The Brilliant Fighting Master
1244 The Seven-Star Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1244 The Seven-Star Sword

Tian Weiyi was not in a hurry to attack. He took out a white silk scarf like a magician and used it to wipe the blood off the corners of his mouth. Then the silk scarf was ignited and burned up.

The other three watching him were all petrified.

When Jiang Chen was just thinking whether he should say something sarcastic, he saw the enemy show a sharp sword. It was a very pretty sword, even resplendent. The wide sword handle was made of a very precious steel. It had a golden luster. It was over four feet long. The blade was made of some black metal, painted with the starry night sky. It was mounted with seven gems that were laid out end to end. They formed a constellation.

"The Seven-Star Sword!" Jiang Chen and the other two were too excited to sit still as soon as they saw this sword.

It was a legendary weapon that was said to be more powerful than Doctrine Artifacts. It had been lost to the world for a long time. To their surprise, it was the Divine Recluse Race who owned it.

Tian Weiyi raised the Seven-Star Sword. The seven balls were whirling rapidly, accumulating power. When the blade was pointed at Jiang Chen, the seven balls whooshed down. Compared to previously, the balls' power was completely different.

Jiang Chen used the bronze cauldron to resist them. After seven muffling sounds, the whole cauldron was hit away. When he thought he had frustrated the attack, the real attack came. The Seven-Star Sword hit against the bronze cauldron. The bronze cauldron was not broken, but the great force sent it flying backward toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen raised his arms to catch the bronze cauldron. He was competing with Tian Weiyi.Tian Weiyi was on the other side, standing akimbo. Judging from his bulging arms, he was making more effort.

"This cauldron is amazing!" Yao Zhiyan exclaimed. The force that the bronze cauldron, which was in the middle of them, was bearing was beyond imagination. However, it was totally fine. There was not even a crack in it.

"If this is the case!" Jiang Chen deployed the Star Formation at such a crucial moment. Seven stars rose in the sky. They looked a little bit similar to the Seven-Star Sword.

While the Star Formation shrouded the two, Tian Weiyi felt a little dizzy at first. He could not stand steadily. Then, a huge power came from the bronze cauldron, which sent him and his sword flying.

"Sky-burning Anger!"

Jiang Chen did not give Tian Weiyi any chance to react. He called the Divine Secular Bird out immediately to launch the strongest attack of fire.

Tian Weiyi finally panicked. Especially when two stars of the Star Formation lit up.

The Seven-Star Sword moved in an elegant arc before him. Then the Armor of Divinity only owned by the Divine Recluse Race showed up.

Sky-burning Anger turned the Star Formation to a sea of fire too.

"You'll die if you attack him," Wan Renlong said seriously.

Curling his lip, Yao Zhiyan said, "How can you say that? He is using external force."

"And he is only a Star Venerable," said Wan Renlong.

Yao Zhiyan snorted coldly without arguing. He only said, "Will you say the same thing when you get to the Second Zone?"

Sacred Spirits constructed the World of Bloody Sea on the ruins of the great world. As a result, the laws here were all made by Sacred Spirits. The World of Bloody Sea consisted of five zones, from the First Zone to the Fifth Zone. The Blood Race in these zones were fiercer and fiercer. To guarantee each Sacred Lord would get the chance to be on trial, external force was banned from the Second Zone.

While they were talking, the fight in the Star Formation had had a result. The power of the Star Formation was used up in an instant. The Star Formation was withdrawn automatically after that. Tian Weiyi did not fall under the attack of Sky-burning Anger. Only the Armor of Divinity he was wearing had many cuts on it, which were shining. His neat hair was pretty messy at the moment, and it was smoking.

"I'll definitely kill you in the Second Zone."

Then Tian Weiyi became a light beam and flew into the air. He disappeared.

"Looks like he is heavily injured." The same idea occurred to Yao Zhiyan and Wan Renlong. Otherwise Tian Weiyi would never have left this way.

"See you some day in the future."

Yao Zhiyan reacted fast. He knew the situation would not be favorable for him, since he would need to deal with two persons alone. So, he used his Transmission Roll to leave right away.

I've come here for nothing, Wan Renlong thought.

He figured even if he had not come, Jiang Chen would have been able to resolve the crisis by himself.

Jiang Chen was surprised that the enemy was not killed even though he had used the Star Formation. But fortunately, that guy was scared off.

"Thank you very much for your help," Jiang Chen said politely.

"Well, I didn't really do anything." Wan Renlong was too embarrassed to accept his gratitude.

But Jiang Chen did not care. He said, "But you did want to help me."

Then Wan Renlong recalled how he had hesitated when his sisters had asked him to do them this favor. He could not help but feel ashamed.

"You are really great. Be a Martial something as soon as possible. Don't go to the Second Zone before that."

Jiang Chen knew he would not be able to use the eight groups of spiritual beings, the Star Formation, or the bronze cauldron in the Second Zone. "I'll take your advice. By the way, I want to ask you something. Do you know anything about the Human Emperor?" said Jiang Chen.

"You mean the Sacred Lord from the Nine Realms?" Wan Renlong turned very serious upon speaking that title.

"Yes. I'm wondering whether he or Tian Weiyi is stronger." Jiang Chen wanted to make that clear. A practicing body of his was killed. Although it was not really a loss, he could not swallow it. Besides, they were trying to make things difficult for him too.

"The Human Emperor has a Human Emperor Bow. It's almost invincible when it's shot at a distance."

"Anyone targeted by him is like at the gate of hell." Wan Renlong said after thinking, "His strength is kind of peculiar. It really depends." Even if he missed his target, it would be impossible to chase the Human Emperor since he was far away.

After learning this, Jiang Chen thought he really should have killed that guy back then. Unfortunately, the Divine Tree of Creatures forbade him to go back, in case of any changes.

"I'm leaving. Take care." Wan Renlong bid his farewell.

The two introduced themselves to each other. Then Jiang Chen watched Wan Renlong leaving.

The Wan Sisters were not in the castle anymore, so Jiang Chen was not going back. He was going to start his adventure formally.

In the World of Bloody Sea, news about him was spreading very fast.

The man who had got the Saint Aura was called Tian Chen. He was a Star Venerable. He was able to acquire insights into unique movements. This was the general information. If people tried to know more, they would learn that he killed some Divine Recluses and was also related to the death of the dual-pupils Wizard wielder. Some people did not take this seriously at all, while others paid attention to the unique movements.

And some were mad with joy!

"Ye Xue, do you know that Jiang Chen...?"

In a team of the Spirits, people looked toward an extremely pretty woman, because when the news about Tian Chen had come, this pretty woman, who was usually as cold as ice, was obviously moved. Although all Ice Spirits were cold, this one was even colder. Or maybe it was because of her outstanding appearance that brought her more attention. As a result, people were more impressed by her coldness.

The woman was Ye Xue, who was heading for the Spirit Zone. She had somehow appeared here.

"He is my significant other," said Ye Xue.

The other members of the team all turned serious. Since Ye Xue called Tian Chen her significant other, he could not be an average man.

"We can go to him for our problems." Ye Xue disclosed their relationship for certain reasons. It was evidently about something very important.

"Are you sure?"

Ye Xue nodded at her companions.


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