The Brilliant Fighting Master
1259 Escaping into the Mountains
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1259 Escaping into the Mountains

The onlookers were given a fright. The commotion sounded like the Spirit Emperor had received a fatal strike. However, the reality was not any better. The chieftain of the Metal Spirits and the chieftain of the Fire Spirits were both holding their breaths, until they could not hold them anymore. Oww, they howled as they spit up blood.

This was the first time Jiang Chen had injured a Spirit Emperor to such an extent since the start of the battle.

"A Martial Emperor in the preliminary stage can cause such heavy injuries? Has he used an Immortal Dais?" The Spirits could not sense the existence of the Human Race's Martial Dais like humans could, who could even recognize the grade of the Martial Dais used in a fight, because the Spirits did not have such things. They could only deduce the use of a Martial Dais roughly based on the situation.

Jiang Chen had managed to resist two Spirit Emperors in the Second Zone where external force was banned. The use of an Immortal Dais was the only explanation.

"Stop wasting our time." The chieftain of the Fire Spirits wiped the blood off his face. He waved his hand. Then another Spirit Emperor from the Fire Spirits came onto the battlefield with two Spirit Kings. The chieftain of the Metal Spirits hesitated for a while. Then she requested the same lineup.

Jiang Chen, who had finally begun to see some escape, felt hopeless again. He knew he was not strong enough to resist such a lineup yet, but, fortunately, the time he had promised was up. Although he had not seen any reinforcements, he did not want to fight to the death here.

"See you again in the near future." Jiang Chen exerted The Escaping Method of the Nether and disappeared.

"You wanna leave? Dream on!" However, seeing a void-level method exerted, the Spirits were still reluctant to give up. They acted one after another to block the area with spirit force.

Jiang Chen was running madly in the dark. In the end, he bumped against a wall. Despite The Escaping Method of the Nether, he was still in the Spirits' sights. Jiang Chen did not give up. He changed his direction and flew toward the mountains. Since flying was forbidden over mountains, he started to fall as soon as he entered that area.

"Is he courting death?"

A tactical formation was deployed at the periphery of the mountains. It would launch indiscriminate attacks against intruders.

"I'll kill him in person!" The hot-tempered chieftain of the Fire Spirits did not want Jiang Chen to be killed by the tactical formation, so he charged over as well. They would not be attacked by the tactical formation thanks to the traitor's help. They could come and go freely. Jiang Chen fell into a ward full of dangers.

"Break!" An idea occurred to Jiang Chen. He cracked the ward.

Seeing the chieftain of the Fire Spirits coming, he held his formation disk in his hand. If Zhuge Fu were still here, his wish would be satisfied. With the formation disk, Jiang Chen could kind of control this tactical formation. The Spirit enemy, who was not supposed to be attacked, was attacked after entering.

"What's going on?! He can use others' formations to resist the enemy?" The chieftain of the Metal Spirits, who had arrived just after the chieftain of the Fire Spirits, was petrified. She had never seen a human like this before. Fortunately, the formation was not very destructive. It only functioned as a labyrinth and a warning to keep the intruder away. As a result, the chieftain of the Fire Spirits was not heavily injured.

Besides, Jiang Chen had only changed the formation temporarily. The formation let the Spirits pass when he had fled into the mountains.

"Act. He is one of our targets." Seeing the chieftain of the Fire Spirits reluctant to continue, the chieftain of the Metal Spirits tried to persuade him. "We spent a lot of time on that man. It shouldn't have been spent for nothing," said the chieftain of the Metal Spirits with emphasis, since the chieftain of the Fire Spirits looked extremely stubborn.

"You!" The chieftain of the Fire Spirits called a Spirit King over and told him to chase Jiang Chen.

"Me?"This Spirit King was not very confident at the thought of Jiang Chen's strength.

"Just find out where he is. Don't do anything. Come back to inform me of his location!" The chieftain of the Metal Spirits did not expect him to get rid of Jiang Chen either.


The Spirit King was assured. He started to look for Jiang Chen's whereabouts by following the traces the latter had left in the jungle.


Jiang Chen was jumping here and there in the jungle, agilely and freely. With the aid of the complicated terrain to hide in, Jiang Chen could not perceive any energy behind him. He took a great amount of elixirs after landing on a tree.

"I should find Ye Xue as soon as possible." Jiang Chen knew Ye Xue was not any safer than he was.

All of a sudden, he heard some small sounds. He looked toward the area from where the sounds came and found the soil was being loosened. A wizened hand reached out unexpectedly. Leaning on the ground, it started to make an effort. The soil was being loosened more and more. It was not hard to imagine that a Sleeper would wake up very soon.

Jiang Chen hurried to go in another direction. However, wherever he stopped, there was a Sleeper waking up.

"The blood of the divine body." Jiang Chen figured out the reason. He started to treat his injuries right away. Most of his injuries had recovered, but the blood had stained his clothes. After washing himself with the Boundless Mysterious Water, he finally would not wake the Sleepers anymore.


Deep in the Divine Tree of Creatures, on the Divine Prison Continent, the practicing body, still a Star Venerable, communicated with the divine tree again. He explained the situation to the latter. The Divine Tree of Creatures said there was nothing it could do. "Unless you get in touch with the Sacred Spirit in the Spirit Zone to tell him all of this."

However, Jiang Chen had no idea in what form the Sacred Spirit existed at all. He certainly had no way to contact the Sacred Spirit.

"Remember, the potentials evoked by the Divine Creature Fruit haven't been used up yet, although you are already a Martial Emperor. Instead, they've just started to come into play." The Divine Tree of Creatures comforted him.

Jiang Chen got excited, but his brows were knitted again before too long. His law and sword doctrine had not achieved their best yet, so there was no room to improve for the moment. Not to mention his state. Then Jiang Chen started to think about Du Tian Holy Thunder and the Solar Golden Flame. These two were like a water tank that could hold infinite water. There was always room to improve.

Jiang Chen broke through to Martial Emperor very soon after he mastered Du Tian Holy Thunder. His Du Tian Holy Thunder was only at beginner level, if evaluated by the grading system of state. So was his Solar Golden Flame. It was not true that once he mastered it, he would be able to use it for the rest of his life. It needed to be practiced with and improved through Divine Fire Scripture as well.

Eh? Jiang Chen's holy awareness was very sensitive. He sensed someone was approaching him. He switched on the Eye of Heaven and found it was one of the Spirit Kings from the team. Jiang Chen felt relieved when he had made sure the Spirit King was alone. A cunning look flashed in his eyes when he was about to leave.

"I shouldn't be so passive." So, Jiang Chen appeared behind the Spirit King while the latter was carefully craning his neck to peer around.

"I'll kill you if you dare inform the others," Jiang Chen said coldly as soon as the Spirit King realized the enemy was behind him.

The Spirit King had reached into his clothes. With a slight movement of his finger, the Spirit Emperors would come right away. However, no matter how fast those Spirit Emperors came, he would end up dead.

"Don't kill me." The Spirit King was sweating. He did not have any desire to fight with Jiang Chen at all.

"What are you planning?"

"To kill all of the testees into the mountains," said the Spirit King.

"How will you do it?" asked Jiang Chen.

"We have a compass with which we can locate the Water Spirits here." The Water Spirits or Ice Spirits that appeared here during this period were certainly testees.

Jiang Chen took the compass. Then he was going to kill the Spirit King.

"If I die, the chieftain will detect my death right away. I'm not threatening you." The Spirit King was kind of smart. He saved his own life.

Jiang Chen knocked him unconscious with the back of his sword. Then he left.


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