The Brilliant Fighting Master
1226 The Battle of Sacred Spirits
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1226 The Battle of Sacred Spirits

The Heavenly Palace was officially founded 14 days later. It was built not on the ground, but at a high altitude. Thanks to the Divine Tree of Creatures, a nine-layered cloud platform held the golden-roofed palace up. No matter who visited, he or she would be amazed by its intricate design. However, under this splendid surface, the Heavenly Palace still lacked a complete team that could make the organization function.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was not worried about that at all. After deploying the defending grand formation, he focused on practice again. Wu Ming would be the one in charge of the development of the Heavenly Palace's organization and functionality. Jiang Chen would just offer some thoughts and techniques.

This day, at the periphery of the divine tree, Jiang Chen was in a desperate fight with a fierce beast. It could be said that he was carrying out the reclaiming task alone, but, in fact, he was just practicing. His state had leveled up a lot during the banquet. Although he had proved to the world how strong he was in those consecutive desperate fights, he still could not do everything in the way he wanted easily. Jiang Chen, a perfectionist, was not happy with that.

"Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud!"

"Universal Wind and Thunder, An Extreme Sword of Wind!"

At the moment, Jiang Chen preferred the combination of wind and thunder to that of wind and fire. The blade of wind and thunder had an enchanting magic. Wherever the blade was pointed, it could devastate anything solid. However, the fierce beast was not killed after getting a solid strike from it. Instead, the beast was irritated.

"This is a Golden-Horned Magic Rhino. Its defending ability is super-strong. It would even take Martial Emperors a good while to kill them." The divine tree told him. As long as it wanted, the divine tree could get information on all the fierce beasts living in the Divine Prison Continent. However, the divine tree would not do that. It was a Sacred Spirit. It would not allow itself to be used as others' killing weapons. That being said, it would not stop Jiang Chen from killing.

The Golden-Horned Magic Rhino looked like a hill. Its skin was as hard as dark steel. Neither water nor fire could hurt it. It trampled the ground heavily with its front legs. The ground quaked, and the mountains around it shook. Gravel was sent flying into the air. But,unfortunately, this fierce beast had the weakness that most fierce beasts had. It could not fly.

However, Golden-Horned Magic Rhinos did have countermeasures to deal with the enemy in the air. That curved and pointed golden horn had some primordial pattern of the universe on it. It contained an infinite power. The rhino pointed the golden horn at Jiang Chen, who was in the air, intentionally or unintentionally. Without giving him any time to react, it emitted a beam of light. The beam of light exploded in the air like fireworks before reaching its target. Electric arcs filled the sky. They formed a giant net that trapped Jiang Chen inside.

Jiang Chen felt a tingling in his entire body. His Constellation Sea was restricted by a peculiar energy. Unable to keep flying anymore, he fell straight down. Fortunately, since he was in a fight, he had not been at a high altitude. As soon as he made contact with the ground, he ejected a fire pillar against the ground. In this way, he landed slowly and steadily. However, before he could feel relieved, the ground underfoot started to quake. A giant figure was charging toward him.

Jiang Chen drew the Red Cloud Sword out. The sword radiance of wind and fire transformed into a sea. But he still failed to stop that figure. Jiang Chen had no alternative but to use the Solar Golden Flame. Not until then did painful screams come out of the sea of fire.

However, it sounded full of anger! The ground quaked even more violently. A burning Golden-Horned Magic Rhino dashed over. At his wits' end, Jiang Chen took his swords back. He extended his hands instead.

At the same time, a golden light was shining on him. He became a golden man. Facing the Golden-Horned Magic Rhino's bump, he grasped its golden horn with his hands. The terribly strong power did not shatter him. Only the ground underfoot was sinking.

Being blocked, the Golden-Horned Magic Rhino's giant body staggered. It got up on its hind legs. Jiang Chen roared while going all out. He flung the magic rhino away. The rhino weighed thousands of pounds. It was sent flying more than 3,000 feet into the air. Then it fell straight down and created a giant crater on the ground.

Jiang Chen came up to the crater and found the magic rhino was already dead. No matter how hard its skin was, its internal organs would still be shattered.

Jiang Chen took the force of the heavens back. He seemed to be pondering on something. He had mastered many kinds of forces. They seemed to be redundant, but, in fact, he could deal with all kinds of situations with them. Then Jiang Chen found the den of the Golden-Horned Magic Rhino.

Before he used the Eye of Heaven to search, the bronze cauldron he was carrying reacted to something. Jiang Chen naturally thought it was a fragment to which the bronze cauldron was reacting, but it turned out to be a false lead.

The origin of the Black Yellow Gas?! His heart was beating insanely fast. He could hardly believe it. He dug a hole about 1,000 feet deep. Then the Black Yellow Gas gushed out in the shape of a pillar. Jiang Chen burst out laughing. The Divine Prison Continent had given him an unexpectedly huge surprise. Judging from the disturbance, there must be a great amount of Black Yellow Gas underground.

Using Yue'e's method, he did not have to worry about the bronze cauldron anymore. "You can refine Black Yellow Elixirs with the Black Yellow Gas and some spiritual herbs. They are very useful." Yue'e, in the Painting of the Heavenly Palace, told him when he told her about his discovery. It was the first time Jiang Chen had heard about such an elixir. He was puzzled for a while. Then he realized it could be an elixir that existed only in preliterate times.

"What is its class according to the current classification for elixirs?" Jiang Chen asked, while taking an immortal elixir out as an example.

"It doesn't have any class." Yue'e told him it could not be classified. It turned out the current elixirs were used either for breakthrough or practice. However, Black Yellow Elixirs could be used for both. More than that, they could help recover practitioners' fighting power in a very short time.

Jiang Chen's Constellation Sea had a vast energy. His fighting power seemed to be endless. However, there was only one human divine body. Jiang Chen felt puzzled after learning that. He did not think an elixir that could used for everything like this one would have a good effect.

Yue'e knew what was puzzling him. She did not speak, but took out a Black Yellow Elixir directly. Jiang Chen observed it for a while from the view of an alchemist. He looked serious. Then he swallowed it.

After a while, he asked excitedly, "What's the success rate of refining Black Yellow Elixirs?"

"A liter of Black Yellow Gas can be used to refine hundreds of Black Yellow Elixirs."

"Gosh." Jiang Chen was shocked. He immediately realized how powerful Black Yellow Elixir was. As long as he could mass-produce it, none of the popular elixirs in the current Nine Realms could compete with it.

Then, Jiang Chen took the essence blood and the meat of the Golden-Horned Magic Rhino back excitedly. He gave them to the Gaos and the Jiangs. A powerful fierce beast like this was as valuable as an immortal elixir, which every young disciple would crave.

At this moment, the divine tree told him some important news. "The Divine Prison Continent will soon have some invaders. They will start from the divine tree and try to kick you out of here." Jiang Chen immediately realized how serious the situation was.

"In the Nine Realms, many Sacred Spirits have matured to resist the upcoming disaster brought by the Blood Race. Each Sacred Spirit is going to find its own Sacred Lord."

"You are the Sacred Lord of the Divine Tree of Creatures. However, Sacred Lords of other Sacred Spirits will claim you are not qualified and try to get rid of you." Jiang Chen frowned. He had even defeated the strongest warrior of the Wizard Race. Who else would have the nerve to challenge him?

"It won't be a battle among youngsters this time, but one among Sacred Lords, regardless of age and state," said the Divine Tree of Creatures. It meant the enemies Jiang Chen would confront were all above Martial Emperors when they were not using any external force. However, Jiang Chen had doubts too. Why didn't those Sacred Lords show up at the banquet?

"Sacred Spirits can't be forced before we choose our Sacred Lords out of our own free will. However, once we make the choice, we'll also participate in the battle of Sacred Spirits," explained the Divine Tree of Creatures.

"How much time do I have?" Jiang Chen asked the most important question without beating around the bush.

"It will depend on your choice."

The Divine Tree of Creatures gave him an ambiguous answer.


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