The Brilliant Fighting Master
1251 Earth Dais?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1251 Earth Dais?

"Sharp Spiritual Finger Strike!" Xuan Yi attacked first. You Mu was one of his men, and killing You Mu in front of him was a great insult to him. Xuan Yi pointed his right index finger at Jiang Chen, and a thunderous light beam flew at Jiang Chen like a shooting star.

Jiang Chen formed a shield in front of him. However, the wind shield was unexpectedly easily penetrated, and the finger beam tore open a hole in Jiang Chen's chest. The crowd could see bones and internal organs. This was a normal outcome, yet many people were surprised by it, since Jiang Chen had dared to act so arrogantly.

"I had almost assumed that you had great power." Princess Yun Yu laughed in mockery, strode forward, and thrust her palm at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen ended up engulfed by a howling wind and berserk rain, and he was heavily injured by such a vigorous power. These two consecutive attacks had almost taken his life.

"It seems like you don't plan to treasure such a chance." Jiang Chen was obviously on the brink of death. Yet he still glared at Princess Yun Yu.

"Is he demented?" The crowd couldn't help but have such a thought.

Princess Yun Yu sneered coldly and didn't speak. Jiang Chen's injuries were worsening quickly, and he would shortly die. Such a matter made his previous words seem ridiculous.

After a dozen second passed, Jiang Chen couldn't fly in the air any longer, and he ended up falling down. But, strangely enough, Ye Xue didn't go to catch him, and she just observed such a sight calmly. It could be discerned by the look in her pretty eyes that she had understood something.

"I had assumed that you possessed some amazing qualities and didn't expect that it was limited to just this."

"Did this Nine Realms guy assume that Independent Realms are filled with weaklings?"

"I can admit that you are the strongest Star Venerable ever. But, since you tried to face a Martial Emperor head-on, you deserve such a miserable end."

Mocking voices echoed from the sword thieves team, while the members of the white-haired man's team wore an embarrassed look.

"You have all lost the right to become a Sacred Lord. So, get lost, and leave the Blood Sea Realm," Princess Yun Yu announced.

Even though Jiang Chen had died, her precious sword was destroyed, and she was in a bad mood.

"Princess, it's only our clan's elders who can decide where we will go and stay," the white-haired man braced himself and spoke.

"Is that the case? I will help you then and leave you here forever."

Upon witnessing that he dared to defy her, Princess Yun Yu's whole body's spiritual power started boiling, while her ardent gaze locked into Ye Xue.

"Wind and Rain Are Coming Over!"

Princess Yun Yu started building up power for a powerful spiritual technique. Upon detecting its might, the Ice Spirit Clan members were frightened. This was a powerful attack, and it wouldn't be Ye Xue alone who would be affected. If they didn't flee quickly, they would all be killed. Princess Yun Yu didn't leave them time to consider this matter, and the wind and rain engulfed the whole team.


It was at this moment that a deafening thunder roll echoed in the sky, and a raging dragon-like lightning bolt descended and struck the wind and rain.

"Awful!" Princess Yun Yu was startled, and she quickly tried to break her connection with her spiritual power. But, it was already too late, and the lightning power traveled through the wind and rain and injured her heavily.

"Princess!" Xuan Yi, who was next to her, quickly went to catch her, and he raised his head, wearing a solemn expression.

This lightning bolt was surely man-made, and it was impossible for such a coincidence to occur.

"People who don't treasure chances don't deserve to get any chances." Jiang Chen, who should have fallen down, appeared once again, and he slowly descended from the sky. But, what was different from before was that Jiang Chen's body emanated a Martial Emperor Realm's aura. Even though he was just a primary-stage Martial Emperor, his aura wasn't any weaker than Xuan Yi and Princess Yun Yu's.

"Why weren't you worried about me at all?" Jiang Chen hadn't informed Ye Xue about anything beforehand, and this was why he couldn't help but reproach her upon witnessing that she was still calm and composed.

"Don't I know you well?" Ye Xue spoke softly.

Just after this, Ye Xue started sizing up the man in front of her eyes, and a proud smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

When Ye Xue was arguing with Ruo Han, the magical clone had already arrived, and the reason why he had waited until Yun Yu and Xuan Yi came over before showing himself was that he was then setting a teleportation formation. The magical clone used an Ancient Formation Technique to leave a mark here, which allowed the main body to teleport here accurately.

"Why can the Water Spirit Clan order you around?" At this moment, Jiang Chen questioned her.

"They are still following the ancient system in the Spirit Zone, and it was metal, wood, water, fire, and earth clans who ruled the Spirit Zone," Ye Xue said. The Spirits outside the Spirit Zone's independent world weren't restricted by anything, and that was why in the Three Middle Realms, they depended upon their power to decide everything, and this was also why the evolved Ice Spirit Clan managed to replace the Water Spirit Clan and take its position.

But, in the Spirit Zone the Five Great Clans treated the Evolved Spirits as another race and as crippled people, and this was why the Water Spirit Clan had a higher position than the Ice Spirit Clan.

"Did you get any info about the Ice Soul Stone?" Jiang Chen asked solemnly.

"It is only after I become a Sacred Lord that I can get a chance to get it," Ye Xue said.

"Aren't you a Sacred Lord yet?" Jiang Chen was surprised by this. Didn't you have to be a Sacred Lordto enter the Blood Sea Realm?"

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen recalled the question he had raised to Wan Ruoxi. He had asked her why the number of people taking the trial was vastly greater than the Sacred Spirits. Since a Sacred Spirit could only recognize a single person as a Sacred Lord, then the Blood Sea Realm shouldn't have more than 100 people. Ye Xue informed him of the answer. A Sacred Spirit's recognition of a Sacred Master wasn't a simple matter, and they must go through all kinds of tests and trials.

The Fortune Divine Tree used a competition to select a Sacred Lord. But, it wasn't like all Sacred Spirits would do the same. Most Sacred Spirits would set many trials, and ask people to finish them. Moreover, most trials were set in the Blood Sea Realm because Sacred Spirits possessed absolute control over this land. The reason why there were many people in the Blood Sea Realm was that countless people used the trial as an excuse to get into this realm. Even if they couldn't become a Sacred Lord, getting to train and travel here would be a precious and rare experience.

Jiang Chen understood everything then and got a general idea about the Sacred Lord List.

"He's only at the primary stage of the Martial Emperor Realm." Xuan Yi calmed down. He wasn't frightened by Jiang Chen because he was still among the best people in the Martial Emperor Realm.

"Sharp Spiritual Finger Strike!"

This time, Xuan Yi used his strongest attack, and his Martial Dais shone brightly as he used it. Even though people couldn't see the Martial Dais in his brain, they could still detect it.

"Earth Dais!"

There were five types of Martial Dais, human, spirit, earth, heaven, and immortal. Xuan Yi's Martial Dais was ranked third, and it surpassed most Martial Emperors and helped him rise above the others.

"An Earth Dais can raise martial techniques and Doctrine Methods might by tenfold. Such a finger strike can probably penetrate even the firmament."

"I wonder whether another hole will appear in Jiang Chen's body upon suffering such a strike."

The crowd came back to their senses. After the magical clone was killed, they didn't take Jiang Chen seriously any longer.

"Hee, hee." Jiang Chen smiled sarcastically. He didn't pull out his sword and just used sword arts to face his enemy. Jiang Chen also used a single finger, and a powerful sword wind raged around. When the sword wind and the golden light beam collided, the golden beam was immediately deflected back.


When Xuan Yi faced his finger beam and the sword wind, his face, which wore a complacent expression, turned pale.

"An Immortal Dais! He has an Immortal Dais!"

Meanwhile, when Jiang Chen attacked, the crowd detected his Martial Dais grade, and they were all dumbfounded.

Xuan Yi flew in the air like a mortal who had been hit by an artillery shell. He was drenched with blood and in a sorry state.


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