The Brilliant Fighting Master
1231 Lost Techniques
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1231 Lost Techniques

Four people arrived in the vicinity of the Unfalling Mountain. "He's only a Star Venerable, yet he still came to carry out the trial and he even got a Saint Aura. He's anything but simple!"

They didn't dare to take him lightly, and they also weren't hostile to him. They were only curious about him. When Jiang Chen flew into the sky, the four people strode forward.

"A Saint Aura. Friend, you are surely a great genius."

"I'm Wang Sheng, and we can become friends if you want."

"It would be dangerous to depend upon only yourself alone while traveling in the Bloody Sea Realm."

Jiang Chen looked at these four people. They were two men and two women and were all Martial Emperors.

"You can call me Tian Chen." Jiang Chen still remembered what the Fortune Divine Tree had said. He mustn't expose himself early, and that was why he chose a fake name. After this, Jiang Chen got to know the names of the four people, and he also got to know that the Blood Clan members around the Unfalling Mountain had been purged and it could be considered a safe area.

"Tian Chen, can you perceive the martial techniques or doctrine methods on the Unfalling Mountain?" The main called Wan Sheng questioned him, showing their curiosity. It turned out that many people were aware that the Unfalling Mountain had lost techniques left by experts 500 years ago. But they couldn't be learned by just anyone. Sun Chaotian's Peerless Fist Spirit's essence was left among the pile of crushed divine stones. In most people's eyes, those were just ordinary stones, and they couldn't find any Fist Spirit among them. It was only a devilish genius such as Jiang Chen who could achieve it.

After Jiang Chen gave them an affirmative answer, the four people became quite excited, and they all asked him to teach them the lost techniques. Wan Sheng wanted to learn the Peerless Divine Fist Technique, while the other pretty woman wanted to get the Heavenly Sea Move.

"We can give you Sacred Origins in exchange for them." The four were aware that it was inappropriate to ask for things at their first meeting, and so they promised him remuneration. However, when Jiang Chen questioned them casually, he discovered that they didn't have many Sacred Origins, while the techniques on the Unfalling Mountain were precious lost techniques from 500 years ago.

"You don't need to provide me any Sacred Origins, because if I get them in such a way, such a trial will lose its significance. But I will still do my best to help you even though I can't ensure that you will get to learn them," Jiang Chen said.

The four people were overjoyed, and they praised Jiang Chen ceaselessly and stated that he was worthy of getting a Saint Aura. Moreover, they still stated that the Blood Clan's disaster would be easily solved by him. Jiang Chen couldn't help but shake his head because he had run into these four people. But he still taught them the lost techniques they wanted because Jiang Chen didn't want the efforts of the experts from 500 years ago to end up wasted. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen also started trying to transform the Sky-burning Evil Flame.

Thereupon, five people were cultivating by themselves on the Unfalling Mountain, and that was a spectacular sight. In the evening, they stopped one after the other, and one could discern through their expressions that they had all benefited from this. But the four people's brows were furrowed because they had many matters they still couldn't understand. However, this was natural because if lost techniques could be easily learned, they wouldn't have been called lost techniques.

The four people were whispering to each other, while looking occasionally at Jiang Chen, who wasn't far from them. Jiang Chen had already managed to understand how his father had achieved his victory, and he also learned this technique. Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by the four people's outcomes because if they couldn't even comprehend anything by themselves, then their talent was surely inadequate.

When Jiang Chen expressed that he was going to travel to a dangerous area, the four people asked him to inform them of the techniques once again. Jiang Chen didn't refuse their requests. "It's the same as what you said previously. Is there anything you omitted?" The woman, who wanted to learn the Heavenly Sea Move, had the temper of a bossy influential young miss, and she was quite irritated because she couldn't practice the sword move smoothly and didn't hear anything new from Jiang Chen. The woman's words made the ambiance quite awkward.

"You shouldn't speak like this," Wan Sheng restrained her, and looked at Jiang Chen with a gaze filled with apology.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and expressed that he didn't care about this.

"If you want to go through the trial, you should proceed to the southwestern side. The power and number of Blood Clan members there rises as you venture deeper there, and that region is quite suitable for newcomers," Wan Sheng said.

"Okay!" Jiang Chen replied, left, and proceeded according to what Wan Sheng had said.

After Jiang Chen left, the other three people encircled Wan Sheng. "Isn't the southwestern region classified as the most dangerous one? It is awful of you to send a Star Venerable there." Another man, whose name was Liu Qi, spoke up.

"It's only like this that we can get a chance to intervene and save him. It's only then he will repay our kindness and continue teaching us the lost techniques," Wan Sheng revealed a complacent smile. The expression plastered on his face was completely different than the one worn by him in front of Jiang Chen.

"It isn't good," the dainty woman didn't approve of this.

"What isn't good about it?"

The woman, who had accused Jiang Chen previously of hiding something, glared at the other woman. She approved of Wan Sheng's plan! The woman yearned for the Heavenly Sea Sword Move, and, if she could learn it, her overall power would get a great improvement. The four people stayed on the Unfalling Mountain and started racking their brains.

Jiang Chen proceeded according to the four people's suggestions, and, just after he left the safe area, he detected danger. The air was reeking with a special bloody scent. When Jiang Chen tried to fly at a low altitude, many black blurs flew out of some hidden regions.

"You have a divine body, your bodily energy rivals a divine dragon, and you possess a deadly allure for Blood Clan members."

"Other people will need to look for Blood Clan members and fight them. It's a different case for you because they seek you by themselves."

Jiang Chen recalled what the divine tree had informed him. It seemed like it wasn't false. Jiang Chen finally got to witness the appearance of Blood Clan members. They were humanoid beings with a pair of wings, and they had fair white skin, which didn't have any hair growing out of it. They had a pair of pointy ears, which resembled a mouse's ears. The Blood Clan's members had regular facial features, but their blood-red eyes were filled with madness.

When Jiang Chen approached them, the Blood Clan members opened their mouths, and Jiang Chen couldn't help but frown upon seeing it. Blood Clan members would open their mouths by splitting their cheeks and their bloody oral cavity would be revealed completely. They had a set of fangs, and one couldn't see any tongue there, but just a circular organ. The circular organ opened like a flower's petals, and a tongue, which was really long, shot out of there. But, one really couldn't say that it was a tongue because it was filled with spikes, which had holes in them able to absorb blood.

"They are really ugly!" This was Jiang Chen's first impression of the Blood Clan.

Jiang Chen flew up into the air, and the 10,000 Blood Clan members formed a long line, chased after him, and attacked him. After Jiang Chen flew up to a high altitude, he could see a black sea, and it was then that the Blood Clan members emitted sharp and weird cries, which were unpleasant.

"Sky-Burning Might!" Jiang Chen tried to use the technique used previously by his father to control the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and as he coordinated well with the Solar Golden Flame, a dragon of flames was formed, and it dived down fast. The Blood Clan members present in all places the dragon passed by were burned to ashes, and they weren't given even a chance to escape. In the end, the fire dragon exploded, and the whole area's temperature rose to several thousand degrees, and it seemed like everything would be melted. Even Jiang Chen was frightened by such might, and he told himself that he must be more careful next time as he might easily end up harming innocent people.

Meanwhile, Wan Sheng and his four companions, who had followed Jiang Chen closely, witnessed him burning the Blood Clan members. They had assumed that they would have a chance to intervene and didn't expect that Jiang Chen would be so outstanding.

"He has surely gotten the Unfalling Mountain's lost technique. When he was cultivating a while ago, an intense heatwave emanated from him." Xie Wanting envied him. If she could master the Heavenly Sea Move, her power would surely rise greatly.

"Let's continue following, the more he ventures inside, the more dangerous it will be, and we will get a chance."

When Wan Sheng witnessed that Jiang Chen didn't suspect the directions provided by them and still proceeded forward, he quickly called his companions and continued traveling.


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