The Brilliant Fighting Master
1233 The Blood Clan“s Great Power
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1233 The Blood Clan“s Great Power

Wan Sheng and his three companions assumed that it would be impossible for Jiang Chen to defeat a Hibernator. When the Bloody Sea Realm was formed, the powerful Blood Clan members, who couldn't escape, went into hibernation to preserve their power and wait for a good opportunity. This could prolong their lifespans. However, not all Blood Clan members were able to hibernate. Only Blood Clan members, whose powers rivaled the Martial Emperor Realm, could achieve it. Humans called such Blood Clan members Hibernators. Thus, the power of every Hibernator was at least at the Martial Emperor Realm.

"What are you doing?" Upon witnessing Jiang Chen stopping, Wan Ruoxi was quite confused.

"I have come to the Bloody Sea Realm to train, and I have just managed with great difficulty to come across a powerful guy. So why would I run away?" Jiang Chen asked. "Ladies, you should leave before me."

If the Wan family sisters hadn't been saved by Jiang Chen, they would have probably left.

"A training should be done step by step," Wan Ruoxi said.

"This is quite suitable for me."

Upon hearing this, Wan Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. Upon witnessing that Jiang Chen was determined, the Wan family sisters realized that they must make a choice now. Should they stay here or leave?

"You are just at the nine-star realm, while I'm at the ten-star realm. If you don't leave, we also won't leave," Wan Ruoxi said quickly.

"Even if that's the case, there is just a single Hibernator," Jiang Chen said sheepishly.

"We will help you get rid of the other Blood Clan members who will come over to join in the fight. If we don't do it, they will form a whirlwind once again after a large number of them gather here," Wan Ruoxi said.


While they spoke, the Hibernator had already left the ground and exposed himself. His appearance wasn't any different than the other Blood Clan members witnessed by Jiang Chen previously. However, he was thinner than usual—in fact quite skinny! His most special trait was his eye color. They didn't have the usual blood-red color, but a devilish scarlet color. However, they still shone as brightly.

"What a vigorous blood energy. If I can absorb your blood essence, I will be able to sleep for several hundred years." The Hibernator's gaze locked onto Jiang Chen's body. This was the reason he had woken up—to eat just so that he could sleep longer. He was also affected by the allure of Jiang Chen's divine body, and an intoxicated expression appeared on his face.

Jiang Chen's instinct told him clearly that this Blood Clan member was extremely powerful. However, it was fortunate that Blood Clan members weren't divided into Realm Levels like humans. Their differences were judged by how much brute power they had.

"Move back," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, the Wan family sisters moved, leaving a large region for them to fight in. The Hibernator flew into the sky slowly and floated at the same altitude as Jiang Chen.

"I guess your divine body has not grown up completely. I guess your struggles 500 years ago were only slightly effective." Hibernators' minds weren't any different than ordinary human minds. They could also mock and ridicule people. This was the first time that Jiang Chen noticed that the Blood Clan members didn't seem any different than ordinary humans. As long as they didn't open their mouths, their only apparent special trait was their skin, which was too white.

"The Blood Clan will be shortly exterminated, and its fate won't be any different than your fate today," Jiang Chen said.


The Hibernator was infuriated by his words, and he arched his back, as a ferocious look appeared on his face, while he emitted a strange cry. His mouth and cheeks started splitting open, and his bloody oral cavity was revealed. However, the Hibernator quickly closed his mouth. "After I defeat you, any false bravado will be useless." After the Hibernator stopped speaking, a sword of steel appeared in his hand. It was four feet long! The next second, shocking sword energy surged out of it, and a unique, yet familiar, sword aura appeared.

"Heavenly Sea Sword Aura?"

Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically. Even though the Creation Divine Tree had introduced the Blood Clan's special traits to him, he was still quite surprised. After a Blood Clan member absorbed all of a human's blood, they would get their memory and power. If Jiang Chen's blood was absorbed by him, he would get to learn all of Jiang Chen's techniques—the only exception being the Alien Flame, which was a tangible object. It didn't matter that they didn't have the Four Qi because the Blood Clan members didn't need the four Qi.

The mysteries in the internal structure of the bodies of Blood Clan members were contained in the blood flowing in their veins, and that was why it was likely to see a Blood Clan member use martial techniques, Doctrine Methods, magical techniques, Original Methods, etc. This was also the reason why all the other clans were hostile to them and deemed them enemies.

"This is too wonderful! Your divine body has a Dragon. This is an awesome object." The Hibernator acted like someone sitting in front of a table full of delicious dishes, who was enjoying their alluring scent, while his excitement was apparent in his eyes.

All of a sudden, the Hibernator's Sword Aura rose in intensity drastically with no warning, and he used the Heavenly Sea Move, Tearing Heaven and Destroying Earth, to attack Jiang Chen.

"Was that the Heavenly Sea Move?" The eyes of Xie Wanting widened and became filled with longing. This move's might lived up to her expectations.

"Heavenly Sea Move!" What no one had expected was that Jiang Chen would also use the same move with the Heavenly Fault Sword. Moreover, he was quicker than the Hibernator.

"I knew it! I knew it!" At this moment, Xie Wanting felt quite wronged and she shouted, "I knew it! He didn't inform us of the essential parts on purpose." She really wronged Jiang Chen. He had managed to learn this move after he got the lost techniques from the mountain and had informed them of everything he found without omitting a single word. However, it was a pity that Xie Wanting couldn't manage to learn it, and now she was blaming him for this.

Returning to the main topic, after the Heavenly Sea Moves collided, a loud rumble echoed out as if two great bodies of water had crashed together. Streams of air ran amok in the sky, and both Jiang Chen and the Hibernator couldn't keep their balances.

However, it was fortunate that the streams of air only lasted for a short while, and they quickly scattered. Jiang Chen had an ice-cold sneer at the corners of his mouth. He had managed to probe his opponent's power, and he was confident in killing him.

"Humph!" The Hibernator squinted his eyes, and his body flew around as quick as a shooting star. He changed his target from Jiang Chen to the Wan family sisters, who were observing the battle.

"The Hibernator wants to suck their blood!"

Wan Sheng and his three companions quickly understood the Hibernator's plan.

When a Blood Clan member went into hibernation, he wouldn't lose much of his power. But, this still didn't mean that they would be at their peak state shortly after awakening. Their state would be tantamount to a human, whose Starry Sea's power was exhausted, and who needed to recover. Humans would recover through consuming elixirs, while the Blood Clan members used blood.

The Hibernator's speed was swift, which was one of the Blood Clan's advantages. They were quicker even than the Holy Wings Clan, which was part of the Ancient Race. The Wan family sisters were surely not a match for him. It was fortunate that Jiang Chen appeared out of nowhere before the Hibernator succeeded, and he waved his sword at the Hibernator's vital regions.

"Void Escape Technique!"

Wan Sheng, who was observing the battle, was surprised. He didn't expect that Jiang Chen knew so many techniques.

The Hibernator didn't get angry because his plan was thwarted. Instead, he laughed excitedly and said, "Ha, ha, ha, you fell into my trap." The Hibernator extended his ten fingers and pounced at Jiang Chen. "I want to suck blood, but I want yours."

And the Hibernator emitted a weird laugh, his mouth split open, and his terrifying tongue shot out. However, it was obvious that he wouldn't manage to succeed just by depending on his tongue alone, so he attacked crazily with his hands. When they were carrying out close combat, the Hibernator revealed a power as strong as the 36 folds of Ji Yuan's Three Heads and Six Arms Technique.

"He's too young, he unexpectedly let a Blood Clan member close in on him." Wan Sheng didn't care any longer about exposing himself, and he closed in on Jiang Chen. Everyone was aware that the scope of the tongue of a Blood Clan member was a dangerous region, and it would be impossible for anyone to block its attacks because Blood Clan members possessed great power and high-speed. As long as one exposed a single opening, he could be hit by the tongue, and his whole body would be paralyzed. Once they started sucking one's blood, the outcome of the battle would then be determined.

"Did you assume that you would get an advantage from close combat?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly and fearlessly. He said, "It is you who have been fooled."


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