The Brilliant Fighting Master
1239 Forgiveness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1239 Forgiveness

Most people frowned at the deafening noise. They could not look at where the blade was pointed. The whole battlefield was filled with ferocious energy. The dazzling lightning that was striking everywhere could blind the average person.

Soon, the lights started to vanish. When the onlookers strained to see what was going on, they heard a painful scream. Then Tian Qi, heavily injured, showed up in front of them. The Armor of Divinity was ruined. He was bleeding heavily.

"How could this have happened?"

Tian Qi and other Divine Recluses were shocked. They had always had a strong belief in the fact that the Armor of Divinity could not be cracked by people in lower states. At the moment they felt as if their world had collapsed.

It was really difficult, Jiang Chen said to himself. Despite being attacked by Thousand Swords Induce Thunders, Tian Qi did not fall. This Armor of Divinity was pretty great. Of course, this was also because his sword doctrine force could not completely exert the power of holy thunder for the moment. His sword attack just now only had 70 percent of its thunderbolt power. If he could have exerted his sword doctrine force at 100 percent, the improved sword doctrine force and the remaining 30 percent of the thunderbolt power would have soared.

Jiang Chen focused on the battle again. When he was about to kill Tian Qi, the other four Divine Recluses, with the exception of the white-clad woman, came onto the battlefield aggressively, wearing their Armors of Divinity also.

"They are shameless!" Wan Ruoxi and her younger sister were worried about Jiang Chen. She looked toward the onlookers. More than half of them were humans. However, no one looked as if they intended to help.

The man who had tried to stop the fight was gloating. "He is great, though too arrogant."

Tian Qi did not feel ashamed. Wiping blood off his cheek, he said in anger, "You bled a descendant of the great Divine Race. It's unforgivable!"

Then his four companions, lined up in a row, charged toward Jiang Chen.

"Ignorant people living in dreams," Jiang Chen exclaimed. Then he added, "You think you've seen me go all out?" This question was thought-provoking. But soon, people frowned, one after another, because the reality was that even if he had held back, it would not help him at all! The four Divine Recluses all looked as strong as Tian Qi. Jiang Chen had had to make such a huge effort to crack one Armor of Divinity, not to mention four.

"If he weren't so arrogant and had said some nice words, people would want to help him." The man who had tried to stop the fight was still making insensitive remarks. He was unhappy with Jiang Chen because the latter had not shown him any respect earlier.

"Wind! Fire! Thunder!" Jiang Chen opened his arms. The Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword flew toward the skyline. At the same time, three extremely strong energies appeared around him. "Matchless God Sword Field!" This was a sword field created by Jiang Chen which incorporated the three energies. The two Doctrine Swords fell to combine with the three energies. They formed the sword field all together. The Thunderbolt Martial Soul, the Ultimate Sword Soul, and the Divine Secular Bird showed up almost at the same time.

"My goodness!" Watching this scene, people shrieked. The same question arose in their minds once again. Was Jiang Chen really human? He was insanely strong.


Jiang Chen injected all of the energies into his sword doctrine. Combined with the sword field, its power was extraordinary. This could be told from the energy consumption of Jiang Chen's Constellation Sea. It was like an energy that was supposed to be endless was suddenly multiplied by more than half. The destructive power in return was equal to the consumption.

The four Divine Recluses were devastated by the sword even before they could show their strengths. They were like Jiang Chen just now, when he had been attacked by Divine Power Subdues Demons. And, unfortunately, their Armors of Divinity were not as good as the divine body. Attacked by the Sky-burning Anger, the Solar Golden Flame, the Law of Fire, and the Divine Secular Bird, they were killed by the blade of wind and thunder after their defenses were melted by the fierce flame.

When the sword field disappeared, the four Divine Recluses had also vanished. It was very quiet on the battlefield. The arrogant Tian Qi's eyes were opened wide. Fear was gushing out of his eyes, especially when Jiang Chen looked toward him. He was scared out of his wits.

"You will not be forgiven by the gods!" he shouted. His face looked hideous.

"What your gods need to consider isn't whether to forgive me. It's whether I will forgive them," said Jiang Chen. This was extremely disrespectful for the Divine Recluse Race. However, Tian Qi completely broke down. He realized that the man in front of him was a lawless lunatic. He was being tortured by the fear of death.


When he started to beg for Jiang Chen's mercy, the latter killed him with his sword decisively.

"Stop making unpleasant noises." Jiang Chen threw him a last glance. Then he flew up to the white-clad woman, who seemed to have been petrified.

"Give it to me," he said in a cold tone, extending his left hand covered with his enemies' blood.

"Demon!" Shivering, the white-clad woman finally spoke. She had no choice but to give him the divine egg.

"You should have done this earlier. Alas, good communication really matters." Jiang Chen took the divine egg, shaking his head and sighing.

People were rendered speechless when hearing him say that. Especially the man who had tried to stop the fight—he thought how dare Jiang Chen talk about good communication. Somehow, though, this time he did not have the nerve to show his disgusted feelings for Jiang Chen. He was trying very hard to control his facial expressions.

The white-clad woman flew away at high speed after confirming that Jiang Chen would not attack her.

At the same time, Jiang Chen recovered the Sacred Vigor Blood collected by Tian Qi and the other four Divine Recluses. There were more than 1,000 Sacred Vigors all together. It was a great gain.

So, that's how Sacred Lords have adventures, Jiang Chen thought. He had gained a lot this day after so many big fights. In terms of sword doctrine, he was not far away from entering a new stage. In terms of state, he would be a ten-star strongman soon.

"You are really tough." The Wan Sisters came up to him. They felt very emotional.

"I gave them chances," said Jiang Chen.

"You let that woman go earlier. And I thought you were a man unwilling to kill people," said Wan Ruoxi with a bitter smile.

Jiang Chen did not say anything. He just shrugged his shoulders.

The three of them returned to the castle once again. The onlookers also followed them back. They all looked scared.

"Leave here. Once that woman finds other strong Divine Recluses, she will be able to transmit them here right away," someone warned Jiang Chen with the best of intentions.

In the World of the Bloody Sea, Transmission Rolls were used to take Sacred Lords everywhere. Certainly, Transmission Rolls could be exchanged with Sacred Vigor too. Average people usually could not afford them.

Jiang Chen did not need to stay in the castle anymore. He was leaving.

"Are you leaving with me?" He asked the Wan Sisters before leaving. The two women knew what Jiang Chen was insinuating. He had offended the Divine Recluse Race. As a result, things would be tough for him.

"Knock it off! We will absolutely go with you if we aren't a burden for you," Wan Ruoxi said, a bit annoyed.

"Ha, ha, ha, I definitely believe, Miss Wan, you are brave." Jiang Chen did not have any bad intentions. He was just teasing them.

"Take this." The shy and silent younger sister suddenly took a black robe out. Not until then did Jiang Chen notice he was in rags. Smiling embarrassedly, he took the robe. He had been worried that the robe was not his size, but to his surprise, it adjusted to his size automatically once he put it on.

"It's amazing," exclaimed Jiang Chen.

Seeing him put the robe on, the younger sister flushed. She looked extremely shy.


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