The Brilliant Fighting Master
1253 His Royal Highness, the Prince
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1253 His Royal Highness, the Prince

The small town was quite deserted. There was no one on the streets. It wasn't easy to get such a tranquil shelter in the dangerous Bloody Sea Realm. As Jiang Chen followed Ye Xue, he soon saw another team of the Ice Spirit Clan.

"Ye Xue? I didn't expect that someone from the Nine Realms such as you could find a helper." The leader of that team was a man. He was quite haughty, arrogant, and aggressive.

"Your Royal Highness!" However, the man had a status befitting his character. Bing Tian and the others put their right hands on their chests and stooped slightly. They all saluted the man respectfully. Jiang Chen and Ye Xue didn't take such actions, and it seemed as if his team was displeased by this. However, it wasn't the first time that Ye Xue had abstained from such a ritual, and that was why they didn't weren't surprised. The team members' gazes then fell upon Jiang Chen, who also didn't salute the Prince, and upon witnessing that he wasn't a Spirit they didn't bother him.

"Is this the formation master found by you?" The Prince cast a glance at Jiang Chen disdainfully and raised his brows.

"Breaking the formation isn't a question of the number of formation masters, but their skills. Even if 100 formation masters with inferior skills joined hands, they would only be tantamount to a single good one," a youth walked out from the other team and spoke in mockery. The youth was the sole human on the Prince's team, and it wasn't difficult to discern his status.

Jiang Chen didn't expect that any formation master would dare to state such words in front of him. The youth was really reckless and ignorant!

"I believe in his skills," Ye Xue spoke resolutely.

The Prince just shrugged his shoulders, and it seemed like he didn't care about this matter.

"Let's set off!"

"Your Royal Highness, won't we wait for the other teams?" Bing Tian asked in confusion.

"Those useless people can't find even a single formation master and aren't qualified to travel with us," the Prince spoke disdainfully.

"It seems as if we had come here slightly later, they would have set off without us." Jiang Chen transmitted his voice to Ye Xue. He said, "Moreover, in his eyes, we have even taken advantage of him and benefited due to him."

Ye Xue understood what he meant. She had gone out of her way to come here just to assemble with them. Yet she got such treatment, and she couldn't help but have pent-up frustrations. Moreover, this was still the case even though she was clearly aware of Jiang Chen's skills.

"Please, use your skills to shut your mouth. If I want to get the Ice Soul Stone, I mustn't shed all pretense of cordiality with the other Spirit Zone's Ice Spirit Clan," Ye Xue said in reply.

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this. Someone with Ye Xue's character unexpectedly chose to swallow her anger and bear it in silence. It seemed as if she still felt guilty due to what had befallen Xue'er, and she wanted to get the Ice Soul Stone for her. Jiang Chen could understand her feelings, but if this Prince acted aggressively and forced his hand, he would still have to teach him a lesson. He represented the Heavenly Palace because he was its master, and, if worse came to worst, he would just have to intrude into the Ice Spirit Clan and snatch what he wanted. Even though this wasn't an appropriate action, everyone who obstructed Xue'er's resurrection was his enemy.

"I'm Zhuge Fu, what is your name?" The formation master spoke once again.

"The divine strategist's Zhuge family?" Upon hearing his surname, and by adding to it his status as a formation master, Jiang Chen managed to come up with this assumption.

"Is it that Zhuge family?" Bing Tian and the others were also surprised.

"That is right, it's that Zhuge family," Zhuge revealed a satisfied smile. He enjoyed the reaction of Bing Tian and the others.

"The person invited by me isn't a random nobody," the Prince, who was ready to set off, spoke once again.

"Prince, it seems like you have a prejudice against us. Why don't we operate separately and have a wager about who can break the formation first?" Jiang Chen looked at Ye Xue and signaled to her that she couldn't blame him for this.

"Well?" The Prince didn't expect that Jiang Chen would be so daring.

"How daring! How can you speak to the Prince in such a way?" A powerful guard next to the Prince berated Jiang Chen.

"He's your Spirit Clan's Prince. So, how is he related to me?" Jiang Chen asked back.

"Why don't you teach him a lesson," the Prince instructed the guard.

After the guard got such a command, he soared into the sky and pounced at his target like a cheetah. The guard's power barely rivaled Zhuge Fu and Princess Yun Yu. But he still didn't take Jiang Chen seriously because he didn't even know his name. Moreover, the guard still held back some of his power when he attacked Jiang Chen's face. The members of the Prince's team smiled amusedly. However, their smiles quickly stiffened.

"Get lost!"

They had just witnessed Jiang Chen raising his arm and thrusting it at the guard's face. It was an ordinary and mediocre punch. Yet it seemed as if it possessed magical power. It disregarded thoroughly the chilly air emanating from the guard, as well as the mysterious ice's firm defense. As a cracking sound echoed out, the guard's nose was flattened, and he flew back, falling before the Prince's feet.

Ye Xue and her team weren't surprised by this, but the people opposite to them, who didn't know Jiang Chen, were all dumbfounded.Didn't he say that he was a formation master? How did a formation master possess such a great fighting prowess?

The expression of the Prince, who was fond of looking good in front of others, became unsightly, while the guard stood up once again with his belly full of anger. The guard held back some of his power when he attacked previously because Jiang Chen was a formation master, and he didn't expect that he would end up being sent flying by Jiang Chen's fist. This was a great humiliation to him! If he couldn't teach Jiang Chen a lesson, he couldn't continue working as a guard.

"Kill him!" As the guard was about to attack, the Prince's voice rang out near his ears, and he nodded. This time, he would use his whole power. "Magnificent Lotus of Ice Blades!" The guard didn't fly in the sky, and he started attacking while still on the ground. The chilly air emanating from the guard froze all the streets and houses and turned them into ice sculptures. The guard slid quickly on the ice, and the ice then formed countless blades, which were ready to attack at any moment.

When Jiang Chen was about to move, ice appeared on his body, and it slowed down his movements. "It seems like you are fond of playing around." A heatwave emanated from Jiang Chen and dissolved the mysterious ice, and a fire dragon rushed out of Jiang Chen's body before the guard reached him. It could be seen that the mysterious ice blades were immediately melted, before the fire dragon swallowed the guard.

"Is it the Solar Golden Flame, as well as an Alien Flame?" The Ice Spirits were quite sensitive to those flames because it could be said that they were their bane. After the ice was melted completely, and it disappeared, the fire dragon also disappeared along with it. While a charred corpse appeared on the ground.

"Your Royal Highness," Jiang Chen spoke in mockery and teleported. He instantly appeared before the Prince. The Prince was startled by this, and he immediately tried to move back. But he was stopped by a gust of wind behind his back.

"You must remember that we are cooperating with each other. I don't have a good temper, and if you continue acting arrogantly, you will have to bear such actions' consequences." As Jiang Chen spoke, he extended his hand and patted the Prince's face. Even though Jiang Chen wasn't slapping him, this was still a great humiliation. However, the Prince didn't flare up at him, though his chest heaved up and down quickly.

"Understood?" Upon witnessing that the Prince didn't reply, the arcs of lightning flickering around Jiang Chen's arms started becoming bigger.

"Understood, we are only cooperating with each other," the Prince quickly replied.

"It's better like this." After Jiang Chen spoke, he disappeared from his former place and went back to the place where he had stood previously.

"He's so strong!" After witnessing Jiang Chen's great power, the members of the Prince's team restrained themselves even more.

"Do you want to know my name?"

It was only at this moment that Jiang Chen looked at Zhuge Fu.

"Since we are cooperating, I obviously have to know your name," Zhuge Fu replied calmly. He wasn't afraid of Jiang Chen like the Prince was. But he still didn't dare to speak rudely.


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