The Brilliant Fighting Master
1260 The Blood Race in the Mountains
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1260 The Blood Race in the Mountains

Jiang Chen's Du Tian Holy Thunder and Solar Golden Flame so far had only had small achievements. He still had a lot to do with them—especially the Solar Golden Flame. Ever since he had mastered it at the banquet of the Wizard Race, he had never spent any time on it. Previously, Jiang Chen had mastered Sky-burning Anger and been able to exert the extraordinary power of Alien Flame to the full. If his Solar Golden Flame could have some breakthrough, Sky-burning Anger would be even more powerful. Then he would not have to escape even when facing four Spirit Emperors at the same time.

However, the Solar Golden Flame was kind of special. He could not make any progress simply by practicing it. He would need to devour other fire origins as well. It would also be nice if I could exert the Heavenly Power Sword completely. Jiang Chen did not pin all of his hopes on the Solar Golden Flame. 

If he could excel in all of the four movements of Universal Wind and Thunder, he would definitely be able to kill Spirit Emperors through Immortal Daises. Jiang Chen was looking for Ye Xue using the compass while considering these things. The compass could not tell him where exactly Ye Xue was, but it could mark the locations of the testees of the Water Spirits and the Ice Spirits. They would be marked by luminous dots. It was much better than running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

On his travels, he still saw many Sleepers of the Blood Race who were waking up.

"Found him! The human divine body!" All of a sudden, a Sleeper showed up behind Jiang Chen. He was woken up by the blood of the divine body earlier. Although Jiang Chen had covered his traces, the Sleeper still managed to follow him. He was only a Blood General. There was still dirt on his body. The weird thing was, he looked very strong, not like the other Sleepers who had just woken up. They were usually skinny because of lack of blood. Jiang Chen also found his body was emitting the heat of spirit power. Then he realized this Sleeper must have found the Spirit King that he had knocked unconscious and sucked the latter's essence blood.

"What should I do to thank you? I have an idea. Give me your blood, and I'll make you a Blood Slave," said the Blood General. Blood Slave literally meant the Blood Race's slave. The Blood Race would leave their blood in the human body, whose blood they had sucked to evoke mutations. In this way, the human would get a powerful strength.

"You are not good enough for me," Jiang Chen's answer irritated the Blood General. Bloods who could create Blood Slaves should be at least a Blood General, but this was only the start. The limit of a Blood Slave's strength depended on the Blood who had put mutations in him or her. So, Jiang Chen was actually mocking this Blood General, because he intended to make a divine body a Blood Slave of his. He totally overestimated himself.

"Confront death then." The Blood General did not act after finishing speaking. He took a scroll out of his chest pocket. It belonged to that Spirit King from the Fire Spirits. It was used to notify his companions. After sucking one's blood, the Blood would get everything that used to belong to that person, including the memory. The Blood General obviously knew what kind of situation he was in.

"I would rather fight to the death than let your blood stain my divine body," said Jiang Chen.

"Darn it!!" The Blood General could not hold in his temper anymore. He jumped up as fast as a ghost, only leaving an incomplete shadow where he had been. In less than a second, he was behind Jiang Chen. He opened his mouth and flicked his tongue out toward Jiang Chen's neck.

Jiang Chen closed his eyes. Buddha's light surged. The golden light could be compared to the sharpest blade. It cut the Blood's tongue off. At the same time, exposed to the Buddha's light, a large part of the Blood General's skin was burned.

"Great Vacuum Mudra!"

Jiang Chen turned around to throw his palm over. Buddhist theurgies were the Blood Race's nemesis. It smashed the Blood General into pieces directly. He did not get the chance to use the scroll of the Fire Spirit before his death. Jiang Chen decided to leave as quickly as possible.

Since the Buddhist mind and the Taoist temperament had converted to the Taoist mind and the Buddhist temperament, the force of the heavens brought by Mahavairocana Abhisambodhi Tantra had not been weakened, but it had been surpassed by the force of holy thunder the Taoist mind had received.

Therefore, if he could not defeat Spirit Emperors with Du Tian Holy Thunder, it was even less possible to achieve it with the force of the heavens. Jiang Chen really wished he could have the time to practice, so that his martial arts techniques and Doctrine Methods could achieve their peaks.

"Eh?" At this moment, the compass Jiang Chen was carrying beeped. He took a look at it. It turned out there were testees around. Not just one person. There were three in all. Jiang Chen ran over at high speed. There, he saw the person he had been looking for. He was not surprised, because they had entered the mountainous area from the same entrance. They were certainly closer to each other than to other testees.

However, the annoying man, His Highness, was also there. He did not know the third person. Judging from her spirit power, the woman was probably a Water Spirit. The three testees were being attacked by dozens of Blood Generals. They were not average Blood Generals. They were Blood Generals who could be compared to Martial Emperors. It was not hard to imagine how much pressure the three were under. It did not take Jiang Chen long to find out what was wrong.

Instead of going all out, His Highness was holding back. Moreover, he even led the Sleepers toward Ye Xue, who was next to him. Jiang Chen knew His Highness had taken a fancy to Ye Xue, so he kind of intuited what the latter was doing.

Jiang Chen unsheathed his sword. The blade of wind and thunder swept over. He killed ten-odd Blood Generals in a row. The other Blood Generals were so scared that they ran away quickly. The three, rescued from the siege, did not even have the time to react.

"Apprentice younger brother, what happened?" Ye Xue knew Jiang Chen would not have entered here for no reason. Something must have arisen.

"We are taking the selection test of the Sacred Lord. What are you showing off for here?!" His Highness had intended to be the hero who rescued the beautiful lady in distress. Now that his plan had been sabotaged, he was exasperated.

Jiang Chen kicked out at him, tripping him, and he fell on the ground.

"You think you are qualified?" asked Jiang Chen.

If he had not robbed Ye Xue of her Void Gate, he would not have been able to enter the mountainous area.

"Human, you'd better explain to me what just happened." The woman was a Water Spirit. She did not know Ye Xue or His Highness well. They were collaborating because of the pressures created by the Blood Race. Jiang Chen told them about the two teams of the Fire Spirits and the Metal Spirits.

"Seriously?!" His Highness was scared out of his wits.

"No way. We Water Spirits have 16 teams of Water Dragon Black Guards and 12 generals as great as General Shui Wuchen guarding the place." The Water Spirit could hardly believe it. One Water Dragon Black Guard team had eight guards, each of whom was a Spirit King—16 teams meant 128 Spirit Kings and 12 Spirit Emperors. In comparison, the fighting powers of the lineups of the Fire Spirits and the Metal Spirits were not enough at all.

"If we succeed in leaving this place alive, you'd better ask for me where your people went." Jiang Chen did not care whether she believed it or not. He grasped Ye Xue's hand, about to take her away. If he could find these three, the two teams of the Fire Spirits and the Metal Spirits would be able to as well.

The female Water Spirit took out a scroll. She tried to use it, but then she turned pale, because the scroll did not react. It meant the Water Spirits had no reinforcements at all!

"I'll go with you!" She said immediately.

"Take me with you. Take me too." His Highness hurried to follow them. He was afraid they would leave him behind. Jiang Chen certainly did not want to take him with them, but Ye Xue hesitated at the thought of His Highness's identity.

"If he dies, it won't affect us at all, because it's not us who will kill him." Jiang Chen said, "If he remains alive, he'll go against me for what I did to him. So, why should I save him?"

"Makes sense." His Highness had made no good impression on Ye Xue at all. She was persuaded by Jiang Chen, so they made the decision to leave him behind.

"Let's wait and see. Let's wait and see!"


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