The Brilliant Fighting Master
1245 Du Tian Holy Thunder
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1245 Du Tian Holy Thunder

"If I try to break through to Martial Emperor now, I won't have a good foundation." After having adventures alone in the World of Bloody Sea for some time, Jiang Chen had to admit this fact.

"Yes, it will be too fast. It only took you a little time to break through to ten stars from six stars. Even if you really become a Martial something, there will be big risks," Azure Demon agreed with him.

Even if Jiang Chen kept having big fights to strengthen himself, it would not help much since he had accumulated too little in the process of growing from six stars to ten stars.

"There is a way." The black dragon, who almost never took the initiative to speak, showed up from the scripture book. After flying some laps in the air, he came up to Jiang Chen. "Since you are already here, you can't go back. The only way is to keep advancing. The odds against you becoming a Martial Emperor are enormous, but your divine body will go wrong unless you go through a life-or-death Ko of Thunder," said the black dragon.

"No way!" Azure Demon objected without even giving it a thought. "It is very risky every time he goes through a Ko of Thunder. How would he be able to go through a life-or-death one?"

Jiang Chen knew about the life-or-death Ko of Thunder. It was even more dreadful than the Five Thunders he had faced when he got the Thunderbolt Martial Soul. How many people had died from the life-or-death Ko of Thunder explained how dreadful it was. It was a matter of record that 30-odd people tried to go through the Ko every 1,000 years.

Only one person so far had succeeded. That was the Goddess of Empyrean, she of numerous legends.

The life-or-death Ko of Thunder was regarded as a challenge to the God of Death. However, as dangerous as it was, it was also very alluring. It could change a person's fate.

When practitioners had achieved Star Venerable and the qi they would be working on in the Constellation Seas had been decided, almost nothing could be changed anymore. People working on one qi might become Martial Emperors, but even if they achieved it, they would be the weakest among Martial Emperors. If they challenged the life-or-death Ko of Thunder and succeeded, however, they would experience some tremendous changes. In that case, they would not be inferior to the Martial Emperors working on four qi at all.

No matter what kind of shortcomings they had, they would be able to become a Martial something in a flawless status after going through the test of the life-or-death Ko of Thunder. As a result, the problems caused by Jiang Chen's breakthroughs in succession would not be problems anymore.

"Even though we have problems, we don't have to resolve them in such an extreme way." Azure Demon felt worried.

"I'll think about it." Jiang Chen did not panic, but he knew the black dragon would not have brought this up for no reason. "Do you have some special way?" he asked him.

"For average people, there is only a 10 percent chance to survive a life-or-death Ko of Thunder, but you have a divine body, which is extraordinary. Most important, you also have the holy pulse, and you've got Tai Qing Holy Thunder." The black dragon went on, "The transformation of Xuan Qing Qi actually includes Shang Qing Holy Thunder, Yu Qing Holy Thunder, Tai Qing Holy Thunder…"

"And?" Jiang Chen knew he had not finished.

"...and Du Tian Holy Thunder! It is said to be a thunder that can even punish the heavens. It's the strongest thunder force. The Tai Qing Holy Thunder you've mastered is only a simplified version of it," said the black dragon.

"Oh?" These four words reminded him of something. He had read about it in some book. He even knew the way to master Du Tian Holy Thunder. It was the holy method that Tianyin had given him. He could use the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds to get Du Tian Holy Thunder.

"Once you have that thunder, you'll be able to confront the life-or-death Ko of Thunder face to face." The black dragon went back into the scripture book now that he had said everything he wanted to say. This dragon kind of cared about Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, aren't you very great at refining elixirs? Can't you figure out a way through elixirs?" Azure Demon also cared about Jiang Chen, but in a different way.

"There is a kind of elixir that can help, but I don't know how to refine it." It was the legendary Holy Elixir. If Jiang Chen admitted he could not refine it, no one in the Nine Realms could. It meant this kind of elixir almost did not exist.

"So, you've made up your mind?" asked Azure Demon.

"Yes, if I'm happy with the power of Du Tian Holy Thunder," Jiang Chen admitted, nodding.

Then Jiang Chen created another practicing body to study swordsmanship at the same time, so that he could have the thunder force and swordsmanship working in parallel. Now that he had decided on the practicing direction he would go in, he went on hunting and killing Bloods in the World of Bloody Sea. Since there was no alternation of day and night in the World of Bloody Sea, if one did not keep counting the days deliberately, it would be impossible to know how many days had passed.

Fortunately, according to the Divine Tree of Creatures, time passed by more slowly than in the outside world. One month inside was only one day outside. That was why the Sacred Spirits had chosen this place. It was to win more time for the Nine Realms.

This day, the practicing body ran into a Sleeper, a Blood General. The practicing body got involved in a big fight with the Sleeper through the force of sword doctrine. However, he felt it very tricky to resist this rival, who was as strong as a Martial Emperor, without using Tai Qing Holy Thunder. Not everything could be done through resolution and courage. In the end, the practicing body failed. He exploded himself before the Sleeper could suck his blood to frustrate the latter.

No wonder Master lifted holy thunder and Alien Flame from the practicing body Lu Ping, Jiang Chen thought.


At this moment, deep in the divine tree, on the Divine Prison Continent, in the Cloud Reaching Hall of the Heavenly Palace, a practicing body in charge of refining elixirs had refined some Black Yellow Elixirs successfully.

"In this way, the Black Yellow Gas won't be wasted." Jiang Chen smiled complacently. If the Human Emperor learned about this, he would go mad for sure. The Human Emperor's way was simple and violent, but it was effective. If the Heavenly Palace could not use the Black Yellow Gas for a transaction, they would not gain any profits. The Black Yellow Gas was so rich here that Jiang Chen, Wu Ming, and the two families all together could only consume a small part of it. It was exactly for this reason that all the forces from the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts came last time. By then they had worked out the way to refine the Black Yellow Elixir, and they wanted to be able to keep refining it with the rich reserve of the Black Yellow Gas.

Since the Black Yellow Elixir had been refined successfully, the practicing body in the Heavenly Palace had finished his task. Before deciding on the next move, Jiang Chen went to see Wu Ming. He wanted to ask the latter about some new areas of the sword doctrine.

"Now you know the classification of sword doctrines is actually by the attainment of each sword spirit. A clear sword spirit can be compared to the heart. You should merge it with the law. The combination of sword spirit and the law is the new area of sword doctrine. Watch out. It's the combination of sword spirit and the law, not the merger of them." Wu Ming emphasized in the end.

The Wind Sword Realm and the Sword Realm of Wind and Fire were achieved through merging. The biggest problem the sword realm had was after the merger—the power of the two parts could not be fully exerted in a perfect manner. It suddenly dawned on Jiang Chen why the force of sword doctrine could not exert the power of Tai Qing Holy Thunder to the fullest. In the World of Bloody Sea, Jiang Chen stopped practicing Du Tian Holy Thunder for the moment after being enlightened. The true body found the Sleeper again.

"Human, how dare you use me to practice? I'll suck your blood to the last drop when I find your true body!" The Sleeper did not know how to differentiate between a practicing body and a true body. Seeing a dead man show up again, he thought it was a clone or something like that. Jiang Chen did not tell him the truth. He only unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword.

This was why the true body had come in person. The practicing body was perfect, but the Doctrine Sword could not be replicated. The Sleeper in front of him was much stronger than the one he had met on his first day here. This Sleeper did not wake up because of Jiang Chen. When Jiang Chen had run into him, he was flying in the air, with blood at the corner of his mouth. His body was not wizened, but looked like a normal person's. That meant the Sleeper had recovered his strength after sucking human blood.

The law.

Jiang Chen recalled what his master had told him. He realized what mattered most was the law. He made up his mind. Wind started to whistle around him. What matched swords the best was certainly the law of wind.


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