The Brilliant Fighting Master
1222 Heavenly Palace in Heaven Martial Arts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1222 Heavenly Palace in Heaven Martial Arts

If the Wizard Emperor had not been so angry, he would have burst out laughing too. Without speaking, he threw the spear over again. This time no one would help ward it off. The spear flew toward Jiang Chen instantly, without giving him any time to react. Jiang Chen did not have the time to do anything. Then, when he was about to be shot, a tower suddenly rose before him. The tower was about 30 feet high. Around it a black fog tumbled, and purple lightning flashed all through it.

The spear hit the tower without expending the power that people had been expecting. After a solid muffled sound, the spear was sent flying. It even cracked. Its thick light became much dimmer. By comparison, the tower was in perfect condition and was still accumulating energy.

"What's that?"

Taking a closer look at it, people found it was a guillotine, on the top of which hung a sharp blade! Next to the blade, complicated and mysterious runes were carved on the black iron. When the tower had accumulated enough energy, the disturbance it created had reached a dreadful height.

Even the Wizard Emperor, who had not taken it seriously at first, was a bit shocked. However, he still despised it, because it belonged to a Star Venerable. The more powerful a legendary weapon was, the more energy it would consume. The power of the Earth-breaking Heavenly Spear depended on every individual's fighting power.

This tower might be very good at defense, but to kill him, Jiang Chen was still too weak to do that. However, he made the mistake that most people would make, which was looking down on Jiang Chen. Most of the people who had made this mistake had died.

Jiang Chen raised both his arms. The tower kept rising, as if it was Jiang Chen who was raising it. The tower was the Devil Slaughter Tower in the Heavenly Palace, which worked in concert with the Tower of the God of Longevity. Jiang Chen had finally gone through the Cloud Reaching Hall in the Heavenly Palace. He had meant to rescue his father with the Tower of the God of Longevity, but the current situation obliged him to make some adjustments to his plan. The Devil Slaughter Tower stopped rising overhead. The tumbling fog had turned to Ko clouds. Thunder was roaring. The black blade was extremely aggressive. It locked onto the Wizard Emperor's energy.

"You are just making a mystery out of things." Standing with hands behind his back, the Wizard Emperor lifted his head arrogantly. He would like to see what was so great about it.

"Strike!" Jiang Chen was giving off a luster. He looked like he was making more effort than when he was exerting a unique movement. In the end, he exerted the force successfully. Lightning flashed and thunder roared over the Devil Slaughter Tower. The black blade crashed down.


The blade fell to the bottom. The whole disturbance ended. Standing not far away from it, the Wizard Emperor was not affected at all.

After all is said and done, more is said than done. That was how people felt about it. However, something terrifying happened then. They noticed the Wizard Emperor's face was kind of stiff. The same facial expression stayed on his face. Deep in his eyes, fear was gradually showing up. Almost at the same time, a thin wound appeared on his neck. His head was falling. His head and his body were separated, as if he was a vicious criminal who had been executed. It was rather terrifying, because there was not even blood oozing from the wound. A mysterious Alien Flame burned the dead body up. It was smelted into some energy of the universe. Like just before, Jiang Chen swallowed it down.

Then some roaring sounds came from Jiang Chen's body. The essence of a Wizard Emperor was enough to make a Star Venerable's body explode. People could see Jiang Chen's body bloating, but fortunately, it went back to normal before exploding, thanks to Jiang Chen's strong divine body.

The whole place became so quiet, because no one knew what to say. Everyone opened their eyes wide.

The Wizard Emperor, a Martial Arts Saint, just died this way?! 


Many people rubbed their eyes, thinking they had seen it wrong. It was insane. The Devil Slaughter Tower had never approached the Wizard Emperor. It simply locked onto his energy.

"Is this an immortal weapon?!"

The arrogance of the strongmen protecting the geniuses in the dark was all gone. They could not be too careful, because the Devil Slaughter Tower did not disappear after the killing. It was still floating in the air. The fallen black blade arose slowly again to reach the top. The fog started to tumble.

Except that the Wizard Emperor had disappeared from the world, nothing seemed to have happened.

"Anyone who shows no respect to Wizard warriors will end up dying tragically."

However, Jiang Chen threw the dumbfounded Wizards there a glance. He said coldly, "And you, you've shown no respect to the human divine body. Your crime is unforgivable." As soon as he finished speaking, the vines entangling the Wizard warriors made an effort and dragged the ten-odd Martial Emperors and Half-Saints into the depths of the divine tree. All people could hear were some tragic screams.

Soon, it started raining blood.

Seeing this, all the other Wizards turned pale.

"Does Jiang Chen own the Divine Tree of Creatures now?"

"The Wizard Race has been greatly weakened. So many of their warriors died for nothing."

"This Jiang Chen is really a jinx! Whoever offends him won't have any good ending."

The blood rain woke those people up. The other Wizards really felt lucky that Jiang Chen did not kill all of them. He did not even throw them another glance. Looking toward those Ancients, he said, "You can bring it on together if you don't admit your defeat."

Bring it on together?

The arrogant Ancients were struck dumb. They flew into a rage when they had realized what Jiang Chen meant. Jiang Chen was going to challenge all of the Ancient geniuses at the same time. His undisguised scorn really irritated them. However, their anger was soon extinguished by helplessness. Jiang Chen's fighting power was now several times stronger than when he had killed Ji Yuan. Even if all of the races fought together, they would not be a match for him. Not to mention the Ancient Race alone.

"He is the strongest among all races!"

"The human divine body has gotten mature!"

"Poor thing. You're so weak."

Seeing no Ancient had the nerve to come forward, Jiang Chen mocked them cruelly. Then he looked toward the Human Race. His look made all of the human youngsters nervous. Under his gaze, they threw their shoulders out.

"I, Jiang Chen, announce the founding of the Heavenly Palace here today. The Divine Prison Continent will be its spiritual land. The Divine Tree of Creatures will be its heavenly gate. I don't need the recognition of the three academies. Neither do I belong to any camp. Whoever is unhappy with me can challenge me!" He said everything clearly and firmly. He knew what he was saying. He was provoking the whole Realm of Heaven Martial Arts! The three academies had been in a domineering position for 100 years. They certainly would not allow Jiang Chen to do whatever he wanted.


After Jiang Chen finished speaking, people heard noises coming from under the ground. The Divine Tree of Creatures was transforming. It was taking up more and more space.

"What's going on?!"

"It's the divine tree. It's transforming. The divine tree is going to occupy the whole Divine Prison Continent!"

If overlooking the land from the outside, people would see the Divine Tree of Creatures expanding continuously. Wherever it passed, fierce animals, no matter how ferocious they were, would be obliged to escape. After such a change, the interior of the Divine Tree of Creatures became extremely spacious.

The Heavenly Palace was officially established this day.

The guests of this day's banquet left the Divine Tree of Creatures and made their way home in many different directions. They all looked quite stern. Especially the Wizard Race—they were all disheartened, with a blank look on their faces. They had put a lot of time and effort into holding the banquet. However, everything they had done turned out to be in vain. It was someone else who benefited from all of their efforts.


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