The Brilliant Fighting Master
1216 Eight Stars, Nine Stars
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1216 Eight Stars, Nine Stars

"Isn't he rude?" someone who found Jiang Chen's words inappropriate sniveled.

There were many heroes gathered here, and any small news would spread out across the whole world. Jiang Chen had ordered Ji Yuan to come over in front of the Wizard Clan's members. Even though this seemed awe-inspiring, it was slightly inappropriate. There was a difference between pride and arrogance. Many proud people were among the geniuses who'd ascended the stage before him. But none of them yelled at anyone or scolded. It was difficult for some people to accept Jiang Chen's actions.

"That is considered rude. It's a demonstration of Jiang Chen's character."

"If Jiang Chen didn't have any feud with Ji Yuan, it would be inappropriate for him to talk like that. But you shouldn't forget that there is a dispute between them."

Some people quickly managed to recall the quarrels between Jiang Chen and Ji Yuan. Many knew that Jiang Chen had killed Ji Hai in the Overarching Heavenly City. They didn't know about Tang Shiya's evil deeds in the Three Middle Realms, which had taken place according to Ji Yuan's plan and caused Nangong Xue's death.

This version, however, was somewhat far-fetched. But Ji Yuan had still asked Jiang Chen to hand over Ye Xue as compensation for his crimes, something no man could bear. The reasoning behind Jiang Chen's actions was clear. When they listened to his words again, they felt completely different, especially since they had already witnessed Ji Yuan's great power.

"He's really a madman!"

The crowd again recalled Jiang Chen's title. He would provoke any faction and kill anyone. However, a big issue was still before Jiang Chen: he didn't have enough golden rings yet to challenge Ji Yuan.

"You aren't qualified yet," one of the Wizard Clan's warriors reminded him.

"But I will still kill you," Ji Yuan replied rather than ignoring him.

The Wizard Clan hadn't asked Jiang Chen to come here today for them to have a battle, just to settle accounts.

"According to the rules, he must defeat Sheng Tian or Master Luo Cheng and get their golden rings."

"He has already refused to fight Sheng Tian. So, will he fight against Master Luo Cheng?"

"It's a confrontation between a Lightning Martial Soul and the Human Clan's divine body. I wonder how it will go?"

Luo Cheng heard what the crowd was saying. Then, he stood up and flew toward Jiang Chen.

"If we combine our golden rings, won't we be able to challenge him?"

Master Luo Cheng didn't plan to fight Jiang Chen, which people hadn't anticipated. For a moment, the Wizard Clan couldn't understand what he was planning, and they looked at each other in dismay.

"The rules aren't like this..." Hou Qin didn't plan to accept it.

"I choose to go to the Fortune Land's hundred layers," Sheng Tian said suddenly and interrupted her.

Now, only Jiang Chen and Luo Cheng were left. They could only fight together and weren't able to join hands any longer. Hou Qi found her in a difficult situation. This was one of the loopholes, and it wasn't up to her to decide how this matter should be handled.

"Since this is the case, come at me together." Ji Yuan didn't mind fighting against them, especially since their previous performances in the fights were still vivid in his mind.

"This is just an easy task for Ji Yuan."

"The divine body is very powerful, while a Lightning Martial Emperor is unique and peerless. However, Ji Yuan was able to fling away a true dragon. Who can rival someone with such great power?"

"Why is Jiang Chen determined to fight him?" someone expressed their doubts. They couldn't see through Jiang Chen's thoughts and plans.

"Countless years have passed, but humans are still as stupid as ever."

As the Ancient Race looked at the last two humans who would challenge Ji Yuan, they couldn't help but mock them.

"They obviously don't have enough golden rings. Yet, they still insist on fighting."

"What's the meaning of this?"

No one could let go of this idea that the humans didn't have enough golden rings. They raised difficult questions.

"Hehe." Jiang Chen and Luo Cheng didn't get it, though they had been standing next to each other for some time. Remarkably similar expressions appeared on their faces.

"There isn't any need for two people to deal with you," said Luo Cheng.

"There isn't any need for two people to deal with you," said Jiang Cheng.

To everyone's shock, Luo Cheng and Jiang Chen spoke in unison. Something similar had happened before, and it had also been related to Jiang Chen.

"Could it be...Could it be that..."

All of the clans were stunned, and a daring thought appeared in their minds. It was too outrageous and unimaginable, so they were dumbstruck. However, the situation continued to evolve in that direction even though they didn't want to believe it.

Luo Chen wasn't wearing a look befitting his steady and dignified character as a great master, and an arrogant smile appeared on his face. It was the same smile as the one stretched on Jiang Chen's face. The next second, both of them extended their right hands, put their palms together, and interlocked fingers.

"It can't be true."

"Surely, this is fake."

Luo Cheng wasn't like Lu Ping; he was a renowned and famous person. They would rather believe that Jiang Chen was a magical clone of Master Luo Cheng. But they all couldn't help but admit inwardly that Jiang Chen seemed more genuine and real than Luo Cheng. Jiang Chen wasn't like the grocery store owner, who amazed the world with a single brilliant feat. He'd started his path in the Nine Heavens Realm and had been rising ever since. He'd defied heaven, changed his fate, and walked down his path until arriving at the achievements of that day.

Shangguan Ru and Han Conger, who were in the spectator's platform, exchanged glances then lowered their heads in embarrassment. They both found this awkward. Regardless of whether they'd taken a liking to Lu Ping or the great master, they were actually the same man. This meant that the women had unknowingly ended up becoming rivals in love. Jiang Chen is really hateful, they mused.

On the other side, Master Luo Cheng turned into a radiance, which fused with Jiang Chen's body. Jiang Chen's fighting prowess increased several-fold, while another Constellation Palace inside his body was lighted. He had only become a seven-stars expert recently, yet he'd advanced into the peak of the eight-stars realm. If he wasn't restricted by the Realm's bottleneck, he might have reached the nine-stars realm.

The magical clone, Luo Cheng, wasn't like Lu Ping, who concentrated on sword techniques. He had spent a lot of time in cultivation, and this was why it wasn't strange for him to reach the seven-stars realm. After his Realm Level advancement, a Lightning Tribulation arrived once again. It was even more terrifying than the one that had occurred previously. The people in the Fortune Divine Tree felt like doomsday was descending in the outside world. This was the only place that was still safe and secure. Meanwhile, the Fortune Divine Tree started going through a transformation.

"I will deal with it by myself," Jiang Chen shouted loudly and flew out of the Fortune Divine Tree.

Last time, Jiang Chen didn't have his magical clones. But now, he'd fused with them completely, and he didn't want to depend upon others. Seeing this, the onlookers suddenly understood why Jiang Chen had been able to follow his own path until this day and achieve all this. It was because he didn't need any external assistance.

"Will he die?"

As they looked at the disturbance outside the divine tree, many people couldn't help but worry about him. As for Ji Yuan, who had already prepared himself to fight, he stood on his former place, and the crowd felt like his expression, which never changed, became solemn. It was unclear whether this was just a misperception!

"He has a divine body and is an eight-stars expert. He isn't at a disadvantage anymore when it comes to Realm Level."

"This is a divine body that has matured completely."

"It's terrifying! It's terrifying! Can a divine body at the great master-level really appear among the Human Clan?"

Everyone among the various clans gathered experienced complex emotions about this. Some hearts were quite heavy. As for the humans? They were all excited like they'd just been injected with chicken blood.

"Five special traits and a Sword Soul with five special traits. His Sword Doctrine also has a Sword Soul with five special traits."

No one had noticed that the Sword Tower's head disciple, Lin Tianjian, was beaded with sweat. He was wearing a hideous sneer. He'd quickly realized all of this because he was aware that Master Luo Cheng also had a Sword Soul with a single special trait. If it were added to the others, a Sword Soul with five special traits would be formed. Ji Yuan understood what Jiang Chen's words had meant.

"I'm inferior to him in both offense and defense." Lin Tianjian was forced to accept this reality.

 "He's a devilish genius, a thoroughly devilish genius."

The corners of Lin Tian's mouth couldn't help but twitch, and he decided to abandon his plans for Tianyin.


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