The Brilliant Fighting Master
1235 Blood Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1235 Blood Venerable

"Fight him and injure him heavily, so that we can take him away forcefully." Wan Sheng used a sound transmission to instruct Xie Wanting.

"You should hope that I can restrain myself." Xie Wanting was angry and didn't want to restrain herself. Even if Jiang Chen ended up dead, she didn't care. The reason behind this was that she was clearly aware that what Jiang Chen had said was true. It would be impossible for her to learn the Heavenly Sea Move with her talent. But she still hated Jiang Chen who had made her understand this. Such a humiliation was making her lose her mind.

"Even a trifling Star Venerable dares to talk this big! Who do you think you are?" Xie Wanting scolded Jiang Chen, before she thrust out her sword.

"I'm the person who will let you have a clear look at reality. Worldly Wind and Lightning: Wind and Lightning Sword!" Jiang Chen summoned both his Boundless Sword Soul and his Lightning Martial Soul and turned them into the Wind and Lightning Sword.

"Two types of Martial Souls? Moreover, aren't they both top grade?" The people in the vicinity were startled. Jiang Chen really has many tricks up his sleeves. They had thought that the Lightning Martial Soul revealed by him when he killed the Hibernator was already shocking enough and didn't expect that he still had a perfect Boundless Sword Soul with all five special traits. The fusion of the Martial Souls formed a mighty Wind and Lightning Sword.

When Xie Wanting, who was about to attack with her sword, witnessed this sight, she changed her sword moves and didn't dare approach him. She wanted to focus mainly on defense and dodging his attacks. However, she had underestimated Jiang Chen's current Wind and Lightning Sword, especially now that it was fused with his Firmament Wind Sword Spirit. Xie Wanting ended up suffering its might before she could understand what was happening, and the Martial Emperor Realm's aura around her body was extinguished.

When Jiang Chen was about to injure her heavily, he revolved his sword around and lowered the Wind and Lightning Sword's might by half. However, despite this, Xie Wanting still ended up sustaining heavy injuries and spouted a mouthful of blood.

"This is just a warning!" Jiang Chen snorted coldly. Jiang Chen rarely spared his enemies, but after he got to know about Sacred Lords and the Blood Clan, his way of thinking changed slightly. If Jiang Chen killed someone, they would lose manpower that would fight against the Blood Clan in the future.

"Why has it ended like this?" Xie Wanting couldn't understand this. There was a large difference between humans and Blood Clan members, and, if they were separated by a Great Realm, there wouldn't be any possibility of challenging someone else.

Even if Jiang Chen was a ten-star expert, with Constellation Palaces with Four Qi, a Martial Emperor, who possessed great power, shouldn't need to fear him. Let alone Xie Wanting, who was a Sacred Lord and a Martial Emperor, who had cultivated at least three Qi. She would never have imagined that she couldn't withstand even a single blow from a Star Venerable.

What Xie Wanting didn't know was that what Jiang Chen had wasn't something as simple as Four Qi. His lightning power's intensity was on a par with a Martial Emperor's power. This was the reason why Jiang Chen could kill a Hibernator and defeat Xie Wanting. If Jiang Chen hadn't had such powerful lightning, he wouldn't have managed to achieve any of this.

Wan Sheng was still worried about how he would question Jiang Chen about the martial techniques after he sustained injuries, which was why he was startled by the outcome. His eyes got wide.

"Is he so powerful?" Wan Ruoxi blurted out, and adoration almost appeared on her face like her younger sister.

"The reason why you can't inherit the lost techniques isn't just due to your talent, it's also due to your character," as Jiang Chen spoke, he sheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword.

Xie Wanting's hair was draped over her shoulder, while her head was lowered, and it was unknown what she was thinking.

You are really useless, Wan Sheng muttered to himself. He still wasn't willing to accept this. But he couldn't come up with any excuse for attacking Jiang Chen. He could only look on helplessly as Jiang Chen and the Wan family sisters left.

"You can't deal with even a Star Venerable?" After Jiang Chen had left, Wan Sheng revealed his true colors. He was flustered and exasperated!

Xie Wanting raised her head, and, when Wan Sheng saw her gaze, he was scared and didn't dare speak further. "This matter is not over," Xie Wanting said, before she left, flying off in a different direction.

"She wants to go look for her cousin." Wan Sheng and his two companions understood Xie Wanting well. Upon witnessing her current state, they realized that she wanted to ask someone to help her. When her cousin found out that Jiang Chen was able to comprehend the lost techniques, he would surely attack him without holding anything back. But it was a pity that they couldn't witness Jiang Chen's miserable fate.


Elsewhere, Jiang Chen and the two sisters were about to leave the desert. Since Wan Ruoxi could give Jiang Chen directions, he wouldn't have to run around like a headless fly.

"It turns out that the person who possessed a Saint Aura was you." Wan Ruoxi was slightly embarrassed because her younger sister had stated previously that she wanted to see the saint.

"It's me."

"It's no wonder that you can kill a Hibernator and defeat a Martial Emperor." Wan Ruoxi felt like everything was understandable now, because someone with a Saint Aura would possess a great power.

As Jiang Chen pondered this, he realized that she wasn't mistaken. It was only after he achieved a Saint Aura that he had managed to improve his Xuan Qing Qi.

After they flew out of the desert, Jiang Chen felt like it was time for them to bid farewell. However, the Wan family sisters still hadn't satisfied their curiosity about the person with the Saint Aura, and they didn't want to separate from him. "You also don't want someone to give you the wrong directions once again, do you? There is a safe area not far from us. Let's first go there. You can get some necessary information there," Wan Ruoxi spoke earnestly.

"Okay!" Jiang Chen was aware that he really had some issues. He must know, for example, the power structure of Blood Clan members.

"The most commonly seen Blood Clan members are fallen ones. They have all lost their minds because they have been trapped here for a long time. They are all thirsting for fresh blood and that is why they suck their clansmen's blood. They have turned into half-sentient beings," Wan Ruoxi informed him.

"What is above the fallen ones is the Hibernator, which you ran across a while ago. But, the Hibernators' power varies from one to another, and it depends on their former power before they went to sleep. They are divided into Blood General, Blood King, Blood Emperor, as well as the legendary Blood Venerable. Those four grades correspond with our Human Clan's four martial-grade realms. But, what was different is that the Blood Venerable really existed, while we don't have any Martial God," Wan Ruoxi mentioned the most important matter.

A Martial God would be the most important factor in the battle against the Blood Clan, and a Martial God must appear before the opening of the Sacred Zone's channel.

"Since you have gotten a Saint Aura, you will be blessed with great luck and destiny, and you can become a Martial God," Wan Ruoxi said. If someone dared to say to a Star Venerable that he could become a Martial God, most people would take such a person for a madman. But this wasn't the case for Jiang Chen, and he only revealed a mysterious smile.

After a short while, they reached another safe area, and it was a castle built upon a rock mountain. This castle was extremely small in comparison to the many large-scale castles witnessed by Jiang Chen, and it couldn't be any smaller than it was. However, after Jiang Chen entered the castle, he was shocked by the average power level of the people here. There were members of all clans here, and they were also humans who lived in independent worlds.

"You can buy a map, any information you want, as well as supplies, and you can use the Sacred Origin Blood in exchange for them." The Sacred Origin Blood was the blood-fog left behind by the Blood Clan members after death. After it became so concentrated and turned into a liquid, one co had killed, he would realize that they amounted to just a single Sacred Origin and a half. Moreover, if he hadn't killed a Hibernator, he wouldn't have managed to get even a single one.

"We have some here, and if you need them, you can take them."

"Please don't refuse them because it's nothing in comparison to our lives, which you have saved," after Wan Ruoxi spoke, she gave him 100 Sacred Origins.

The Creation Divine Tree had stated that if a Sacred Spirit couldn't get 10,000 Sacred Origins after it recognized someone as a master, it would be eliminated.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》