The Brilliant Fighting Master
1227 The Trial of Sacred Lords
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1227 The Trial of Sacred Lords

The Divine Tree of Creatures had chosen Jiang Chen. That meant it would compete with other Sacred Spirits too. As to why the Sacred Spirits did not unite to confront the coming disaster, the reason was quite simple. The result would usually be decided by the strongest ones of both parties.

The Sovereign Spirit Palace was going to bring 500 Great Sovereigns to the world. However, even if all of them were put together, they would not be as important as a Martial Divinity. Jiang Chen had to become a Martial Emperor as fast as he could.

According to the Divine Tree of Creatures, it would take Jiang Chen less than three months to get the opportunity to realize another breakthrough and become a ten-star strongman. Then in six months, he would be able to realize a big state breakthrough. Taking some unexpected situations into consideration, it would probably take him about one year to become a Martial Emperor.

Jiang Chen recounted that it had taken him about a year to achieve what he had at the moment since he had become a Star Venerable, and he did not want to waste these achievements.

"Then you can start the trial for Sacred Lords." The Divine Tree of Creatures was not surprised by Jiang Chen's concern.

Jiang Chen knew the divine tree would have a plan for him. He started to study the situation and figure out what the trial for Sacred Lords was all about. A Sacred Lord did not refer to a Martial Divinity. It referred to the person chosen by a Sacred Spirit. There were not many of them, since the Sacred Spirits in the Nine Realms numbered less than 100. However, if the Sacred Spirits in the World of Meson were also counted in, there would be almost 100 of them.

Sacred Spirits had a wonderful connection with each other through the universe. They created a world together for Sacred Lords chosen by them to have trials. There, Jiang Chen would not only know people from the Nine Realms, but also creatures from the World of Meson—for example, the Dragon, the Monster, and so on.

"Sacred Lords usually won't start their adventures until their states have been Martial something. Only a few Sacred Lords are Star Venerables, and all of them have recourse to something," said the divine tree.

Jiang Chen did not have to ask to know what that something was. Jiang Chen was not an average man anymore. Wu Ming would be glad to protect him as long as he asked for it—not to mention the Devil Slaughter Tower and the Star Formation.

"I'll start the trial for Sacred Lords." Jiang Chen made the decision. He did not hesitate for long. After that, he got a practicing body whose fighting power could be compared to the true body's through One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones. This time he did not need to disguise himself. He stayed on the Divine Prison Continent with his own face.

Since the Black Yellow Gas was only found a while ago, Wu Ming could not use it to refine Black Yellow Elixirs for the moment. Jiang Chen gave the Painting of the Heavenly Palace to his practicing body for the latter to keep, first, because he needed Yue'e to be with him, and second, due to the operating restrictions of the Devil Slaughter Tower. Despite all of this, his true body was still fearless of Martial Emperors when external forces were not forbidden.

After everything had been arranged, Jiang Chen came onto the top of the Divine Tree of Creatures. There was a tree hole here. It would lead to the place where the trial for Sacred Lords would take place. Not long after the true body had set off, a big team appeared on the Divine Prison Continent. They were from various forces, all of whom were either big giants or small giants, including forces from the three camps.

"Moon Worship Religious Sect is here to meet the headmaster of the Heavenly Palace."

"Headmaster Wanyue from Divine Pond Holy Land is here in person."

These forces introduced themselves. They wanted to see the headmaster of the Heavenly Palace, namely, Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's practicing body was thinking about Black Yellow Elixirs. He did not expect so many people to visit him all of a sudden. And he found these forces were from management of the three academies!

Why are they here now?

Jiang Chen knew the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts would want to give him a hard time, but, considering they would not collaborate, he had not taken them too seriously.

Are they…?

Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He had a hunch that something bad was going to happen.

The Black Yellow Gas was only found half a day ago. Then all of the rulers of the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts were suddenly here. It could not be just a coincidence. Tempted by interests that the Black Yellow Gas could bring, the three academies might collaborate. They could bring the Ancient Race in on this too. Then the Heavenly Palace would need to resist the entire Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. Jiang Chen and Wu Ming came to the periphery of the divine tree to meet the team.

It was eye-opening for Jiang Chen. He had never seen so many Martial Emperors or Martial Arts Saints together.

"Seniors, what's the matter?" Jiang Chen was quite polite to them. He could be persuaded by reason, but not be cowed by force. These people had come here to visit him. Although they were arrogant, they had not broken any rules.

As soon as Jiang Chen finished speaking, several people in the team spoke at the same time. It was extremely noisy. Jiang Chen roughly could discern that it was about the Black Yellow Gas. His assumption was hence confirmed.

"Guys, please select a delegate who can speak on behalf of your camps. We can hear nothing at the moment," Wu Ming said.

Not until then did the big team quiet down. After some discussions, three Martial Arts Saints flew over. They were all seniors with a great reputation in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. All of them had high positions in the three academies.

"Jiang Chen, we've heard that you found abundant Black Yellow Gas on the Divine Prison Continent. You won't deny this, will you?" A grey-haired old man standing on the right said. He called Jiang Chen by his name. And his tone sounded pretty arrogant. He obviously looked down on the Heavenly Palace.

"No, I won't. But the Black Yellow Gas was found by me. And it belongs to the Heavenly Palace," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"The Black Yellow Gas belongs to the Divine Prison Continent, and you have nothing to do with this continent," the old man said angrily.

"I've never heard that the Divine Prison Continent belonged to anyone. However, now that the Heavenly Palace has been founded here, this continent belongs to the Heavenly Palace," said Jiang Chen.

"What Heavenly Palace? Do you have anyone else in your force except you and your master? Have you ever heard of a sanctity-level continent occupied by a Star Venerable?" the old man asked in a sarcastic voice. His words made many people laugh.

Jiang Chen was strong. He would have a great future. This was for sure. However, he chose to found a new force to compete with the strongest people. It was natural for others to laugh at him for his overconfidence.

"So, are you here to declare war on me? On behalf of the Academy of Divine Honor?" Jiang Chen did not argue with him. He shrugged his shoulders. Then a high tower rose behind him.

All of a sudden, everyone stopped laughing. The old man was even freaked out. He was about to retreat when he realized he was under the gaze of so many people. He had to confront it.

"I'm the vice headmaster of the Academy of Divine Honor and the headmaster of the giant Heaven Sea Gang! If you dare lay a finger on me, the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts will be in turmoil!" The old man threatened him.

"Yes? Then from now on, the Heaven Sea Gang won't have any headmaster anymore."

The Devil Slaughter Tower had been ready when Jiang Chen finished speaking. Its black blade was falling.

Click. The blade arrived at the bottom and gave off a loud sound. The headmaster of the Heaven Sea Gang froze. Just like in the death of that Wizard Emperor, a thin line showed up on his neck, and then blood oozed out. His head and his body were separated.

Everyone was exclaiming. The other two delegates retreated right away.

"Jiang Chen, you are going against the entire Realm of Heaven Martial Arts!" A member of the Academy of Divine Honor shouted.

"Anyone who intends to deny the existence of the Heavenly Palace and refuses to recognize the Divine Prison Continent as the spiritual land of the Heavenly Palace will be my enemy." Jiang Chen did not flinch. On the contrary, he shouted loudly, "If you want to negotiate with me, you must admit these two things first."

The team was in chaos for a good while. The delegates of the Land of Abundance and the Sacred Martial Arts came forward again. "You mean you are willing to give us the Black Yellow Gas?" They asked the most important question.

Everyone was staring at Jiang Chen, waiting for his answer. "No, I'm not giving it to you, but I will do business with you."


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