The Brilliant Fighting Master
1217 Three Heads and Six Arms
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1217 Three Heads and Six Arms

Every time a divine body achieved a breakthrough, it faced a terrifying Lightning Tribulation and could die at any moment. However, if such an event were observed from another perspective, it would seem that a divine body was powerful just because it had to endure many Lightning Tribulations, one after the other.

After fifteen minutes had passed, the disturbance outside died down, and they couldn't hear thunder rolls any longer. When the black clouds started to scatter, Jiang Chen went back to the Fortune Divine Tree. The crowd could feel a shocking aura closing in on them before Jiang Chen had even gone to the battlefield. It was only after they saw Jiang Chen that they ascertained that this aura emanated from him. The energy was really overpowering, and people who didn't know him almost assumed that he was actually a Desolate Ferocious Beast.

Jiang Chen was tall and slim, and he even seemed slightly too thin. He was wearing a set of black clothes and carried himself with a sharp, confident air. At that moment, there was no unusual phenomena taking place around Jiang Chen, and he seemed quite ordinary. Still, everyone was clearly aware that Jiang Chen had been reborn once again.

"Let's fight," Jiang Chen said.

He didn't waste his breath and just stepped into the center of the battlefield. Ji Yuan also didn't stop, and he followed Jiang Chen closely. Both warriors stood facing each other, and their fighting spirit turned into a dreadful wave of pressure. The onlookers struggled to breathe. This time, Ji Yuan turned his right hand over, and a holy golden spear appeared in his hand. The pupils of many eyes in the audience contracted. Before, Ji Yuan had fought bare-handed, and he'd managed to fling away an actual dragon. But now, he was using a weapon. They didn't need to think too hard about this to realize that a great battle was about to occur.

"A human can't become the strongest among the myriad clans."

Even during a moment like this, some among the Ancient Race still didn't believe in the Human Clan's power. However, since they'd already said as much even though Jiang Chen had already put on a great show, it was obvious that they'd spoken out of spite. Accordingly, no humans paid attention to them or replied.

On the other side, Ji Yuan wasn't only using a weapon, which was not the norm for him, it even seemed like he would attack proactively. A surging power emanated from the holy golden spear in his hand, affecting the whole region. Meanwhile, his dual-pupils, which were different from ordinary peoples', moved around. All of a sudden, Ji Yuan attacked without shouting or crying. He waved his spear about, and a boundless aura emanated from it. It seemed like a demonic dragon had shattered the void. The strike gave rise to an immense wind and wreaked havoc.

"Ultimate Technique: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!"

Jiang Chen stood in the same place. It was obvious that he didn't plan to dodge the attack. He unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword, and fused with it, as the wind and lightning blustered. Thirty thousand Lightning Symbols erupted out of the sword and instantly hit Ji Yuan's holy spear.

Bang! A loud sound reverberated, and it seemed like the world would soon be destroyed. The spear shone as brightly as the scorching sun, and it emitted a golden light. It seemed like this light was about to purify the whole world!

The Wind and Lightning Sword, buried in the depths of the light, wasn't extinguished. Instead, it shone brilliantly, and its light replaced the golden light. The outcome of this contest was like the outcome of the confrontation between the lights. It was Ji Yuan who'd attacked, but he still didn't have the upper hand. He was even repelled.

A commotion rose among the audience. Such a maneuver clearly demonstrated Jiang Chen's power. One of the Dragon Clan's members, Long Fei, didn't fight against Jiang Chen, but the crowd could still use him as a measure to compare the disparity between them.

"This sword strike fused the lightning and wind perfectly. He's able to control lightning so well."

Lin Tianjian gritted his teeth, while disbelief appeared on his face. However, his expression quickly improved. He let out a breath and smiled bitterly while shaking his head. If Jiang Chen were only a little bit stronger than him, he wouldn't be willing to accept him. But now, it seemed that, if he didn't take sword techniques into account and just compared their fighting prowess, they clearly weren't on the same level.

He had experienced the same feeling previously about Ji Yuan. Since Jiang Chen was able to fight against Ji Yuan, he'd managed to subdue many hearts. However, to return to the main point, Ji Yuan was merely repelled. He wasn't injured and recuperated for less than a second before charging forward with his spear. The spear was like a dragon, while his brute power rivaled a heavenly god's. Many people witnessing this scene trembled with fear. But Jiang Chen dealt with his opponent calmly. He waved his sword around and neutralized the threat.

"Both of them are holding back."

It wasn't difficult for the crowd to figure this out.

"Is this the limit of the power of the myriad clans' strongest expert?" Jiang Chen started mocking him.

Many people became worried because it was unimaginable how scary Ji Yuan could be if angered. What happened next demonstrated that their fears weren't groundless. After Jiang Chen's words echoed, Ji Yuan didn't just become fiercer, he also used a commendable magical Technique. Ji Yuan's two hands turned into six, and two new heads grew out of his neck.

"Three hands and six arms!"

The Ancient Race recognized this technique because it was one of the Wizard Clan's famous magical techniques. This technique didn't just provide Ji Yuan with additional hands, it also increased his fighting prowess three-fold. Moreover, if his three heads and six arms coordinated well as he fought, he could wield even greater power.

"I heard that the Wizard Clan's last war god could increase his fighting prowess thirty-six-fold. I wonder what level Ji Yuan has reached?" one of the Ancient Race shouted on purpose.


The the hearts of all humans present sank. Wasn't this statement utterly outrageous and ridiculous? However, they shortly discerned that it was probably true. Ji Yuan's body transformed, and he was able to turn the tide of the battle. Jiang Chen was caught off guard. He was forced to pull out the Redcloud Sword and fight with two swords. He managed to mount a resistance by depending upon the Wind and Fire Swords Realm.

"Are you satisfied?" Ji Yuan asked.

"It doesn't amount to much," Jiang Chen snorted coldly.

"Is that the case?" Ji Yuan's other head chided mockingly.

Just after this, the holy golden spear in his hand disintegrated. The pieces turned into several small blades, one in each of the six hands.


Ji Yuan's attack style changed, and he started revolving at a high-speed like a spinning top. His six hands coordinated well. His fighting prowess started gradually rising.

"Eight! Twelve! Sixteen! It's sixteen-fold!" someone in the crowd started calculating attentively. He'd figured out the rate of advancement of Ji Yuan's power after his body transformation.

Jiang Chen, who held two swords, was now in a predicament. He was always forced to retreat, and it seemed like his defense would break at any moment. The increase in Ji Yuan's fighting prowess came to a stop once it reached sixteen-fold. But this was already a terrifying level. However, the crowd didn't assume that the battle would end because they were clearly aware that Jiang Chen wasn't at his limit.

"Lightning Disaster of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Jiang Chen didn't disappoint the crowd, and he summoned his Lightning Martial Soul. He used it along with the Boundless Sword Soul to again launch the same sword move as before.

"It's starting!"

When Master Luo Cheng had used this sword move before, he'd used it along with it a Boundless Sword Soul with a single special trait. Yet, it still exhibited great might. But now, it was used by a Boundless Sword Soul with all five special traits. It would probably possess a strength mighty enough to destroy the whole land. The sword's power quickly reached a level that wasn't any weaker than the Lightning Tribulation, and it engulfed the whole battlefield. Jiang Chen didn't bother targeting his enemy; he just fully released his power.

Rumble! As his sword fell down, Ji Yuan, who had three hands and six arms, was devoured by the lightning. He turned into a shining black blur, which was gradually erased.

"Oh my god!"

At that moment, even the Wizard Clan couldn't sit still. Even though this sword move possessed a great might, it was still too outrageous to believe that it had managed to kill Ji Yuan directly. However, when this divine might started scattering, the crowd saw that Jiang Chen was the only person left on the battlefield. Ji Yuan had disappeared.

"Is this how the strongest warrior dies?"

"Jiang Chen is really very powerful, but Ji Yuan's power shouldn't be limited to just this."

The crowd started discussing and looked around, while delight appeared on some faces. They were happy to witness such an outcome. However, as long as they observed Jiang Chen's expression, they realized that this situation wasn't as simple as it seemed. Meanwhile, familiar footsteps reverberated, and the whole audience descended into silence.


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