The Brilliant Fighting Master
1229 Traveling to the Sacred Zone
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1229 Traveling to the Sacred Zone

Wu Ming's eyes flickered like an unsheathed sword. He wanted to teach this arrogant youth a lesson. When Wu Ming raised his sword, a formless and chilly sword wind arose and attacked the youth.

The youth called Si Kong just snorted coldly and didn't try to evade it. He just waved the folding fan in his hand skillfully. It seemed as if it didn't cause any great disturbance. Yet, it still managed to disperse Wu Ming's sword wind. It was exactly like how a candle flame would be extinguished by a human's light breath.

Moreover, since Wu Ming was the past master of the Sword Pavilion, many people couldn't help but find Si Kong's power shocking. This was also the case for Wu Ming, and he stared at the folding fan.

"The Divine Wind Fan!" Jiang Chen, who had witnessed everything through the divine tree, managed to recognize the fan. It was one of the Sacred Zone's most famous divine weapons like the Human Emperor Bow.

"Don't assume that you are absolutely safe just because there is a divine tree here," Si Kong looked at Wu Ming with his gloomy gaze, which made everyone uneasy. How could Wu Ming bear this? However, when he was about to attack again, he recalled that their current situation was special and he must pay attention to it. 

"Jiang Chen, if you don't disband the Heavenly Palace by the time we meet again, don't blame me if my divine arrow is heartless." The Human Emperor shouted at the divine tree, before he looked at the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's teams and said, "You should all listen well to this. You mustn't carry out any deals with the Heavenly Palace. The yellow and black gas can't be consumed by two people, and, as long as you don't carry out any deals with him, Jiang Chen won't get any benefits. You will just have to wait until he loses his status as the Fortune Divine Tree's Sacred Master."

The Human Emperor explained this matter clearly to them and took a last look at the depths of the divine tree before he left. He found his heart was itching to find Jiang Chen, but he controlled his impulse and didn't go to look for anyone. If he hadn't killed a magical clone remotely, he wouldn't have dared to even get into the divine tree's surroundings. Moreover, even though he was provoking Jiang Chen ceaselessly, as long as Jiang Chen was out there, he would dare face him but would immediately fly away and try to shoot him dead at a remote range.

The three great academies' members all scattered.

Jiang Chen, who was hidden in the dark, managed to discern that the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm was determined to defy him and make an enemy out of him. The appearance of the Heavenly Palace wasn't any different than an attempt to overthrow a dynasty, and it wouldn't be surprising if they sent a great army to bring him down. However, every new dynasty was established after overthrowing the previous one.

"They are both Sacred Lords," the Fortune Divine Tree said to him. This meant that Jiang Chen would have to fight against them. It seemed that they were both at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm. However, their true fighting prowess rivaled Martial Saints due to their special gifts.

"How much time do I have left?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It may occur any time. They may show themselves in the trial world. So, you must keep a low profile as much as possible," the divine tree replied.

"But if I don't go to take the trial, they won't have any justifiable reason to attack, will they?" Jiang Chen was quite curious about this. He wasn't really afraid of them and just wanted to understand the disparity between Sacred Lords.

"Once a Sacred Spirit recognizes someone as a Sacred Lord, he must get a Sacred Origin within a certain time, or else he wouldn't just lose his rights as a Sacred Spirit, the divine tree will also wither." This was extremely important, yet it had only mentioned it now. The reason behind this might be that it wasn't worth mentioning or that it would just put needless pressure on his shoulders. It was obviously the second reason that was applicable to the situation of the Fortune Divine Tree and Jiang Chen.

The Sacred Origin was just a worldly power source, and it was needless to mention how mystical it was because it had already become something like a bargaining chip between Sacred Spirits. The more they got, the greater would be the reward gotten by them.

"Is this the reason why you didn't recognize anyone as a Sacred Lord until now?" Jiang Chen asked.

"That is right, if I had waited for two or three years until you become a true Sacred Lord, all these endeavors would have been successful."

"But you have still chosen me. No, it isn't right, did you have any agreements with the Wizard Clan?" Jiang Chen asked.

If Jiang Chen hadn't been chosen, then it would have been Ji Yuan who would have ended up becoming a Sacred Lord.

"My agreement with the Wizard Clan was as follows—if Ji Yuan got the victory, I would first carry out a Lord Recognition's ceremony with him and wait until he becomes a Martial Emperor before carrying it out officially." The Fortune Divine Tree didn't deny such a matter.

The Fortune Divine Tree's thought process was different than a human's. It wouldn't deceive anyone on purpose, but it still could choose whether to inform them or not. However, if it was questioned, it would reply truthfully.

"Why didn't you do the same with me?" Jiang Chen said. Just after Jiang Chen spoke, he realized that such a question was needless. Ji Yuan had the Wizard Clan behind him, and he didn't really urgently need shelter like Jiang Chen did. When the divine tree spread to the whole Divine Prison Continent, it was facing a great challenge along with Jiang Chen.

"I have managed to become a Sacred Spirit because you have helped in the past, and everything was foreordained," the divine tree had a broad-minded view about this matter.

"I don't like to disappoint anyone, regardless if it was a human or a tree." Jiang Chen had a great fighting spirit. He had discovered long ago that he was fond of advancing bravely while facing great pressure.

"It's only interesting when I'm on the weaker side," Jiang Chen said. Just after this, Jiang Chen formed a magical clone and sent it back into the divine tree's Heavenly Palace, while his main body continued proceeding forward and training.

"This time, you should inform me of everything I need to know," Jiang Chen said.

"The Human Emperor Bow and Divine Wind Fan are the rewards they received after getting a Sacred Origin," the divine tree said.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. But he quickly realized that he didn't really need them. "Since you have mentioned it, didn't the Human Emperor Bow and Divine Wind Fan have a master in the Sacred Zone. Why were they bestowed as rewards?" Jiang Chen asked without considering this matter.

Upon hearing such a question, the divine tree unexpectedly got quiet for a moment, and Jiang Chen could discern through its reaction that such a matter was quite grave. "Where do you think the Sacred Lords' trial land is?" The divine tree questioned him.

"Didn't you say that it was a world created by all of you together?" Jiang Chen was quite clever, and, just after he spoke, he realized what it meant, and shock appeared on his face. Since Holy Spirits existed just to contend against disaster, then the Sacred Lords chosen by them would surely fight against the Blood Clan, and the Sacred Lords' trial would surely be related to the Blood Clan. There was only a single land in the whole Nine Realms, which had Blood Clan members.

"That is right, we will travel to the Sacred Zone," the divine tree stated that assumption, which Jiang Chen had just came up with and didn't dare to utter.

Jiang Chen had walked until now in a bright channel, with only a rough idea about the destination. Now he raised his head and looked forward, and many complex emotions welled up in his heart.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm descended into chaos because all three great academies' elite members were dispatched toward the Divine Prison Continent. This occurred suddenly without any prior signs, and it startled many people because they assumed that they would mount a surprise attack. However, they soon found out that they only went after the black and yellow gas, and it was then that a matter which no one had expected occurred. The Eighth Realm's people unexpectedly came here personally.

The Seventh and Eighth Realms were separated by just a single plane channel. However, they rarely interacted. It was rumored that the Eighth Realm's three great factions restricted each other and prevented each other from helping others or interfering in the Lower Realms' situations and breaking their balance. Those rumors indicated that the Eighth Realm was powerful since they were able to alter other Realms' power structure, without spending a lot of effort. Now, after the Human Emperor and Si Kong intervened in the Seventh Realm, the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's people realized that the rumors weren't exaggerated.

It was especially the case since the Human Emperor was able to shoot to death Jiang Chen's magical clone from outside the continent, and they couldn't help but gasp with admiration. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's attitude toward the Heavenly Palace was clear and distinct.

The Fortune Divine Tree formed a natural barrier, and no one could enter inside. But, the other factions weren't useless and incompetent, and they started setting formations and barriers outside the Divine Prison Continent to prevent the people inside from leaving.


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