The Brilliant Fighting Master
1223 The Revenge of the Wizard Race
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1223 The Revenge of the Wizard Race

The roots of the Divine Tree of Creatures almost extended to every inch of the land of the Divine Prison Continent. However, the tree branches were quite sparse, especially at the periphery. The fierce beasts that had been scared into escaping returned to their dens again.

At the center of the divine tree, Jiang Chen gathered with those who had not left. Shangguan Ru and Han Cong'er were leaving, but Jiang Chen stopped them. "The Western School and the Ancient Race will probably try to get revenge against you on your way home. I'll send you back," said Jiang Chen.

"We don't want to give you so much trouble." The two women thought Jiang Chen was going to escort them back in person.

"No trouble at all." To their surprise, Jiang Chen deployed a portal connected to the Shangguans.

"You've prepared for it." Deploying a portal would need techniques and some necessary materials. The practicing body Luo Cheng had prepared these things.

"The three academies aren't going to allow you to do this. The name of your force is especially a problem. It's too high-profile," Shangguan Ru said to him through holy awareness before leaving.

The Divine Tree of Creatures and the Heavenly Palace had given too much information away. Jiang Chen did not say anything. He just nodded.

After the two women had left, Jiang Chen saw Xie Ting out. "If the chamber of commerce still wants to collaborate with me, the Heavenly Palace would be delighted," said Jiang Chen.

"I'll pass your message on to the chamber of commerce." Xie Ting had not gotten used to the identity change of Master Luo Cheng yet. She looked a bit awkward.

Besides the three women, quite a few other people were still there: the Saint of All Beginnings, Lin Tian, and Lin Tianjian. And of course, Lin Yu, who would absolutely stay.

"You have to choose one of them to resist the pressure of the other two," the Saint of All Beginnings said to him.

"I've thought about it."

The two had had a fight in the Three Middle Realms, but they did not have any friendship with each other. She was now a Martial Emperor. Her fighting power had surpassed Jiang Chen's, certainly, only in terms of state.

"The competition among the three academies is also the competition of the three great forces in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts," said Lin Tian. Exchanging a look, he and the saint left.

"Is your sword doctrine predominant over the Eternal Doctrine of Sword?" That was the only thing Lin Tianjian wanted to figure out.

"My sword doctrine is predominant over everything in the world," said Jiang Chen.

His words made Lin Tianjian tremble and gasp. Then he flew away with the other disciples of the Sword Tower.

"Thank you, senior. You helped me several times today." Jiang Chen lifted his head to express his gratitude to the vice headmaster of Yaoguang.

"You would have been doing great even without me," the vice headmaster of Yaoguang answered. It sounded like a reproach, but, in fact, it was just an objective statement. This vice headmaster was a martial arts geek. He did not know too much about the ways of the world. "I've completed my mission. I'm going back." The Yaoguang Holy Land had promised to offer protection to Master Luo Cheng so that he could stay safe during the banquet. Despite some accidents, it had ended up well.

Jiang Chen saw the vice headmaster out. Then he returned to the center of the Divine Tree of Creatures.

"Are you ready to do something great?" Looking at the expectant Lin Yu, Jiang Chen asked with a smile.


At the same time, everything that had happened at the banquet spread across the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. It took less than two hours for the sanctity-level, the heaven-level, and the spirit-level continents to be informed of the news. It had nothing to do with communication channels. It was only because anything that happened concerning the banquet was fodder for gossip. The guests had been telling the outside world what had been happening in the banquet even before it ended. Someone even recorded the whole banquet with recording reels, which was quite commendable. Then he sold the recordings at a high price. Its price broke the record among commodities of the same type. And the demand was still greater than the supply.

It was mainly because the hearsay sounded too absurd—such as that Master Luo Cheng was Jiang Chen's practicing body; Jiang Chen had become the strongest man among all races; Jiang Chen had killed the dual-pupils wielder Ji Yuan; more shockingly, Jiang Chen killed a Wizard Emperor who was as great as a Martial Arts Saint; and ten-odd strong warriors died in the Divine Tree of Creatures.

Each of these nuggets could take the world by storm. But then they came all together. There was too much information. People could not help but feel suspicious. However, when they gathered together and played the recording reel, they realized everything was d*mn real!

That was how everyone was feeling.

How could such absurd things be real?

Feeling shocked, they could hardly believe it.

"How on earth did this Jiang Chen become so strong? No force was willing to train him."

Some jealous people could not figure it out. He defeated Ji Yuan despite the lack of resources.

"It's not that no force was willing to train Jiang Chen. In fact, no force is qualified to train him."

However, Jiang Chen also won some admirers. When they saw Jiang Chen frustrate all of the Ancients and avenge the human beings in the recording, they felt hot-blooded and proud.

"Gorgeous. He is too gorgeous."

Seeing Jiang Chen kill Ji Yuan's false selves again and again and finally kill the true self with a palm attack, most people's breaths were taken away.

"This man has great luck."

Then people saw the Devil Slaughter Tower, the thing that could be compared to an immortal weapon. Some people even thought it was a holy weapon.

"It must be the Invincible God of War's inheritance."

It was not simply by luck that Jiang Chen had gotten such a treasure. It was also because of his performance in the Title Battle held in the Three Middle Realms.

"But why is this Jiang Chen so impulsive every time?" Some people were puzzled about that.

Jiang Chen became the strongest man among all races. He owned the Divine Tree of Creatures. Wherever he went, he would be the center of attention. And he was also a master who literally knew everything. The three academies would absolutely try everything they could to curry favor with him. However, he had founded his own force and given it such a provocative name. He obviously wanted things to happen. He wanted to be in the firing line.

"He could have chosen to enjoy all this."

"But it's exactly because he made such a choice that he made the human divine body successful."

Some people thought Jiang Chen was stupid, while others thought him unique, and he probably would be able to make the Heavenly Palace a success. Half a day later, people started to look forward to the biggest fight ever. Neither the Wizard Race nor the three academies would allow the Heavenly Palace to exist. Besides, there were so many treasures on the Divine Tree of Creatures. How could they allow a Star Venerable to have them all? Since the new force had just been started, it was the best time to attack it.

However, soon people found there was no disturbance at all. The three academies were surprisingly quiet. Many people felt it was weird.

"Jiang Chen is not just a Star Venerable," some people realized. Jiang Chen had the ability to kill a Martial Arts Saint, and he could do it without effort. And because of the existence of the Divine Tree of Creatures, if they attacked him rashly, they would suffer a great loss.

"The Wizard Race went to the Realm of Nine Heavens!"

More shocking news arrived when people were feeling disappointed.

"The Realm of Nine Heavens? That's where Jiang Chen is from. The Wizard Race went there to avenge themselves!"

"Jiang Chen's entire family is in the Realm of Nine Heavens. Looks like many people will die."

"As far as I know, aside from Ji Yuan, the Wizard Race lost many warriors. They certainly had more value than Jiang Chen's family."

"How can you see human life this way? What matters is how people feel about each other."

"Jiang Chen will go mad."

The Wizard Race acted without thinking. When people heard the news, they had already traveled through the Three Middle Realms and arrived in the Three Lower Realms. Even if Jiang Chen went to the rescue, he would not be able to save anyone. Besides, once he left the Divine Tree of Creatures, he probably would not be able to resist the Wizard Race. That was exactly why the Wizard Race had chosen to do what they did.


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