The Brilliant Fighting Master
1221 To Kill the Wizard Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1221 To Kill the Wizard Emperor

As soon as the golden palm appeared, everything in the world seemed to be so small. The palm print had countless lines in it. If anyone gazed at it, he or she would find the lines contained in the print were boundless. The palm print seemed to have the whole world inside it! Only with superb Buddhist attainments could one establish a Buddhist country on his palm.

Ji Yuan, although in his prime, could do nothing about this palm. He could not ignore it either. The six hands discarded the sharp swords and extended in a tough manner, trying to ward the palm off. However, it did not work at all. People just heard a series of noises. The palm print turned into such a dazzling Buddha's light that people could not even open their eyes. They could not help but extend their arms, as if in this way they could ward off the light. They felt extremely disturbed.

When the Buddha's light disappeared, they looked toward the battlefield right away. The majestic Ji Yuan looked quite disgraceful. The armor that had covered his entire body was completely broken. His upper body was naked and bleeding. Even his ribs had pierced through the skin.

Ah! The Wizards paused a few seconds before screaming. When they were just about to do something about it, a figure showed up next to Ji Yuan. It was Jiang Chen! He was also heavily injured, but he did not fall. Looking down at Ji Yuan, who was lying on the ground, he lifted one leg and then stomped on the latter's chest. Ji Yuan moaned in pain. He had regained consciousness to a great extent. His look became sharp. However, when Jiang Chen had stomped on him again with just a little bit more effort, the pain made his eyes again bleary and he writhed in agony.

Meanwhile, people noticed the Heavenly Fault Sword Jiang Chen was holding.

"Is he…?" At the thought of that possibility, the Wizard Race could not sit still anymore. Instantly, ten-odd Martial Emperors and two Half-Saints appeared next to Jiang Chen.

"He has won. Let go of him!" One of the Half-Saints of the Wizard Race shouted in a loud voice.

"Oh?" A cold smile pulled up the corners of Jiang Chen's lips. Fierce flames were emitted from his soles. They were not usual flames. It was the Solar Golden Flame plus the Sky-burning Evil Flame. Ji Yuan, the strongest man among all the races, only had the time to scream once more before he was completely smelted.

"Will you show up again this time?" Jiang Chen shouted at the sky. Then he swallowed the energy he had gotten from the smelted Ji Yuan.

Aaaah! It happened too fast. It was beyond everyone's expectations. The Wizard Race were all screaming tragically.

"Kill!" The strong Wizards were so pressed that they became totally insane.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, whoever comes near me will die." Jiang Chen burst out laughing. His Thunderbolt Martial Soul formed a sea of thunders. At the same time, threatening thunderbolts came from overhead.

"Is he going to go through another Ko? It's already the third of today!"

Many people were petrified. They felt like the things that had happened this day were repeating themselves again and again. Like Jiang Chen going through Kos, his practicing bodies, and Ji Yuan's false selves. This time Jiang Chen did not go out. He stayed in the Divine Tree of Creatures. But the divine tree knew what he wanted. It did not offer him any help.

"A Star Venerable will go through a Ko. It's nothing dreadful."

The Half-Saints of the Wizard Race were so angry that they gave the order to attack despite the Ko. However, lightning fell as soon as they got closer. It struck a Wizard warrior, who was a Martial Emperor. He screamed and died right away. The other Wizard warriors were so scared that they kept retreating. The Half-Saints did not have the nerve to give another order.

"Ask the Wizard Emperor for help!"

"Block this place. No one is allowed to come or go!"

However, the Wizard Race was not going to do nothing. They would have to wait until the end of the Ko of Thunder. Not until then did the onlookers come to themselves.

"Notify the people back home what's happening here. Tell them to bring reinforcements to help the divine body!"

"The divine body is the pride of the Human Race. We can't let him die here!"

"Darn it. There is no response."

The humans were acting actively, but their forces, where were very far away, could not receive the signals they had sent. And quite a few forces were even happy with the current situation. The humans came to realize that the Ancient Race was not the only one who hated Jiang Chen. He had quite a few enemies in the three camps too.

"He can only rely on himself. But he has the Master Roll and the protection of the vice headmaster of the Yaoguang Holy Land. He should be fine."

Fortunately, Jiang Chen still had the identity as Master Luo Cheng. However, at this moment, a pressure appeared, under which people could not even breathe. It was not aimed at a certain person. Everyone there was having the same feeling, regardless of strength or state.

"A Martial Arts Saint has come in person!"

The Wizard Emperor that the Wizard Race had invited was not a Martial Emperor in the human state system! He even seemed to be one of the best among Martial Arts Saints. Soon, people saw the Wizard Emperor. He had the typical features that the Wizard warriors had. He was tall and mighty, with a square face. Below his thick eyebrows was a pair of angry eyes. He obviously had learned about Ji Yuan's tragic death! It was an unbearable loss for the Wizard Race.

"It's unforgivable!"

He was gazing at the sea of thunder on the battlefield, which was being struck by thunderbolts from the sky. It was not enough for him. He waved his giant hand, and a thin spear appeared in his hand. Aiming at the center of the sea of thunder, he threw the spear over with effort.

"Earth-breaking Heavenly Spear!"

Everyone was shocked when they recognized the spear. It could be described as one of the most valuable treasures the Wizard Race had. It could even kill a Martial Arts Saint when he or she was not fully prepared. The Earth-breaking Heavenly Spear could be damaged in the sea of thunder, but it was no longer a concern for the Wizard Race. They were determined to kill Jiang Chen.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Meanwhile, nine whooshes came in a row. Nine light beams flew over one after another. They all hit against the spear. The light beams were dark gold arrows. The first eight were all sent flying. However, the ninth hit the Earth-breaking Heavenly Spear out and away successfully before it could enter the sea of thunder.

"Nine Stars Shoot the Sun! Among the theurgies created by the Goddess of Empyrean, its power could be ranked in the top three!"

"It's said if this theurgy is exerted through the First Bow, even the sun will be shot!"

This time the Human Race recognized the method before the Ancient Race did, because it was a human who had exerted it. He was the vice headmaster of the Yaoguang Holy Land. His task was to protect Master Luo Cheng, namely, the current Jiang Chen. The vice headmaster looked pretty valiant. He was wearing boots and an iron armor. The most eye-catching thing on him was the bow in his hand.

"Does the Yaoguang Holy Land want to declare war on the Wizard Race?" The Wizard Emperor took the spear back in fury, staring at the vice headmaster coldly.

The vice headmaster did not answer. He looked as resolute as he had been at the beginning.

"You won't be able to protect him today!" The Wizard Emperor was not bluffing. The other Martial Emperors and Half-Saints of the Wizard Race all flew over toward him.

All of a sudden, a deafening sound came from the sea of thunder. The Ko clouds in the sky were vanishing.

"He succeeded again. And his speed is getting faster and faster!" People knew this meant Jiang Chen had gone through the Ko successfully. The sea of thunder started to disappear. The Wizard Emperor was extremely aggressive. He brandished his spear again.

The vice headmaster put an arrow on the string. However, before he could get a full draw of the bowstring, he was attacked by a group of Wizard warriors. Seeing a legendary person in danger, the Divine Tree of Creatures came to the rescue. Its slim elegant vines fell to freeze all of the Wizard warriors.

"The Divine Tree of Creatures is helping Jiang Chen!" People were really shocked. They had thought the divine tree was on the Wizard Race's side.

"Anyone who goes against me today will die."

"You will die too."

The most shocking thing was what Jiang Chen said when he had showed up from the sea of thunder, because he said it toward the Wizard Emperor. He was going to kill the Wizard Emperor! He had gone through the Ko successfully and had become a nine-star strongman, but there was still a huge gap between him and one of the best Martial Arts Saints. However, Jiang Chen sounded serious. At the thought of his old heroic deeds, some people really started to look forward to witnessing another miracle.

When these people had realized what was on their minds, they were so scared that they could not help but call themselves nuts.


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