The Brilliant Fighting Master
1228 I“m the Human Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1228 I“m the Human Emperor

"It can be said that the Divine Prison Continent is a forbidden land. Even if a treasure mountain was placed in front of the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's people, no one would be able to take it. However, I had forgotten the Fortune Divine Tree's recognition and I can take over the Divine Prison Continent and manage it. Everything here belongs to the Heavenly Palace." Jiang Chen explained his point of view. He couldn't show weakness, but, at the same time, he also couldn't be too aggressive.

The members of the Abundance Land and Sacred Martial Arts Academies started whispering to each other, discussing this matter.

"The greatest issue is that the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm doesn't allow the existence of any faction outside the jurisdiction of the great academies, which is why what you stated isn't feasible."

"If you choose to join a certain academy, we will agree to let your Heavenly Palace join the supervisors' echelon."

"We will also treat the Divine Prison Continent like the other Holy Lands and Divine Sects."

The academies' members stated where the issues lay.

"Your Heavenly Palace needs an opportunity to develop properly, as well as enough space. You won't have any future prospects if you continue like this."

The Abundance Land Academy's members were the most proactive because they had previously had a good relationship with the Divine Prison Continent and had many acquaintances there.

"500 years ago, all the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm factions were independent and didn't join the three great academies."

"It's impossible for the power structure to stay the same forever. 500 years have passed, and everything is now going to change since we are facing a great disaster."

"I have a mature divine body and I have a Holy Spirit's recognition. It isn't me who should choose a camp, it's you who should choose me." Jiang Chen's pride didn't allow him to join the academies.

"What you mean is that you want us to quickly acknowledge allegiance to the Heavenly Palace," someone said.

Jiang Chen nodded.

Many people smiled bitterly and shook their heads. His words were really filled with a foolish conceit.

"Jiang Chen, what is your objective?" Someone couldn't help but ask this question, because it was quite crucial.

"My objective is dealing with the disaster that is going to arrive, and I don't want to become your enemy. Since you all want the black and yellow gas, I will sell it to you for a low price." As Jiang Chen spoke, he swept the crowd with his gaze and continued, "If you don't pay attention to the imminent disaster and are determined to make an enemy out of me, the divine body possessor, then I can tell you I don't fear anything. I have the divine tree, along with the formations I have set. Even if you wage war with me and use your power against me, you will still suffer grave casualties. I can assure you of this."

There wasn't anyone who suspected his statement was false, because they were aware of how Jiang Chen comported himself, and they were clearly aware of his character and temperament. They were aware that he was surely a madman, who would rather lose everything than concede.

While the three great academies' people were hesitating, a voice filled with mockery echoe out suddenly, "Ha, ha, ha, the divine body possessor is really smart. You first use the coming disaster as a shield, before you try to destabilize your listeners by describing the benefits of working with you, as well as the threats of not working with you. You are really skilled in seeing through people's hearts."

The three great academies' people examined each other, and they discovered that this voice wasn't of someone on their side.

"But the rise of your Heavenly Palace will affect the interests of everyone in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm. So how can I allow you to succeed?" The voice echoed once again, and it pointed out the crucial point, before mentioning another important argument. He said, "As for the great disaster, it isn't something a trifling Star Venerable like you can contend against."

This person was trying to thwart Jiang Chen's plan. However, Jiang Chen still didn't get anxious because the three great academies would weigh the pros and cons by themselves. What Jiang Chen cared about now was figuring out from where this voice came. It wasn't the case for just him alone, everyone, including the Fortune Divine Tree, was concerned about this.

"The guy doesn't exist, or he's probably outside Divine Prison Continent." The Fortune Divine Tree expressed that no one could deceive its senses.

"Outside the continent?" Jiang Chen smiled and sneered. He said, "Is it a friend from the Ancient Race who has come here? Are you trying to use such a lowly trick to drive a wedge between us?"

One's standpoint determined everything, and if the one speaking was from the Ancient Race, then the three great academies' members would surely not listen to him.

"I'm aware that you hope that I'm from the Ancient Race, as it's only then that you can continue using your scheme. It's a pity that I'm not from it. I'm the Human Emperor."

As he said this, Jiang Chen felt an intense sense of danger. A brief sound of something flying through the air echoed all around, and, before Jiang Chen made any response, a light beam shot at him and penetrated Jiang Chen's chest and killed him before anyone could react. It was only when everyone saw that the light beam was stained with blood that they realized that it was an arrow. The dead magical clone shortly disappeared.

"How is this possible?" Jiang Chen's main body, which was on the road to the trial land, was stunned. How could he shoot him dead with an arrow even though they were separated by a whole continent? Moreover, even the Fortune Divine Tree couldn't obstruct him.

"It's the Human Emperor Bow!" The divine tree's voice could still transmit to the ears of the main body.

"You mean the Bow that is ranked second in the Ten Great Divine Palaces?" Jiang Chen was stunned, and he was about to rush back without uttering another word.

"Don't get anxious!" A shining branch was extended, and it entered Jiang Chen's body through his temple, and the scene in the Divine Prison Continent appeared before Jiang Chen's eyes.

"What? It is just a magical clone? That's really disappointing." Jiang Chen heard that voice echoing again, and, just after this, a person appeared on the horizon and walked slowly forward step by step. 

"He's so young!"

The three great academies' experts were all mostly over 50. Yet, none of them were able to kill Jiang Chen like the Emperor Bow had done. This youth in front of them, who hadn't reached his 30s, had managed to achieve it. It was just a magical clone, but, even if the main body had been there, he would surely have died.

The youth was just 25 or 26. He had black hair draped over his shoulder, a handsome face with a devilish charm, and a mysterious smile. The youth's profound eyes were filled with disappointment. But he still wasn't angry, because this wasn't a rare chance for him, and he could still give a try once again next time.

"Greetings Human Emperor!" All of a sudden, the Sacred Martial Arts Academy's team recognized the person who had come over, and they strode forward.

The youth replied casually, before he looked at the Divine Honor Academy's members, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. A Martial Saint was killed, yet you still didn't attack. Si Kong, you really can keep your composure." It was unknown who the Human Emperor was talking with. But, after he spoke, a gate appeared out of nowhere, and a feminine man, with a folding fan and magnificent clothes, walked out of it.

"It isn't like anyone is able to shoot people dead at such a long distance like you," Si Kong spoke with displeasure.

"You could also practice archery with me." The Human Emperor didn't care about his mockery, and he was quite complacent. Then those two ignored the others around them and started bickering. It was really a confusing sight!

"Young master Si Kong!" The members of the Divine Honor Academy also strode forward and greeted Si Kong respectfully. It was obvious that these two people were from the Eighth Realm, which meant that they were from the Sacred Martial Arts Realm's three great factions. The three great academies were established and governed by those three great factions, and this was why they cared about Jiang Chen's Heavenly Palace more than the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's academies.

"If the Heavenly Palace isn't disbanded, we won't care about the fact that Jiang Chen has a divine body, or that he's valuable and important. If he violated the rules, I will shoot him dead without any hesitation." The Human Emperor shouted toward the Fortune Divine Tree's internal section because he assumed that Jiang Chen was hiding there.

"You are going overboard," Wu Ming said coldly.

"It's your disciple who is too arrogant and assumes that he can run amok just because he got the Fortune Divine Tree's recognition. He isn't aware that he's still just at the beginning of the road," Si Kong spoke rudely without caring that Wu Ming was an old senior.


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