The Brilliant Fighting Master
1252 The Trial and the Formation Master
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1252 The Trial and the Formation Master

"I will give you back your sword. Please let me off the hook." Ruo Han responded quickly, immediately approaching Jiang Chen to beg forgiveness, as she passed the Heavenly Fault Sword to him.

Jiang Chen took back his sword and said with a smile, "If you had done it earlier, it wouldn't have ended up like this."

Ruo Han nodded at once. She didn't dare object to anything.

"Won't you kill her?" Ye Xue asked softly.

Upon hearing this, Ruo Han was frightened, and her face turned pale and panic appeared in her eyes.

"Would you go out of your way to trample an ant to death?" Jiang Chen said and waved the Heavenly Fault Sword strongly. The Doctrine Sword flew through the sky and penetrated the chest of Xuan Yi, who was running away, and nailed him.

At this moment, everything descended into silence, and no one could discern whether Jiang Chen was lenient or ruthless. He had spared the sword thief, Ruo Han. Yet, he had still killed Xuan Yi.

"He will kill everyone who attacked him."

However, there were some clever people who understood the reasons why Jiang Chen did what he did.

Princess Yun Yu was frightened. If one asked which person here had incurred the most hatred, then the answer would surely be her. Princess Yun Yu didn't ask for forgiveness; she just clenched her teeth. Her body started moving into an illusory state, and became a light beam that soared into the sky. This all happened so quickly that no one could respond in time. Jiang Chen figured out that she had an artifact able to help her run for her life between her teeth, and she could activate it through biting it and crushing it.

The three people who had come here along with Princess Yun Yu and Xuan Yi exchanged glances and left quietly. They didn't dare to provoke Jiang Chen.

An expectant look appeared on Ruo Han's face. She was hoping that Jiang Chen would treat her leniently and let her off the hook. Jiang Chen just waved his hand at her in dismissal. He wasn't interested in her. He didn't do this out of the kindness of his heart. He did it because killing her or sparing her was the same for him.

"Senior sister." All of a sudden, Jiang Chen took hold of Ye Xue's waist, and, as electric arcs flickered, they disappeared from their former place. The next second, they appeared in the center of a secluded mountain, and Jiang Chen kissed her soft lips. Ye Xue tried to fight against him subconsciously. But she was quickly conquered by his enthusiasm, and this ice-cold beauty ended up falling into his embrace. It continued until Jiang Chen's hands started getting naughty. It was only then that she pushed him away.

"This is the Blood Sea Realm," Ye Xue said angrily.

It was only when she was alone with Jiang Chen that she would reveal a flirtatious look.

"Does this mean that we can do it if we weren't in the Blood Sea Realm?" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"Junior brother, you are becoming more and more naughty." Ye Xue couldn't help but recall their night in the Sundry Goods Store. Her face became very flushed, as if she was drunk.

After they had flirted for a while, they had a chat, and Jiang Chen found out that Ye Xue had been looking for him.

"Senior sister, it seems like you are quite confident in me."

When news about Jiang Chen spread out in the Bloody Sea Realm, he was still a Star Venerable, not yet a Martial Emperor. However, Ye Xue still brought with her a group of people to look for him, and even her group's Martial Emperors accepted such a proposal.

"I need your help to break a formation, and this isn't related to one's power," Ye Xue said.

Jiang Chen smiled sheepishly. It seemed reasonable now. The Spirit Clan members didn't have good skills in the formations field.

"Why don't you inform me in detail what it's about?" Jiang Chen asked.

Ye Xue nodded and informed him about the whole course of events. After she had left Overarching Heavenly City on that day, she was able to enter the Spirit Zone smoothly. The Spirit Zone's state was quite chaotic, and battles occurred there constantly. All five great clans were hostile to each other, and the Evolved Spirits, which were quelled by them, started rebelling. "The Evolved Spirit Clans will replace the Five Great Clans sooner or later. But those clans aren't willing to accept it," Ye Xue said.

Jiang Chen approved of her words. The powerful people would be respected, while weaklings would be prey to the strong. The Evolved Spirit Clans were superior to the Five Great Clans, and this was an undeniable fact. However, the Five Great Clans had accumulated great power through several thousand years, and they depended upon it to quell and rule the Evolved Spirits. This was not a long-lasting measure.

"I'm afraid that the Five Great Clans will strike first to gain the upper hand, and they will exterminate all Evolved Spirits," Jiang Chen said.

"You don't need to worry about this affair, as my target is just the Soul Ice Stone alone," Ye Xue mentioned the most important matter. There was in the Water Spirit Clan's territory a Sacred Spirit, who would choose a Sacred Lord. The Water Spirit Clan wanted to leave it for themselves, but the Sacred Spirit wouldn't allow it. This was why the Ice Spirits got a chance. Also, the Water Spirit Clan was playing dirty tricks, and they invited a Human Clan's formation master and asked him to set a formation on the trial land chosen by the Sacred Spirit.

Ye Xue and the others couldn't deal with the formation, and that was they couldn't take the trial. This was also why they were looking for a formation master like Jiang Chen.

"I feel like it wouldn't be an issue for you to deal with that formation," Ye Xue said.

"It isn't an issue for me to deal with any of the world's formations." Since he was in front of his woman, Jiang Chen boasted without showing the least bit of modesty.

Ye Xue grinned and chuckled. She seemed exceptionally beautiful! If they hadn't been in the Bloody Sea Realm, Jiang Chen would have probably done some mischief here.


Just after this, Jiang Chen brought Ye Xue with him and went back to the Ice Spirit Clan's team. "My name is Tian Chen, and I will travel with you from now on," Jiang Chen said.

These people were all afraid of Jiang Chen and didn't dare to look straight at him. Upon witnessing that he was so amiable and easygoing, they were quite surprised.

"I'm Bing Tian." The white-haired man responded quickly and started introducing his own team members.

Jiang Chen nodded at them one by one in response, before he set off toward the trial's location. Upon witnessing Jiang Chen and Ye Xue flying side by side, Bing Tian, who was behind them, couldn't help but smile bitterly and shake his head. He fancied Ye Xue, and this was a matter that the people next to him were aware of it. After all, Ye Xue was outstanding. However, after Bing Tian met Jiang Chen, he realized that he didn't have any chance with her. "A Saint Aura," Bing Tian sighed with emotion.

Meanwhile, the news that the Saint Aura's possessor had entered the second area spread. The reason why it spread so quickly was that Jiang Chen had killed Xuan Yi and defeated Princess Yun Yu. Even though they weren't on a par with Wan Renlong and Yao Zhiyan, they were still among the best in the Martial Emperor Realm. As for the fact that Jiang Chen had become a Martial Emperor, no one was really surprised by this. It was because Jiang Chen was always in contact with Martial Emperors, and he had even defeated them. It wasn't strange for him to end up becoming a Martial Emperor.

Now, everyone was paying attention to what Tian Weiyi would do. The Divine Recluse Clan members had stated that once Jiang Chen dared to enter the second area, they would take revenge for their clansmen. Jiang Chen didn't really care about this matter, and he even hoped to run into Tian Weiyi so that he could fight him and figure out how strong he was now.

Jiang Chen, Ye Xue, and their teams weren't flying for long before they managed to reach the second area's safe region. This was a small town, with several hundred people, most of whom were just staying here temporarily. This was also the case for Ye Xue, as she had come here just to assemble with the others. It wasn't only their team that had come from the Spirit Zone's Ice Spirit Clan. There were five teams, all of which were comprised of the same number of people. What is worth mentioning is that not all the people in the teams came here to become a Sacred Lord. On the contrary, every team was focused on just a single person. It was obvious that the team with Jiang Chen focused on Ye Xue, and the others were just her protectors, which would help her get the Sacred Spirit's recognition.

All the Ice Spirit Clan teams hadn't been able to enter the trial land due to the Water Spirit Clan's formation. It was for that reason that the five teams decided to look for outstanding formation masters and join hands to deal with the issue.

"As a matter of fact, you didn't need to take such measures," Jiang Chen said. He believed that he could deal with the formation or barrier alone, and he didn't need to join hands with anyone.

Ye Xue was sure Jiang Chen was correct. However, their five teams had already agreed upon this matter beforehand. If they avoided the other teams, then even if she could become a Sacred Lord, the Ice Spirit Clan members would criticize her.

"Fine." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything else.


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