The Brilliant Fighting Master
1224 The Secret of the Sacred Zone
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1224 The Secret of the Sacred Zone

It is okay to seek revenge against an enemy. However, it would be a shame if any innocent people got hurt. And there is zero tolerance toward someone who tries to seek revenge by hurting the enemy's family. Anyone who did that would be shunned. However, after learning how much the Wizard Race had lost, people decided to acquiesce to their behavior. It was bad enough for them to lose Ji Yuan—not to mention all the other strong Wizards who were killed.

Numerous people were paying attention to the divine tree, wondering whether Jiang Chen would fall into their trap and leave its protection. However, no one had entered or left the Divine Prison Continent during this whole time.

"The Wizard Race is on their way to the Realm of Nine Heavens. They are going to kill your entire family." Some of Jiang Chen's enemies shouted this outside the divine tree with a vicious intent.

"Are you going to see your whole family get killed and do nothing?"

Seeing the divine tree remain quiet and getting no answers, some of these people started to pour fuel on the fire. All of a sudden, a twig flew out at lightning speed. The seemingly soft twig pierced through the troublemakers one after another, as if making sugar-coated apples on a stick.

The remaining people had to retreat quickly, scared to death, in order to avoid the divine tree's attack. They started the annoying trash talk again when they were sure they were safe.

"Yeah, lord it over us here. Your family will be eliminated soon!" Much to their disappointment, Jiang Chen didn't show up.


When the whole world thought Jiang Chen was not going to do anything about it, news came from the Realm of Nine Heavens. The Wizard Race could not find Jiang Chen's family. All of Jiang Chen's clansmen were living in a place called the Hundred Thousand Mountains. It was located in the Fire Field of the Realm of Nine Heavens. However, when the Wizard Race arrived, ready to slaughter everyone in the place, they found no one there. Even the Natural Law School, located not far away from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, was dismissed. All of its important members disappeared.

Of course, there were still many of Jiang Chen's acquaintances in the Realm of Nine Heavens, for example, in the Sacred Institute of the Dragon Field. But the Wizard Race just gave up because they could not afford to lose face to the extent that they were reduced to killing acquaintances of Jiang Chen.

"What the Wizard Race had just done, the Heavenly Palace will do the same to pay them back one day." Jiang Chen's voice finally could be heard from the Divine Tree of Creatures.

Some strong people found that there were countless new energies in the divine tree, but none of them was very strong.

"Jiang Chen brought his family here in advance?" This was what occurred to people when the news had spread about the new energies in the divine tree.

The thing was, when did Jiang Chen do that?

Had he started to prepare for that even before the banquet?

It sounded reasonable, but no one thought it possible.

"Jiang Chen has a transmission formation that can span the plane channels." The Wizard Race team disclosed this truth after their return. They found traces of the transmission formation in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

"This Jiang Chen has lots of tricks up his sleeve!"

"It's impossible for the Wizard Race to get revenge on him."

"Did you hear what Jiang Chen said? He will slaughter the Wizard Race."

Over the days following the banquet, the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts had not been quiet. Many people stayed up late to follow the up-to-date news. But it was disappointing that the Wizard Race had not created any disturbances since they had returned. 

Some people saw from a distance that there were construction puppets working at the Divine Tree of Creatures.

"Looks like Jiang Chen is determined." People realized that Jiang Chen was really going to found a force. At the center of the divine tree, Jiang Chen's clansmen who had been brought here were staying on the flat ground. They were quite emotional. Some of them were startled, but more people were thrilled.

"There are many more spirits of the universe here than in the Realm of Nine Heavens."

Countless people were breathing in and out greedily. From the Realm of Nine Heavens to the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts, they had travelled across six planes worlds in a row. They all felt they had had a meteoric rise.

"Grandpa, let's build the Jiangs' clan land here," said Jiang Chen.

The vigorous old man certainly agreed. As steadfast as he was after living for so many years in the world, his hands were still trembling when facing such a big change. "The Jiangs wouldn't have achieved what we've achieved today without you, even if we spent hundreds of years working for it." The old man was quite honest.

The Divine Prison Continent was a sanctity-level continent. There were abundant resources here. If the Jiangs' disciples could practice here, they would make much greater progress at a faster speed than before.

Then Jiang Chen went to see his mother, Gao Yue, and the family of her parents. As an aristocratic family with the inheritance of the celestial phoenix, they were much calmer in the face of the new change than many of the Jiangs. Even so, their eyes still lit up. "The Divine Prison Continent is big enough to hold the Jiangs and the Gaos."

That was Jiang Chen's plan. He was not going to make the two families a part of the Heavenly Palace. The Heavenly Palace was what he had pinned his hopes on. If the two families also became a part of it, it would become a complicated family business. He did not want to see that happen.

As for the staff of the Natural Law School, he could take them or leave them. Jiang Chen had taken them here to shelter them. When the risk had been removed, as the leader of the school, he would decide whether they should go back to the Realm of Nine Heavens or stay in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts to have adventures.

"Kid, you've done a lot. We are nothing else but a burden for you." Jiang Chen's maternal grandfather had learned about the current situation. Outsiders only knew that Jiang Chen had been striving on his own without any support, but they did not know how helpless and ashamed his family were because they could not offer him any help. That being said, when Jiang Chen was still very weak, the two families did the best they could do.

"Son, where is your father?" Grasping her son's arm, Gao Yue was very anxious. She had a hunch since she did not see her husband here.

"Mother, I'm useless." Jiang Chen lowered his head with guilt. He looked very sad.

Gao Yue instantly collapsed. She was as pale as a ghost. When she was about to cry, a figure showed up like the wind and took her into his arms. "You naughty boy. How dare you let my wife suffer?"

Jiang Qingyu cursed him with a smile. The middle-aged man still looked elegant and handsome. Jiang Chen's smile was awkward and he didn't dare speak.

Gao Yue came to understand what had happened. She blamed him in a gentle voice, "Son, you freaked me out."

The sight of the happy family made the others all leave their uneasiness behind. Later, Jiang Chen left to give his parents some time to be alone. He came out onto the top of the divine tree.

"Thank you for your fruit," said Jiang Chen.

"My pleasure." The divine tree responded quickly. Despite the lack of the Tower of the God of Longevity, Jiang Qingyu came back to life thanks to the Creature Fruit of the divine tree. In this way, what had bothered Jiang Chen for a long time was finally resolved. Certainly, there was only one Creature Fruit in the world. It could save anyone's life, either Jiang Qingyu's or anyone else. If others knew it had been used to save someone as insignificant as Jiang Qingyu, they would absolutely say it had been wasted. However, if anyone had the nerve to say this in front of Jiang Chen, he would certainly unsheathe his sword and want to fight that person.

"Now, please tell me what has happened in the Sacred Zone. Is it related to the upcoming catastrophe?" Then Jiang Chen asked about the thing he cared most about.

"I know everything you want to know. The thing is, are you ready to know it?" the divine tree answered.

"Yes, I am," Jiang Chen replied immediately.

"Okay. Sit tight."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》