The Brilliant Fighting Master
1241 The Pegasus Society
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1241 The Pegasus Society

Jiang Chen once smelted a Wizard Emperor. When he swallowed the latter's energy, his divine body almost exploded. That was why he was only one step away from achieving ten stars. Since the banquet held by the Wizard Race, his state had been constantly improving. He felt his foundation would be not solid enough because of the fast progress. That was why he wanted to hone his skills.

Thus, facing a strong enemy, Jiang Chen had to turn to the Ko of Thunder. But unfortunately, Xie Yu reacted really fast. He ran away with his men quickly.

Jiang Chen left the place through The Escaping Method of the Nether and A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart before the Ko of Thunder started, so that the people in the castle would not be hurt by accident. Since he was under a Ko of Thunder, the thunder force was boiling. He was able to move much farther than usual. The Ko clouds vanished with him. The vision was instantly gone.

Many people had not even understood what was happening.

"Search in every direction!" Xie Yu ordered decisively.

The members of the Pegasus Society set off in eight different directions to look for Jiang Chen. Going through a Ko would usually create a great disturbance. As long as he was not too far away, they would be able to find him. At the same time, another crack appeared in the sky.

People felt suffocated because of the energy emitted from there even before anyone walked out, as if a giant rock was putting pressure on their hearts.

"It's that man from the Wans!"

"Why is he here?! There is nothing challenging for him here."

"Has he come for that man too?"

As they were discussing all this, a heroic man strode out of the crack. The Wan Sisters came up to him right away from the castle. The man had been anxious, but when he saw that the two women were fine and there was nothing dangerous going on here, he could not help but frown.

"Second elder brother." Wan Ruoxi told him what had happened, hoping he could help.

Xie Yu was so nervous that he could not even breathe.

"Why didn't you tell me the Wan Sisters were with him too?" He questioned Xie Wanting. She did not speak. If she had told her cousin about that, she was afraid he would not have helped her. She was also surprised that the Wan Sisters cared about Jiang Chen so much.

"You used a Firefly Candle for that?" Fortunately, the man was paying attention to a different thing.

"Second elder brother, he saved our lives!" Wan Ruoxi heard her younger sister's anxious voice right away. She knew he probably would not help from his look. As expected, her second elder brother stayed silent for a while and then looked toward her, as if he wanted to hear her opinion.

Wan Ruoxi looked away because of her guilty conscience, but it was kind of an answer too. She knew her second elder brother was a very proud man and was protective toward her and the youngest sister. For this reason, in his eyes, no man was good enough for his sisters.

"All right. So, where is he?" Seeing his youngest sister's reaction, Second Elder Brother Wan showed a helpless face.

"He ran away?" His brow knitted tightly again after getting the answer.

"Anybody would run facing so many Martial Emperors," said Wan Ruoxi.

"He shouldn't have offended someone he is unable to deal with." Second Elder Brother Wan threw Xie Yu another glance, thinking Jiang Chen really sucked since he even had to escape from such a guy.

"Second elder brother!" Wan Ruoxi urged him.

"Call your men back." Shaking his head slightly, Second Elder Brother Wan looked towards Xie Yu.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Wan Renlong, he bullied my younger sister." Xie Yu looked like he was in a dilemma. He did not dare offend Wan Renlong, but neither did he want to let go of Jiang Chen.

"Don't you understand what I said?" Wan Renlong was not going to reason with him. Gritting his teeth, Xie Yu did not dare talk back. He even stopped gritting his teeth right away. He was afraid Wan Renlong would be annoyed.

"Today is annoyingly noisy." At this moment, in the castle, the man who had told Jiang Chen and Tian Qi to fight outside spoke again. Then a strong energy exploded. It felt like a volcano had just erupted. It was not any weaker than Wan Renlong's energy when he showed up.

"Yao Zhiyan!" People finally saw his face and recognized him right away.

He and Wan Renlong were well-matched. Their ranks on the Sacred Lord List were also very close.

"What's going on?" He was extremely unhappy, as if he had just been woken up from a beautiful dream. "Wan Renlong, your two younger sisters didn't tell you that man they asked you to protect had just killed five Divine Recluses, did they?"

This was an evil man, not only in terms of his temperament, but also in terms of his appearance. He had features of the Monster. He had a pair of grey white snake eyes. There was a red oblique line on either side of his nose, which made his eyes stand out more.

"What?" Wan Renlong did not know that indeed. He looked toward his two younger sisters. His look became more complicated after getting their affirmative answer.

"Any survivors went back to inform their race?" he asked.

Wan Ruoxi nodded.

"If nothing unexpected happens, those psychos will come here in about an hour," said Yao Zhiyan.

"What are you insinuating?" Wan Renlong asked him.

Yao Zhiyan looked toward Xie Yu. He asked in a casual manner, "Tell me. Why did you use four Transmission Rolls to look for him? Tell me the truth," he emphasized before Xie Yu answered.

Xie Yu was going to say it was to vent his younger sister's anger, but then he was struck dumb. "He can acquire insights into unique movements!" Xie Yu said in a loud voice intentionally, throwing caution to the wind.

In this way, the whole castle found out about it.

At the same time, a member of the Pegasus Society came back in a hurry. It looked as if he had some findings. Either A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart or The Escaping Method of the Nether was created to be used in war. It was barely possible for them to be effective as a transmission formation. Besides, a Ko of Thunder would usually create a great disturbance. It was not weird at all that Jiang Chen had been found.

"Don't say anything. Take us there."

Yao Zhiyan grabbed the shoulder of the member of the Pegasus Society and left with him before he could disclose the news. Xie Yu and Xie Wanting were struck dumb. They followed him immediately.

However, Wan Renlong was still hesitating whether to join them. "Second elder brother." Wan Ruoxi gazed at him expectantly.

"You used one Firefly Candle. It means you have failed the trial. One of you must leave the World of Bloody Sea."

Wan Renlong said, "Leave here for the moment. Otherwise I would feel tied."

"Thank you, second elder brother." Not until then did Wan Ruoxi feel assured. She left with her younger sister.

"Alas, what trouble." Wan Renlong sighed. Watching Yao Zhiyan leaving, he thought to himself, Don't let me down. Then he jumped up and vanished. The people in the castle wanted to follow him, but then they found all of his traces had been erased. They did not know how to find him. When they were trying to figure it out, a crack appeared in the sky for the third time.

"Strong Divine Recluses!"

This time, people did not have to wait until the comers showed up to know who they were. They had known it from the latter's special energy.


On the other side, Yao Zhiyan and the others arrived at the place where the member of the Pegasus Society had found traces of Jiang Chen very quickly. They did see traces of thunderbolts here, but the Ko clouds were gone. It meant Jiang Chen had finished going through the Ko, either successfully or not. They knew the answer when they saw a man standing on the mountain.

"Oh?" Gazing at Yao Zhiyan and Wan Renlong, the two stronger men, Jiang Chen was surprised and confused.

"You are only a ten-star strongman and you went through the Ko successfully? I thought you would have been a Martial something," Yao Zhiyan said.


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