The Brilliant Fighting Master
1230 Saint Aura
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1230 Saint Aura

After Jiang Chen got over his excitement, he couldn't help but find it unbelievable. The Blood Clan was extremely dangerous, and if a channel was left open to it, it might cause a grave accident regardless of how careful and cautious they were. The Fortune Divine Tree had said that the Sacred Zone wasn't really isolated, but was situated in an independent place like Earth. It had not been created by someone.

In the past, when the Blood Clan started its invasions, the Sacred Zone was able to put up resistance. Since the Sacred Zone was the backbone of the Nine Realms, its power couldn't be rivaled by all the Eight Realms together. Jiang Chen couldn't even imagine the heroic fights in the past, as well as the desperate straits some people had been forced to in the end.

The Blood Clan's terrifying aspect lay in their extreme wisdom, and there were many Blood Slaves in the Nine Realms even before they started their invasion. This was the reason why the Sovereign Spirit Palace's Long Xing wasn't able to allow the Sacred Zone's people to retreat. Moreover, when he closed the planes channel thoroughly, most Sacred Zone people were oblivious to this matter.

It was the Fortune Divine Tree who had informed Jiang Chen about this, and there weren't any who knew about the disaster more than the Sacred Spirits. In the past, when the Sacred Zone fought against the Blood Clan, some of its experts carried out shocking earth-shattering battles. Even the Sacred Zone couldn't bear it any longer, and its void was shattered apart and it couldn't repair itself. This was why many of that world's fragments drifted away from the Sacred Zone and floated above the Eighth Realms.

The Sacred Spirits took advantage of such an opportunity and used the greatest fragment to establish another world. It was called the Bloody Sea Great Realm, and its expanse was equivalent to the expanse of all spirit-grade continents of the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm. There were countless Blood Clan members in it, and since they were all in a bad way, they became more bloodthirsty, crazy, and dangerous.

Moreover, since the Bloody Sea Great Realm was once part of the Sacred Zone, many extinct and lost objects could be found in it.

"We have arrived!" They traveled the whole journey while chatting, and, by the time Jiang Chen had made enough inquiries, they had reached their destination.

"You should kill as many Blood Clan members as you can, and the stronger they are, the more outstanding will be the results of your trial as a Sacred Lord," the divine tree said.

It seemed like the channel had no end. But now, a dazzling white light appeared in front of him. Jiang Chen took a big stride forward and entered into the Bloody Sea Great Realm. After he crossed the bright white light, a boundless dusky world appeared before him.The Bloody Sea Great Realm didn't have any suns or moons and its sky was forever dusky.

The Chaos Primordial Spirits used to create this world were quite unstable, and that was why there were many restricted areas in this world. If one ended up stepping into them by mistake, one could end up torn apart by the Chaos Primordial Spirits, and it wouldn't matter then how high was one's Realm Level.

"What is that?" Jiang Chen looked at the distant lands from the sky, and he suddenly noticed a mountain range at the end of his line of sight. He found such a vast land quite familiar-looking, and Jiang Chen couldn't help but fly over there. He found it more familiar the more he approached it. Even though the vast land was slightly different, he could still recognize it more or less. "Unfalling Mountain!"

In the past, this had been one of the Sacred Zone's ten most famous mountains, and its special trait befitted its name. It was extremely hard and firm. Many famous Great Sovereigns had fought here. Yet, their destructive might couldn't affect this great mountain. It was because the mountain was formed by a pitch-black ore called a divine stone. The reason why it was given such a name was that the divine stone was too hard and couldn't be exploited and used like other natural resources. It was rumored that only Solar True Fire could melt it.

When Jiang Chen was still the Sacred Zone's greatest young master, all martial artists would come to the Unfalling Mountain to compete and exchange points. Now, there wasn't any sun, and spectators atop the Unfalling Mountain's peak wouldn't be able to see any longer. When Jiang Chen flew over the great mountain, he was stunned by what he saw. This mountain which was titled Unfalling Mountain had collapsed and could be considered ruins because just a part of it was left.

"It's the might of the Peerless Divine Fist Wielder, Sun Chantian, and the might of the sword attacks of Northern Sea Sword God, Tian Hai. Isn't that the case?" Jiang Chen discerned many matters through the marks left in the ruins.

"That is..."

Jiang Chen suddenly discovered something, and he flew to the Unfalling Mountain's southern side with his quickest speed. This was a charred region, and one could still feel scalding heat here.

"Father!" A hideous look appeared on Jiang Chen's face, and he clenched his teeth. It was only the Sky-burning Evil Flame's ultimate technique mastered by his father that would leave such marks on the divine stones.

It was obvious that a great battle had occurred on the Unfalling Mountain, and all of the Sacred Zone's experts let go of their prejudices and feuds to join hands and resist the enemy, and they all fought the Blood Clan. They fought until the Unfalling Mountain collapsed, and this land turned into worldly fragments.

Jiang Chen felt like he could witness the Sacred Zone's previous miserable battle. He was a member of the Sacred Zone, and he felt quite ashamed of himself because he had escaped through getting a rebirth.

"Well?" Jiang Chen's sharp senses detected something, and he landed on the mountain. The temperature here was near 1,000 degrees, and he felt it more clearly upon standing here. However, Jiang Chen didn't care about this, and he concentrated on the burn marks on the divine stones. He closed his eyes and activated Heaven Eye and observed this region from different angles. Jiang Chen discovered something fishy then. Alien Flames were like a double-edged sword, and once they went out of control, they would cause a great disaster. This was when Jiang Chen used his hands to comprehend a Martial Doctrine's conceptions. He only touched it lightly, and he didn't dare to come in contact with something more dangerous. It was only once because his divine soul went back into his body. 

For now, Jiang Chen had mastered the Fire Rule, while the Celestial Phoenix and Fire Dragon's inheritances fused in his body, and he even cultivated the fourth layer of the Fire God Scripture. Jiang Chen could depend upon the marks on the ground to comprehend how his father managed to subdue the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and how he managed to release such an unimaginable might. It wasn't limited to just this, and Jiang Chen went to other devastated regions and checked them one after the other, and he made the same discovery as before. Tianhai Yijian's Sword Spirit was engraved in the middle of the mountain, while the fist techniques' essence was left among the stones.

"In the past, when they were fighting the Blood Close, the Sacred Zone was sealed and closed thoroughly. But, they still didn't bear a grudge against the others and had even left their peerless techniques for them, so that the later generation could learn them."

Jiang Chen couldn't help but admire them. He was always accustomed to keeping to himself. But now, he got suddenly a flash of realization. Jiang Chen raised his head, looked up to the sky, and moved his mouth lightly. "One must dedicate his heart to the world, his life for common people, and one ultimate technique to future saints. Everything is dedicated for eternal peace and serenity." Jiang Chen spoke slowly in a calm tone. Yet, he still gave rise to an unimaginable disturbance. The world around Jiang Chen started changing, and a dazzling beam of white light erupted out of his body and soared into the sky.

The Buddhist Heart and Doctrine Bones became once again a Doctrine Heart and Buddhist Bones. After Jiang Chen got a Doctrine Heart, one of his Constellation Palaces' four qi, the Xuan Qing Qi, which was linked to the holy skill, turned into Yu Qing Qi, Shang Qing Qi, before it became Tai Qing Qi. Lightning started flickering around Jiang Chen's body, and thunder echoed.

"A Saint Aura?"

Meanwhile, everyone in the Bloody Sea Realm noticed the disturbance in the Unfalling Mountain, and all the Sacred Lords, who were crossing their trials here, were aware of what it meant. The appearance of a Saint Aura meant that a Sacred Lord had gotten the world's recognition, and he would soon get a greater fortuitous encounter. Many people around the Unfalling Mountain started rushing over toward the light beam. But, by the time they came here, the light beast had disappeared, and such a disturbance came to an end.

"A Star Venerable?"

Those people recognized Jiang Chen's Realm Level with a single glance, and they looked at each other in dismay. The guy who got the Saint Aura was unexpectedly quite weak, wasn't he?


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