The Brilliant Fighting Master
1234 Blood Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1234 Blood Emperor

Jiang Chen had a divine body and what he feared the least was close combat. The Wind and Fire Swords Realm used with his two swords helped him block the Hibernator's attacks perfectly. The Hibernator's attacks' special trait was their great speed. After the Hibernator didn't manage to succeed, a blood-red pattern appeared on his skin and his left hand became pitch-black, with black fog intertwining around his five fingers.

It seemed as if his fingers possessed a great power able to penetrate all defenses, and when his hand touched the Heavenly Fault Sword, sparks appeared on the sword's blade. A scar was then left on the blade even though this was a Doctrine Sword. As for the steel sword in the Hibernator's right hand, a purple fire started rising from it.

The Wind and Fire Swords Realm suffered a great impact, and the Hibernator managed to hit Jiang Chen successfully before he could adjust to this. Then the Hibernator left a bloody wound on Jiang Chen's belly, while the ghost fire of the steel sword released a huge amount of power and shook off the two Doctrine Swords. At this moment, the Hibernator laughed loudly, and his tongue started twining around Jiang Chen, while the spikes on it penetrated his skin. But then, just when he was about to suck blood, boundless lightning surged out of Jiang Chen's body with Alien Flames mixed along with it.

The Hibernator cried out in pain, and half of his tongue was cut off.

"Die!" The lightning bolts formed a sea of lightning around Jiang Chen. Then they reached a high intensity and turned into a spear. The Tai Qing Qi inside his nine Constellation Palaces started burning, along with Xuan Ling Qi, Xuan Qing Qi, and Xuan Ming Qi, and they all raised the lightning force's might greatly. Jiang Chen then used One Foot Apart World Technique, whose speed almost exceeded the Void Escape Technique. He managed to instantly appear in front of the Hibernator, and he thrust his lightning spear at his chest and penetrated it. The lightning continued wreaking havoc, and when Jiang Chen thrust the Alien Flames into the Hibernator's body, he started turning into ashes.

"Blood Emperor!" When the Hibernator was at death's door, he uttered those two words, and no one could understand what he meant. However, if they had paid attention to his gaze, they would have guessed something. If the divine body grows up completely, it would be possible for the person with such a body to lead all the clans.

Jiang Chen took back the lightning spear. This spear wasn't lifelike like the lightning sword, and one could only see a spear outline. However, it still possessed a greater might than the lightning sword. After Jiang Chen had gotten Tai Qing Qi, he found he needed to raise his Sword Doctrine's power so that he could release fully lightning's destructive power.

It was only after ten seconds had passed since the Hibernator's death that the Wan family sisters and Wan Sheng and his three companions realized what had just occurred.

"Did a Hibernator just die like this?"

"This guy's fighting prowess has already surpassed a Martial Emperor."

"It may also be because this Hibernator was too weak."

The aura of Wan Sheng and his three companions had already leaked out, and they had been exposed because they wanted to intervene and fight. It wasn't only Jiang Chen who noticed them—the Wan family sisters had also noticed those four people. Thus, Wan Sheng was forced to bring the others with him and go over.

"You have really hidden a skill. Aren't you selfish? Do you still deserve a Saint Aura?" Wan Sheng was still pondering over what he should say, while Xie Wanting, who felt wronged, shouted angrily.

Wan Sheng revealed a helpless smile. But he still felt like it was better like this. They should just speak bluntly without beating around the bush.

"Is this why you followed me all the way?" Jiang Chen asked.

Upon hearing this, the four people were startled. It seemed as if Jiang Chen had been aware long ago that they were tagging along behind him.

"We were looking for you. A while ago, I was too anxious, and I ended up giving you the wrong directions, and this is why I brought them with me to look for you became I was worried about you." Wan Sheng responded quickly and came out with an infallible argument. He said, "However, I didn't expect to see you use the Heavenly Sea Move..." Wan Sheng didn't finish his words. But, it was already obvious what he had implied.

Jiang Chen swept the four people with his gaze and said, "Are you suggesting that I didn't teach you the lost techniques on purpose? You should listen to me well here. It's up to me to teach you if I want, and no one can force me to do it."

Even though this was reasonable, Wan Sheng and his three companions weren't willing to accept this. "However, you said that you wouldn't trick us," Xie Wanting spoke angrily.

"The Heavenly Sea Move is the most simple and complete technique among the lost techniques. Yet you still couldn't learn it, which meant that you were too stupid," Jiang Chen spoke rudely. If people treated him politely, he wouldn't disrespect them. But if people weren't sensible enough to be polite, he wouldn't give them any respect.

Xie Wanting was infuriated by this, and she gritted her silver teeth, while killing intent appeared in her eyes.

"You have gone overboard with such words! We have really treated you as a friend in vain," Wan Sheng spoke angrily.

"You gave me bad directions leading to danger on purpose. What kind of good friend are you," Jiang Chen said, while sneering coldly. When Jiang Chen had run into the second group of Blood Clan members, he realized that something was fishy. It was only when he detected these four people's auras that he had a rough idea about what was happening.

"Sirs, if I don't mistake what I have just heard, you are denouncing him because he didn't teach you the lost techniques, or didn't teach you the complete techniques. But, it's up to him to do what he wants, and while you suspected that he deceived you on purpose, he also suspects that you have given him the wrong directions on purpose. So, let's end this dispute here." Wan Ruoxi had heard enough about this affair, and even though she didn't know the whole course of the events, a woman as smart as she was could still come up with a way to resolve this dispute. After Wan Ruoxi finished speaking, she looked at Wan Sheng and his three companions, before she revealed a meaningful smile.

"Either end the dispute or fight at all costs."

Upon hearing this, Wan Sheng and his three companions felt like she could see through their thoughts and they couldn't hide anything from her.

"Humph! If I can't get to learn the lost technique, so be it. But this young miss still can't swallow my anger." Xie Wanting wasn't willing to put an end to this dispute, and she said, "He has insulted me, and he must pay a grave price for it."

"You can't call yourself a young miss." Upon witnessing that she wasn't going to be sensible, Wan Ruoxi's smile disappeared, and she spoke coldly.

"Young Miss Wan, this matter isn't related to you, and you don't even know his name," Wan Sheng said.

"He has saved my life, and, if you want to attack him, I won't ignore this matter," Wan Ruoxi said.

"Even if you don't ignore it, what you can do?" What no one had expected was that Xie Wanting spoke once again, while wearing a hideous look.

"You are just trash at the Star Venerable Realm. Yet, you still dare to speak like this."

"You! You are daring!" This was out of Wan Sheng's expectations, and he couldn't respond properly in time.

"Today, we will attack him regardless of anything, and your fame as the Wan family's young miss can't stop us," Xie Wanting spoke once again.

Since this affair had developed up to this, Wan Sheng could only say, "Young miss Wan, my friend has always been like this, and I have to advise you to move back in advance."

Wan Ruoxi was infuriated, but she couldn't deal with this. Even though Jiang Chen could kill a Hibernator, this didn't mean that he could fight against a Martial Emperor. That Hibernator had just woken up and still hadn't tasted blood, which meant that his fighting prowess was lower than usual. Moreover, since Jiang Chen had managed to kill the Hibernator, Wan Sheng and his three companions assumed that the Hibernator's fighting prowess was lower than usual by a whole half.

"It doesn't matter." Jiang Chen strode forward, stood in front of Wan Ruoxi, and looked at Xie Wanting.

"I also want to see how amazing a Martial Emperor is." Those were sincere words because Jiang Chen wasn't satisfied with an opponent at the Star Venerable Realm.

"You will surely get to experience it." Xie Wanting had sworn to herself to teach Jiang Chen a lesson at any cost.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》