worry at all. He was constantly running into danger.

Jiang Chen expressed his helplessness. He asked the divine tree whether there were fruits similar to the Divine Creature Fruit that his practicing body could take so that the true body could get benefits at the same time. But he was told it was impossible. Even if the practicing body's Du Tian Holy Thunder and Solar Golden Flame improved, he would in the end merge with the true body. The only thing the true body and the practicing body could improve at the same time was in terms of conception. However, unfortunately, Jiang Chen's true body had achieved the peak in this regard already


Back to the mountains with Jiang Chen and the two beautiful women...through the compass, Jiang Chen could see all the testees heading for the deep mountains. They had all realized how severe the situation was. They intended to get rid of the Blood Emperor as soon as possible.

That was Jiang Chen's plan too. He supposed the two teams of the Metal Spirits and the Fire Spirits would restrain themselves. But, to his surprise, when Jiang Chen and the two beautiful women had arrived in a green valley, they found the Spirit Emperors of the two Spirit clans were still killing testees.

"They came with a resolution to die. The revival of the Blood Emperor is kind of good news for them." Jiang Chen's heart sank. The situation was trickier than he had thought.

"Oh, gosh." Shui Zhen'er suddenly exclaimed. She saw a Spirit Emperor lift the dead bodies on the ground and throw them off the deep mountains with an effort. "These b*stards!"

Ye Xue knew they would all be doomed if things went on like this,

"We must get rid of these sons of b*tches. Otherwise there is no hope," said Jiang Chen.

"Shall we act?" asked Ye Xue.

"If there are only two Spirit Emperors here, I think we'll be able to deal with them." Jiang Chen was observing at a distance. There were only two Spirit Emperors in the valley, one from the Metal Spirits and the other from the Fire Spirits. But he did not forget these Spirits could communicate with each other. It would be very dangerous if there were other Spirit Emperors nearby.

"But we must take this risk." Jiang Chen said, "If more Spirit Emperors come to their rescue, you two must help me out for a while." Then he made a decision. He created a new practicing body. The true body was holding the Heavenly Fault Sword, while the practicing body was holding the Red Cloud Sword. Jiang Chen and the practicing body attacked at the same time after getting closer to the Spirit Emperors.

"It's you?! You are still alive?!" The two Spirit Emperors guarding the valley were the first two to enter the mountainous area. They thought this human had already been killed by their chieftains. But to their surprise, he was even audacious enough to attack them!

"Those are two Spirit Emperors!" Shui Zhen'er could not relax. In her eyes, Jiang Chen's level was similar to a Spirit King's level according to the standards of the Spirit. How would he be able to exchange blows with Spirit Emperors?

"It will be fine." Ye Xue had confidence in Jiang Chen.

Over there, the fight had already started. Looking back on other fights, Jiang Chen realized that both the true body and the practicing body could only deal with two Spirit Emperors at the same time. There were only two here, one for the true body and the other for the practicing body. Jiang Chen was at an overwhelming advantage.

"Universal Wind and Thunder, Wind and Thunder Sword Momentum!"

"Universal Wind and Thunder, Earthly Power Sword!"

The true body was manipulating the blade of wind and thunder, while the practicing body was manipulating the blade of wind and fire. Wind represented the sword spirit, which was combined with the other two energies.

"Powerful!" Shui Zhen'er got to her feet spontaneously, because she saw the strong Spirit Emperors almost unable to fight back. The Spirit Emperor from the Metal Spirits was being tortured by the blade of wind and fire. The one from the Fire Spirits was in an even worse situation. "What is he afraid of if he is so strong?" Shui Zhen'er was puzzled.

"Because of that!" Ye Xue found something. She pointed at the east side of the valley. There, another two Spirit Emperors were flying over to go to the rescue.

"Freeze!" Ye Xue charged over. The coldness swept over toward the two Spirit Emperors like a wave. It froze the area in which they were.

"Get lost!" Spirit Emperors would not be vulnerable before anyone. The Spirit Emperor from the Metal Spirits who had just arrived was waving a golden radiance. The coldness was broken. Ice pallets were flying everywhere in the air. The Spirit Emperor from the Fire Spirits was more straightforward. He melted the ice with fire.

Ye Xue had to draw out her long sword made of thick ice to stall for time.

"Never mind. Go back down." Jiang Chen's anxious voice rang out.

"But…!" Ye Xue felt uneasy. The enemy Jiang Chen was facing had not been gotten rid of. If she let these two Spirit Emperors pass, it would be more difficult to kill all of them.

"Trust me," said Jiang Chen.

Gritting her teeth, Ye Yue went back to the ground helplessly. She had only stalled them a brief ten seconds. The Spirit Emperors who had come to the rescue did not want to let go of her, but when they had seen the fight in the valley, they went there as quickly as possible. The fight in the valley immediately got very chaotic. The situation was not as optimistic as Jiang Chen had imagined. There were four Spirit Emperors, two for the true body and two for the practicing body.

However, each of them was using only one Doctrine Sword. The good part was they could not be defeated like last time, while the bad part was the true body was being more pressured.

"Crap!" Ye Xue wanted to help, but Shui Zhen'er stopped her. She said before Ye Xue could speak, "You will have many chances to help him if you really want to." Then she pointed at somewhere far away.

Ye Xue saw eight Spirit Kings from the Fire Spirits approaching them. Gritting her teeth, Ye Xue came forward once again.

"I'll fight with you." Shui Zhen'er also decided she should offer some help.

"The compass can't detect you two. That's strange. But you are stupid. You approach us by yourselves. Just to win time for him?" A few of the Spirit Kings entered this area from another direction, so they saw Jiang Chen fighting with their leaders.

"Two Spirit Emperors are the most that man can deal with. His practicing body will be eliminated very quickly. And the true body will be defeated. Eh? He gave one of the Doctrine Swords to the practicing body? But even so, both of them will be killed at the same time." Gazing at the two pretty women, a Spirit King from the Fire Spirits did not rush to attack. He intended to mentally shatter the two women first.

Shui Zhen'er seemed to be persuaded, because there was no way to refute his argument at all, unless Jiang Chen could perform a miracle.

"If you have to push me…"

There, Jiang Chen looked very angry. His face was downcast.

"Stop bluffing here. If you were really great, you wouldn't have run here at all."


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