The Brilliant Fighting Master
1240 As-you-wish Robe
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1240 As-you-wish Robe

"It's called an As-you-wish Robe. It can transform to many things. It's water- and fire-proof. Best of all, no weapons can pierce through it," Wan Ruoxi said in a teasing tone. Her words made her younger sister flush even more.

Not until then did Jiang Chen realize that this was not an average robe. He figured he should not take her robe without giving her something back.

"You are really good friends. Please take these," said Jiang Chen.

"No, please don't misunderstand me. I didn't mean that." Wan Ruoxi thought she had been misunderstood, so she hurried to explain. She was not interested in things given by others.

However, Jiang Chen happened to take the things out just when she had finished speaking. They were two square wooden boxes that looked exquisite, but there was no way to tell what was inside.

"I can't take things from you without giving you something back. This is kind of a present to thank you for your present," Jiang Chen insisted.

"Oh, okay." Wan Ruoxi took the little wooden boxes, thinking probably it would not be anything valuable. She gave her younger sister one of the boxes, while she did not open hers. However, she saw from the corner of her eye her younger sister remove the lid of the box out of curiosity. Then she saw a facial expression, which was not supposed to appear on the Wans' faces. It was a thrilled expression, full of euphoria. Wan Ruoxi was puzzled, wondering what could evoke such a reaction in her younger sister. So, she opened her box too. A beam of sunshine lit up her face and made her surprise conspicuous, just like her younger sister's.

"This…this is too precious." Wan Ruoxi could not even speak fluently.

"I won't take them back since I've already given them to you. Do whatever you want with them," Jiang Chen said with a small smile.

"But…" Wan Ruoxi felt her heartbeat was accelerating. She could not be decisive or resolute facing the thing in the box. It was a super-level breakthrough immortal elixir in the two boxes. The elixirs would help the Wan Sisters seize the chance to realize a breakthrough from ten stars to states which began with Martial.

Who the hell is he? Wan Ruoxi was extremely curious. Jiang Chen's style was different from anyone she had ever known. He had a unique charm. She could understand why her younger sister had a crush on him.

All of a sudden, a crack appeared in the sky over the castle. The air was ripped open and a team showed up from there. It was a team of Martial Emperors. They were in the middle stage on average. Because of what had happened just now, people thought the Divine Recluse Race had come to avenge themselves. But then they found this was not true. All of the members of the team were humans. However, they had come for Jiang Chen.

"Is the man who calls himself Tian Chen here?" The man leading the team was standing with his hands behind his back. As he spoke, a portrait showed up in the air. Noise came from the castle. It was exactly the man who had fought with the Divine Recluse Race in the portrait. Everyone knew his face so well.

"So, he is here. My four Transmission Rolls weren't wasted then."

Xie Yu looked happy. He said in a loud voice, "Show up, the gainer of the Saint Aura." The people in the castle were shocked again. It turned out the man they had been talking about the whole day was the same man who had killed those Divine Recluses. They had never thought he was only a Star Venerable. However, judging from the strength he had shown, it made sense that he had gotten the Saint Aura.

The thing was, different from the eleven-star and twelve-star strong Divine Recluses, this was a team formed by people whose states all began with Martial.

"It's Xie Yu from the Pegasus Society." Someone recognized the man who led the team. People felt the situation was even more unfavorable for Jiang Chen. The so-called Pegasus Society was a team founded by a few Sacred Lords who traveled together.

"His name is Xie Yu. He is ranked on the Sacred Lord List." Wan Ruoxi looked worried. She had seen how strong Jiang Chen was, but she still could not stay calm. It was not hard to imagine how strong Xie Yu was. The Sacred Lord List, what it meant was obvious. It was a strength list of Sacred Lords that helped to further clarify their states and the classification of their fighting powers. There were 100 Sacred Lords in the list.

"There are less than 100 Sacred Spirits, aren't there?" Jiang Chen was confused.

"You don't even know that? Which world are you from?" Wan Ruoxi showed a how-come-you-don't-even-know-this look.

"The Nine Realms," said Jiang Chen.

"The Great World?!" Shocked, Wan Ruoxi opened her eyes wide. Most Sacred Lords were from the World of Meson. Only a few were from the Nine Realms, but all of those must be extremely extraordinary.

"You need me to search the place?" Xie Yu said unhappily in the air. The castle was not big, but it was not small enough to see everyone inside it.

"Let me deal with this. I can handle it at the moment." Jiang Chen told the two women. Then he flew up into the air.

"He is there!" Xie Wanting found him right away.

"Elder sister!" Not surprisingly, the younger sister's anxious voice came.

Gritting her teeth, Wan Ruoxi said, "That's the only way." A candle appeared in her hand. She lit the candle without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was surrounded by the members of the Pegasus Society. "I'm so flattered that a team of Martial Emperors have come specifically for me," said Jiang Chen.

"Stop being sarcastic. We won't attack you together."

Xie Yu said bluntly, "You injured my younger sister. Let's settle this first."

"How do you want to settle it?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Travel with us. Instruct me in the unique movement when it's convenient," said Xie Yu. He said that through holy awareness, because he did not want others to know that Jiang Chen was able to acquire sudden insight into unique movements.

"What if I say no?" Jiang Chen threw Xie Wanting a glance as he spoke.

"Then we'll beat you until you say yes," Xie Yu said with a cold smile.

Jiang Chen did not mean to fight, firstly because the enemy was strong. Secondly, even though he had a divine body, after fighting for the whole day, the energy in his Constellation Sea would be used up soon. There was not even enough energy left for him to kill another Divine Recluse. It was certainly impossible for him to exchange blows with such a strong rival.

"Don't you think about fleeing. The air has been blocked. You have to confront us." Xie Yu seemed to have seen through him. It was absurd if a Star Venerable had the nerve to fight with them, a team formed by so many strong people.

"It's just blocked. I only need to lift the blockade." Jiang Chen still did not think it a big deal.

"How will you lift the blockade? Open my eyes, sage," Xie Yu mocked.

"Like this!" Jiang Chen suddenly manipulated his Constellation Sea. The sky was overcast in an instant. Thunder was roaring.

"What?!" Xie Yu was struck dumb. So were the others in the castle. Even a Martial Emperor could not create such a big disturbance. They soon realized what was going on. At first, they had thought this had been caused by Jiang Chen, but it turned out to be a Ko of Thunder. Since this was a Ko of Thunder that the heavens launched against the divine body, it was natural for people to be so scared.

"What kind of people will experience a Ko of Thunder when realizing a small state breakthrough?"

"Is he that human divine body?"

"The guy who killed the dual-pupils wielder of the Wizard Race? So, he has been recognized by the Divine Tree of Creatures!"

"No wonder he is the one who got the Saint Aura!"

"Divine body, Sacred Lord, his titles alone are enough to intimidate people."

Everyone in the castle was excited. This insignificant Star Venerable turned out to be a big shot.


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