The Brilliant Fighting Master
1255 Water Dragon Warriors
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1255 Water Dragon Warriors

Without any suspense, Zhuge Fu failed just like Jiang Chen had said he would. When less than half a minute had passed since Zhuge Fu started breaking the formation, raging flames appeared on the mountains and the forest, while Zhuge Fu was shaken and sent flying away. He ended up spouting a mouthful of blood!

"Why, why is it like this?" Zhuge Fu found it difficult to accept that what Jiang Chen had said was true.

"A formation master's most important trait is cool-headedness. You haven't managed to detect even such a simple trap. The Zhuge family is getting worse with every generation." Jiang Chen shook his head. He was also a formation master, and he was disappointed by this guy. Just after this, Jiang Chen strode toward the forest.

"The breaking of the formation failed, and it started fusing with the barrier. It isn't possible any longer to break the formation here, and we must leave," Zhuge Fu looked at Jiang Chen's back and shouted loudly.

"Don't use your low skills to judge me," Jiang Chen said and waved his hand casually. A bright arc of lightning arc flew into the forest and mountains, which were aflame. The lightning moved around as it flew forward, and it quickly formed a sphere. At first, it was just as big as a fist, but it quickly expanded.

Void Gate Formation Breaking Technique? This is a divine technique! How, how is this possible? Upon witnessing this, Zhuge Fu's mind became empty for a moment, and he muttered to himself.

"Ye Xue!" Jiang Chen called Ye Xue to move. He didn't expect that the Prince was quite cunning and rushed before her and entered the sphere. The sphere allowed the entry of only a single person, and after the Prince got into it, it disappeared.

"Hateful!" Bing Tian and the others were flustered and exasperated.

"It doesn't matter. I can give it another try. It's just a waste of time," Jiang Chen said. However, it was at this moment that eight powerful auras approached this land, and they could detect clearly that they were Water Spirits. It wasn't ordinary people who came—they all possessed a powerful aura.

"They are the Water Dragon Black Guards!" When the Ice Spirits saw those people, they were frightened. The Prince's team reacted quickly, and they left without uttering a single word. In any case, their Prince had already gotten inside.

As for Jiang Chen, he still needed to spend time breaking the formation once again.

"If you use the same technique, you must change the location. Moreover, this formation will now guard against it." Zhuge Fu also planned to leave, but still wanted to see whether Jiang Chen had a means to deal with this issue before leaving.

"Junior brother, we can come here once again next time," Ye Xue said.

"You don't need to worry about this."

"I'm not worried about whether you can break the formation, but about the people who came over to obstruct us," Ye Xue said. Bing Tian and the others couldn't rival the Water Spirit Clan's warriors.

"It isn't a problem." Jiang Chen closed his eyes, and a clone quickly appeared next to them.

"You should withdraw first without us," Jiang Chen instructed Bing Tian and the others.

Jiang Chen's magical clone was trying to break the formation, while his main body flew into the sky.

"Your Ice Spirit Clan won't give up, will you?" You still dare to covet in vain the Sacred Spirit's recognition?" There were eight Water Spirit Clan's warriors who came over. They didn't have a large number of people, but the power of every one of them was higher than the princess. They were fully equipped and armed. They wore black armor with a raging dragon carved on the waist region. Jiang Chen noticed that every warrior held a different weapon.

"The Water Dragon Black Guards have teams of eight people, and they can coordinate perfectly with each other." Ye Xue flew into the sky. She would help Jiang Chen fight the enemies, while his magical clone on the ground continued breaking the formation.

"Isn't this the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart outsider? I have heard that your Ice Spirit Clan ruled the Nine Realms' Spirit Clans, what is going on? Could it be that you want now to attack the Spirit Zone?" A Water Dragon Black Guard holding a battle blade recognized Ye Xue and spoke in mockery. The Three Middle Realms' Spirit Zone was nearly completely occupied by the Ice Spirit Clan, and the Water Spirits, who were aware of such a matter, would obviously not treat her well.

"Get lost! We won't attack you."

"I don't need your mercy," Ye Xue replied bluntly.

"If the general didn't help you, do you think that you could have gotten a place in the Spirit Zone? You are just a freak," the warrior shouted.

Jiang Chen recalled what the princess had said. It seemed like the general pursued Ye Xue, and that was why he protected her. This was an ordinary matter, and it would be weird if no one took a liking to a beauty such as Ye Xue.

"If you give yourself a slap on the face and cut off your tongue, I will spare your life," Jiang Chen spoke to that warrior.

It was only now that the warrior noticed Jiang Chen. He pulled out his blade and pointed it at him. "Ignorant human, you are only at the primary-stage of the Martial Emperor Realm, yet you still dare to speak to me like this. Aren't you a daring one?" The blade warrior looked down upon Jiang Chen, and it was then that his gaze suddenly caught a glimpse of something. He said, "You unexpectedly still dare to break the formation."

The blade warrior waved his hand, and a warrior behind him holding an iron bow put an arrow against the string, and pointed it at the magical clone on the ground, who was trying to break the formation. As the warrior pulled the bowstring, radiant cyan energy flowed from his armor, and its shape seemed similar to the raging dragon depicted on his armor. The arrow was shot out, and it brought with it the blue raging dragon.

"Seal!" Ye Xue waved her hand, and the movement of the arrow and dragon slowed down, frozen gradually, and turned into ice sculptures, which split apart.

"As expected of someone with the Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart, you can freeze even energy." The blade warrior sneered coldly, while a murderous aura emanated from his eyes.

Jiang Chen didn't expect that Ye Xue was so outstanding. Since she could freeze energy, it could be said that she was nearly invisible, as she could easily neutralize enemies' attacks.

"Freak! It's you who is courting death, and the general can't say anything about this. Kill her!"

As the blade warrior passed down an order, the other seven Water Dragon Black Guards attacked at the same time. Just as Ye Xue was about to fight a great battle, Jiang Chen patted her and pushed her at the mountain. When she started falling down, a sphere appeared below her, and she entered the mountain range. She would now need to depend on herself to get the Sacred Spirit's recognition in the following trial.

"He's so fast!" Zhuge Fu, who still hadn't left, discovered that Jiang Chen could once again use the Void Gate in such a short time. He was quite amazed and surprised!

"Hateful!" The blade warrior was infuriated, and he asked his men to encircle Jiang Chen. He said, "Did you want to sacrifice your life to help her? It's worthy of great admiration, and I will help you fulfill your wish."

"I don't have such a plan." Jiang Chen pulled out his sword, and said, "On the contrary, I plan to kill you all."


"Bombard him and kill him," the blade warrior passed down an order.

A cyan light emanated out of the armor of all eight warriors, and they formed a 1,000-foot-long water dragon. When the water dragon appeared, black clouds filled the sky and started raining upon them.

"It's dangerous!" Bing Tian started hesitating and wondered whether he should go back. After all, they all hadn't managed to provide any help to Ye Xue.

"Even if we go back, we still can't deal with it." They quickly thought of this, and they all felt quite powerless and helpless.

The water dragon, in the rainstorm, dived down fast.

"Why can't you understand yet that I'm your bane?" Jiang Chen shook his head. Jiang Chen didn't take any actions. But his body started burning intensely, and Heavenly God Lightning erupted out of him. The destructive Divine Lightning's scope became greater by countless folds due to the rainstorm. Its greatest target was still the water dragon. The Divine Lightning struck the water dragon, which caused it to shine more brightly. 

Bang! In the end, the water dragon was destroyed, and the eight warriors fell down, twitching ceaselessly.

"A Divine Lightning Controller!" The eight warriors had an appalled look, as if they had seen a ghost. This was their greatest bane and nemesis.

Jiang Chen put his hand on his sword's hilt, while his body moved forward as quick as lightning. When Jiang Chen approached the blade warrior, he pulled out his sword strongly, and use its hilt to hit this guy's belly. The blade warrior ended up opening his mouth wide due to pain, and he extended his tongue.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen waved his sword and cut off his tongue.


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