The Brilliant Fighting Master
1215 Ji Yuan, Come Over Here!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1215 Ji Yuan, Come Over Here!

After Yao Zhixuan received the Fortune Divine Tree, he recovered and went onto the battlefield. Yao Zhixuan was tall, and he wore black armor. In his hand, he gripped a Doctrine Artifact-grade precious blade. Regardless of whether this sword was his power or equipment, it was among the best.

As for Ji Yuan, he wasn't holding any weapons and wore a set of black clothes. However, his aura wasn't weaker than anyone else's. After the start of the battle was announced, Ji Yuan wore the same expression as before and floated calmly in the sky. Yao Zhixuan was now facing the myriad clans' strongest experts, which he didn't dare take lightly.

"Demonic Energy Soars into the Sky!"

From the beginning, Yao Zhixuan used the Half-demon Clan's unique secret technique, and his fighting prowess increased drastically as a result. The crowd could feel a blazing aura assaulting their faces. Just after this, a radiant orange light emanated from Yao Zhixuan's armor.


Jiang Chen's expression changed slightly. He didn't expect that this half-demon still had some cards hidden, which he hadn't used until now.

"It's an Alien Flame!"

"He hasn't used it one since the beginning."

"It's equivalent to using just two-thirds of his power."

When the other people noticed this, they were all startled and alarmed. Previously, Yao Zhixuan had displayed great power. Yet, he still hadn't even used his full power. As they thought about this, they found it outrageous. The Alien Flame used by Yao Zhixuan was quickly recognized. It was the Earth Core Demonic Flame, which was ranked 17th in the Alien Flame List. This Alien Flame was gorgeous and splendid, and the other Alien Flames couldn't rival its beauty. The Earth Core Demonic Flame surged toward the armor and the battle blade in Yao Zhixuan's hand.

"Three Realms Aflame Blade!"

Yao Zhixuan's long and narrow eyes locked on Ji Yuan, and he waved his blade at him. A half-demon like him couldn't possess a Martial Domain, but his blade's power was still able to seal off the whole battlefield. Ji Yuan wasn't able to dodge such a strike, and he could only face it head-on. However, from his current appearance, it clearly seemed that he'd never considered escaping. When facing this shocking blade strike, Ji Yuan merely extended his right hand. It was a casual movement, yet it seemed like he possessed enough power to catch shooting stars.

Ji Yuan opened his five fingers before clenching his hand, and the blade's energy, which contained the Earth Core Demonic Flame's power, was confined and sealed before it was extinguished in the next second like shattered mirrors. Yao Zhixuan's attack vanished, and his body endured a backlash. His face went pale as paper, while he spouted out a mouthful of blood.

Hiss! The crowd's mood changed drastically, and Jiang Chen's face became very grave. The power of the dual-pupils wielder, Ji Yuan, was so strong that it reached an unimaginable level. Ji Yuan didn't pay attention to Yao Zhixuan, and just took one step after another, and walked off the battlefield. Yao Zhixuan, who'd suffered a defeat in this way, endured a grave blow. His gaze, which had previously been filled with pride, was now empty and vacant.

"He's strong. He's really too strong!"

The people who'd finally managed to witness Ji Yuan's power with their own eyes now believed the rumors about him, which had spread far. Ji Yuan was the most influential expert among the myriad clans' younger generation. After this order, the remaining three people changed their minds and didn't challenge Ji Yuan. They went instead to the Fortune Land's hundred layers. The others, who still hadn't made their decision, hesitated.

"It's hopeless unless two people challenge him at once."

They all recalled the rules stated by the Wizard Clan at the beginning. They didn't find them unreasonable, but they just felt like the Wizard Clan hadn't given them enough consideration. There wasn't anyone left who was able to fight someone as strong as Ji Yuan on their own, was there?

Jiang Chen felt that the crowd's view about this had changed slightly, and he couldn't help but sneer coldly, "I will go."

At that moment, Long Fei jumped into the stage, his battle robe fluttering in the wind.

"Ji Yuan!"

Long Fei was a member of the Dragon Clan, and he loathed joining hands with someone else. He still wanted to challenge Ji Yuan alone. Ji Yuan went back to the battlefield. It didn't seem like he was fed up, and he seemed full of expectation for the fight.

"If you can't rival me, you can ask anyone here to help you," Ji Yuan said.

Long Fei's response was to curl his mouth. He was a real dragon, and a noble bloodline flowed in his veins. He would never ask someone from another clan for help. A dazzling golden light emanated from Long Fei's body. This wasn't a Buddhist Light like the one possessed by Jiang Chen; it was an extremely pure golden light.

Long Fei's body was engulfed by this golden light. Gradually, it started to change his humanoid form. The body of a dragon, which could only be seen in paintings, shortly appeared right in front of them. However, the golden light didn't vanish even after a long while had passed, and none could clearly observe him. They could, however, see that the dragon was flying upward, rushing toward Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan delivered a more proactive performance than last time. He extended both hands and held the claws of the dragon as it dove down toward him. Even more terrifying was the fact that Ji Yuan didn't step back at all. Ripples appeared on the dragon's body as it charged at him. Ji Yuan's body rotated clockwise, and he flung away the dragon, whose height had reached three hundred feet.

At that moment, the golden light disappeared, and the dragon's body changed once again. By the time they got a clear look at him, Long Fei had already recovered his humanoid appearance. Long Fei didn't seem as proud as before, like Yao Zhixuan, and it was obvious that he was flustered and exasperated. He was in a sorry state.

"He managed to find a dragon. How great are his strength and brute power?"

"It's really terrifying!"

"He wasn't any match for Ji Yuan in the Star Venerable Realm, I dare say."

The people couldn't help but acknowledge Ji Yuan's great power after his two successive performances. Now, they didn't have anything to look forward for the rest of the banquet. There wasn't any need to continue competing to determine the strongest expert because it was obviously Ji Yuan. There wasn't any more suspense left in this competition. No one was interested in who would take second or third place.

"The remaining contestants will probably choose to go into the Fortune Land's hundred layers."

As a matter of fact, that's precisely what happened. After Yao Zhixuan and Long Fei suffered defeat, the others who were still hesitating all made their choice. Once they suffered defeat, they would lose all of their golden rings, and they wouldn't manage to get into the Fortune Land's hundred layers, let alone receive the Fortune Divine Tree's reward. People like Yao Zhixuan and Long Fei had already lost their right to these things.

After a short while, only three people were left who still hadn't made up their minds: the Ancient Ape Clan's Sheng Tian, Luo Cheng, and Jiang Chen. Sheng Tian looked at Luo Cheng with a complicated expression. However, Jiang Chen managed to discern what he was thinking. Sheng Tian was aware that he wasn't a match for Ji Yuan if he fought him alone, but he also didn't want to join hands with anyone like Long Fei.

As Sheng Tian pondered this, he said, "Jiang Chen, let's fight."

It seemed like he already didn't plan to seek Ji Yuan, but he still hadn't forgotten his appointment with Jiang Chen. He planned to finish it here.

"Leave it until next time." Jiang Chen's reply was the same as before. He didn't plan to accept such a challenge.

The crowd was already aware that the divine body possessor wasn't an ordinary person, due to Jiang Chen's past performance, and that was why no one mocked him.

"Does he plan to give up?"

If Jiang Chen didn't fight Sheng Tian, then he could only choose Ji Yuan, or go into the Fortune Land's hundred layers.


Sheng Tian had made an assumption about this situation, and he couldn't help but become slightly angry. He assumed that Jiang Chen just didn't want to defeat him and snatch his golden rings.

"I just don't want to expose my hidden cards. You can understand this, can't you?" Jiang Chen saw through his thoughts, and he transmitted his voice to him to explain himself.

Sheng Tian's hair stood on end, and surprise appeared on his previously angry face. Can this human read minds? Sheng Tian couldn't help but wonder.

Jiang Chen went to the stage and said in a deep voice, "Ji Yuan, come here!"

Jiang Chen's voice was thunderous, and it gave rise to a great commotion. After a short while, the audience calmed down. Ji Yuan squinted, and the wave of pressure emanating from him wasn't any weaker than the previous Dragon Might.

"Ji Yuan has already shown such great power. Why is Jiang Chen still so daring?"

"There is something more important than this. Haven't you noticed something?"


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