The Brilliant Fighting Master
1237 A Weirdo Ran into a Bullheaded Person
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1237 A Weirdo Ran into a Bullheaded Person

The Wan family sisters, who were next to them, immediately walked over. Upon hearing what had occurred, they weren't surprised by the white-clothed woman's actions.

"Is this the first time you've interacted with a Divine Recluse Clan member?" The Wan family sisters were quite bewildered by what Jiang Chen had done a while ago.

"That is right," Jiang Chen admitted it honestly.

"No wonder. The Divine Recluse Clan members have a foolish conceit, and they assume that they were the leaders of myriad clans. When they showed up this time, they wanted to represent God's will and save all of the world's living beings for him," Wan Ruoxi said.

"This is why that woman had such a weird response a while ago." Jiang Chen shook his head. Jiang Chen hadn't expected that the Divine Recluse Clan would be even more arrogant than the Ancient Race clans. The Ancient Races only looked down upon humans and didn't behave like the Divine Recluse Clan.

Jiang Chen went outside and saw the while-clothed woman floating in the air, with several more people next to her. A man wearing a golden crown was now listening to what the while-clothed woman had to say. "A divine egg?" The man seemed quite tempted, and he looked at Jiang Chen, and came over.

"I have to advise you. Don't bring harm upon yourself," the man spoke proudly.

Since one of the sides in the conflict was the Divine Recluse Clan, many people assembled in the street below them.

"I wonder which unlucky person ended up coming in contact with the Divine Recluse Clan?"

"He, he, he will probably be infuriated to death due to the Divine Recluse Clan's outrageous common sense."

It was obvious that the people here knew well the Divine Recluse Clan's habits.

"It's you who shouldn't bring harm upon yourselves." Jiang Chen's response was beyond the crowd's expectations. He had directly pulled out his sword and shown a strong attitude. Jiang Chen didn't try to foolishly argue with the Divine Recluse Clan members like other people who all failed.

"Since you dare to affront divine authority, your crime is unforgivable." The man was infuriated, and he also pulled out his weapon, which was a trident. Meanwhile, the pattern on the back of his hand flickered, and it turned into a divine armor worn. It couldn't be denied that the man really resembled the divine generals and divine soldiers that Jiang Chen had run into. But it was a pity that this divine clan member overestimated his power. This divine clan member was only equal to a Human Clan's ten-star expert. As for the while-clothed woman? She was even weaker, and that was why Jiang Chen had dared to hand her over the divine egg without any qualms.

"Will they start a fight?"

The people watching the show realized that this matter was anything but simple.

"That guy is just a nine-star expert." When they discerned Jiang Chen's power and Realm Level, they were all slightly confused. They were many Divine Recluse Clan experts here, and most people wouldn't dare to rashly affront them.

"Sirs, don't be impulsive. This is a safe zone, and you will bring danger upon yourself if you fight here." A peacemaker flew into the sky and started trying to calm them down. The peacemaker was a primary-stage Martial Emperor, who was in his 30s, and he could be considered an old senior among Sacred Lords. He was confident in dissuading them and was wearing a smile across his face.

"Friend, why are you angry?" The peacemaker questioned Jiang Chen first.

Jiang Chen informed him of what had happened a while ago. Sure enough! The spectators weren't surprised by this.

"The Divine Recluse Clan came to the world to save all living beings, and the divine egg is extremely important to us. Yet you still tried in vain to take it for yourself, what reason do you have on your side?" The Divine Recluse Clan man spoke angrily.

"A world which needs your salvation is surely tragic," Jiang Chen said. When such words echoed out, the whole castle started roaring with laughter. All the Sacred Lords found this nine-star expert quite amusing. He had managed to poke his opponent's sore spot with several words.

It was only after a long while that the Divine Recluse Clan members realized that Jiang Chen was cursing them in a roundabout way. The man waved his trident angrily.

"Wait! It's easy to settle this matter."

The Martial Emperor, who was the mediator, quickly spoke, "The divine egg is useless to us. So, don't damage our good relationship for it."

"But, regardless of everything, it's this guy who brought the divine egg, and the Divine Recluse Clan didn't say anything. When people get more divine eggs later, they surely won't send them to you proactively."

The peacemaker's first words were directed to Jiang Chen, while the last part was for the Divine Recluse Clan man.

"Since they can express their respect for the Gods, why won't they be proactive?"

However, the Divine Recluse Clan man couldn't even understand such simple logic.

"Big brother, just let it be. Humans are always disappointing." The white-clothed woman didn't want to fight with anyone. Upon hearing his younger sister's words, the man hesitated for a moment, before he restrained his fighting intent.

Upon witnessing this, the Martial Emperor, who had mediated between them, felt proud of himself. He assumed that he settled a dangerous fight, and he looked at Jiang Chen. He said, "Friend, what do you want?"

"I..." Jiang Chen chuckled and stopped for a moment on purpose, before he spoke strongly, "I don't want anything. If you don't hand over the divine egg, don't reproach my ruthless sword later."


A commotion arose in the castle once again.

"A weirdo ran into a bullheaded person," someone said in a low voice. Most people awaited what would occur next expectantly. They wanted to see how this matter would develop.

The primary-stage Martial Emperor, who was the mediator, spoke with displeasure, "You don't give me any respect, do you?"

"Who the hell are you? Why I should give you any respect?" Jiang Chen spoke disdainfully.

Jiang Chen didn't care whether the man was a Martial Emperor, and he even looked down upon him because he accommodated the Divine Recluse Clan's fallacious reasoning.

"You! Do you know who I am?" The primary-stage Martial Emperor couldn't accept this, and he said, "Even if you don't know it, you still should realize the disparity between our Realm Levels."

"Well? Do you think that you are strong?" Jiang Chen spoke mockingly.

Upon hearing this, the Martial Emperor was infuriated and he said, "Fine, fine, let's watch your heroic demeanor."

The Martial Emperor stopped mediating between them and left the sky. As for teaching Jiang Chen a lesson? He didn't really care.

"The gods have left due to your Human Clan's stupidity, greed, and arrogance," the Divine Recluse Clan man spoke in mockery.

"Is this why the Divine Clan left behind such a group of idiots?"

"Wow!" Upon hearing Jiang Chen's words, many people cried out in alarm. He really was going to end up offending the whole Divine Recluse Clan.

"Big sister." Wan Ruoxi heard her younger sister's cry, and she also wanted to do something to help Jiang Chen. But she discovered then that she couldn't do anything for him. She was aware of Jiang Chen's fighting prowess and knew that she didn't need to worry about him.

As for offending the Divine Recluse Clan? It seemed like this matter wasn't related to her.

One couldn't deny that Jiang Chen's response helped many people give vent to their anger, as many people were frustrated due to the Divine Recluse Clan's conceit.

"If you want to fight, leave the castle's range." When they were at daggers drawn, a deep and low voice echoed out, and, strangely enough, the Divine Recluse Clan's several members didn't have any objection to this. They all gave Jiang Chen a meaningful glance, before they flew out of the castle before him.

The people in the castle weren't surprised by this because it was a normal occurrence.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but wish to know who the person was who spoke. It could be discerned from his voice that he wasn't a weak fellow.

After they left the castle, the Divine Recluse Clan man readied himself. He was wearing an armor shining brightly, and a golden halo was emanating from the tip of his trident.


It seemed like the man's power had risen greatly in comparison to a while ago. A great disparity existed between a Martial Emperor and a nine-star expert. However, there wasn't really a great difference between them in Jiang Chen's eyes.

"You still have an opportunity to give me back my stuff," Jiang Chen warned him for the last time.

"What a foolish mortal!" The Divine Recluse Clan's man disregarded him thoroughly.

"It's a pity that I will only spare a single person every day, and today's quota was already used up."


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