The Brilliant Fighting Master
1238 Armor of Divinity
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1238 Armor of Divinity

Race aside, Jiang Chen's fighting power, which could be observed, was far behind the Divine Recluse Race's—not to mention the Divine Recluse Race's talent. Such an arrogant race must have something great. They could exert holy methods, namely, the fighting methods mastered by the gods. That was part of the evidence that could prove they were descendants of the Divine Race.

Even before the start of the fight, the male Divine Recluse increased his fighting power by a huge margin through his transformation.

"Remember, the man who will defeat you is called Tian Qi, a Divine Recluse." Besides the blind arrogance, the Divine Recluse Race had their particular pride too. After introducing himself, he threw his trident over. It emitted a golden light, which illuminated the dark area.

"He is pretty strong." The onlookers stopped feeling sarcastic. They started to take the Divine Recluse Race seriously. They had put up with the Divine Recluse Race not only because they were probably really related to the Divine Race, but also because of their fighting power. For example, at the moment, Tian Qi, who was supposed to be a Star Venerable, showed his strength was stronger than a ten-star strongman's. In other words, their limits were far beyond the Human Race's limits.

As a result, in the same state, they would be able to go further, so their strength would naturally be stronger. Jiang Chen, about whom people had doubts, was in danger.

"Now let's see what you can do." The Martial Emperor who had tried to stop this fight crossed his arms on his chest.

Jiang Chen seemed to be calm, as if he had not realized how strong Tian Qi was. He drew the Heavenly Fault Sword and threw it over to confront the trident. The Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud was secretly exerted. Thunder roared and echoed in the world. Instantly, it was obvious that the energy Jiang Chen was demonstrating was not any weaker than what the Divine Recluse Race had shown.

The trident and the Heavenly Fault Sword hit against each other. The energy emitted by them spread far and wide. People took a closer look at them and found they were diamond cut diamond.

"This nine-star strongman is kind of great also."

The onlookers there had an eye for great practitioners. They could see Jiang Chen's level only from one sword attack.

"Far from enough," the man who had tried to stop the fight snorted. He felt awkward.

"Are all Divine Recluses so weak?" Jiang Chen mocked while fighting.

Tian Qi kept screaming. Injected with endless extraordinary power, the trident in his hand was extremely shiny. He launched another attack. The earth quaked and everything in the world shook, including the solid mountains.

However, Jiang Chen's performance was not like a Star Venerable's at all. His sword whooshed across the sky, emitting a super-strong energy.

This time, one of the two rivals attacked downward and the other attacked upward. The disturbance was as great as before. The remaining energy turned to waves that spread all along the surface of the area where they were fighting.

All of a sudden, Tian Qi threw the trident over again and again. He did not even need any time to regulate his breathing.

"What a freak." Tian Qi's performance shocked everyone. Attacks that needed practitioners to accumulate force were always very powerful, but, at the same time, practitioners would need time to regulate their breathing. This was the law of nature. Even the Blood Race was affected by it.

However, Tian Qi managed to launch one attack after another consecutively, and these attacks were getting fiercer and fiercer. Some Martial Emperors started to recall what they had been like when they had been Star Venerables. The answer they got made them turn pale.

"That's all?" However, Jiang Chen was even stronger. Not only did he fight back easily, but he even had the extra energy to speak.

"Is he really a human?"

"Is the Human Race this strong as well?"

The Wan Sisters were the most shocked, because they knew Jiang Chen had already fought unceasingly this day, and he should have already been exhausted. Jiang Chen's sword blade moved faster and faster, as if he was bored. He combined The Escaping Method of the Nether and A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart so that he could move away instantly and keep flashing.

When Tian Qi failed to catch his trace, he launched an attack strong enough to decide the result.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: the First Movement!"

The Immortal Doctrine of Sword made his blade sublime. Ten-odd sword attacks fell on Tian Qi in an instant. However, when the blade had reached the target, what came next was a loud noise.

"Divine Power Subdues Demons!" Tian Qi seized the chance to launch an attack. An energy that could be compared to an angry wave gushed out of the trident. It was an indiscriminate attack. It reached every corner. And Jiang Chen was affected the most. This was a wonderful energy. It was as powerful as a mountain, but, at the same time, it could not be sharper or more aggressive, and it was carrying a fierce fire that could burn people up. Jiang Chen was totally devoured by this energy. His divine body was being demolished.

"Fury of Thunder!" At the crucial moment, Jiang Chen exerted the holy method. The endless thunder resolved the crisis. When he had retreated into the safe zone, the Flame Emperor's black robe was ragged! The black robe that could resist all kinds of Alien Flames was totally destroyed.

Jiang Chen was irritated. He said, "Do you know what losing this robe means to me?!"

People were still in shock from watching the attack he had just suffered. His words completely confused them. They looked at each other, lost. Should he not check his own injuries at this moment?

Even Tian Qi, who had been ready to say something self-satisfied, forgot to speak.

"It means I'll be naked again from now on!" Jiang Chen was really pissed. His nature was fire. As a result, he gave off fire quite frequently and always ended up naked. For example, at this moment, he was in the status of thunder and fire. The shabby black robe could not bear the heat anymore. The holes in it were getting bigger and bigger. Jiang Chen had gone all out. He came up to Tian Qi and punched the latter in the face without using his swords.

"Invincible Divine Fists!" His punches were like stormy waves. Once he started, he could hardly stop. He sent Tian Qi flying directly. If Tian Sheng had been here, he would absolutely be pissed. Jiang Chen had accidentally mastered all of the unique techniques they were eager to learn. Jiang Chen did not let go of Tian Qi. He gave the latter ten punches in a row, as if the latter was a punching bag.

"Enough!" Tian Qi screamed.

Hardly had he finished speaking when he was sent flying again. However, he was not really injured despite receiving so many punches. Every time when he was punched, the armor he was wearing would glow.

"It's not going to work! This is an Armor of Divinity! You, a Star Venerable, won't be able to crack it!" Tian Qi shouted. At the same time, he brandished the trident at random to keep Jiang Chen away.

Jiang Chen did not go on with the attack. Standing not far away from Tian Qi, he was gazing at the Armor of Divinity.

"This can prove we are descendants of the Divine Race! It's a gift from the gods!" Tian Qi shouted complacently.

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen was not convinced. He was determined to smash the Armor of Divinity into pieces. He unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword and called out the Thunderbolt Martial Soul

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, moron." Tian Qi burst out laughing. "It has nothing to do with how much the Armor of Divinity can bear. People in lower states just can't pierce through the Armor of Divinity. This is the law of nature!"

"The law of nature isn't as stupid as you are." Jiang Chen refused to listen to him. He raised the Heavenly Fault Sword high. The Thunderbolt Martial Soul transformed to a thunder sword attached to the blade. At the same time, Jiang Chen turned his wrist and the Ultimate Sword Soul showed up.

"He combined two kinds of Martial Souls?!" Those in the castle were also shocked, just like the Wan Sisters had been a few minutes ago.

"Thousand Swords Induce Thunders!"

Jiang Chen's look was extremely sharp. He threw his sword over. It seemed like it could really kill his enemy. Tian Qi could see nothing but some white lights. Unable to fight back at all, he had to pin his hopes on the Armor of Divinity. He roared. Then all of the extraordinary power was injected into the Armor of Divinity.

The Armor of Divinity even gave off the same radiance that the trident was giving off!



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