The Brilliant Fighting Master
1214 All Myriad Beings Are Equal
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1214 All Myriad Beings Are Equal

Jiang Chen was exposed, and his heart sank. But he quickly got over it and felt relieved. Sooner or later, they would discover what had happened. The Dragon Clan wanted to snatch the main source because it belonged to them, but they wouldn't treat it politely.

It wasn't like every dragon left a source behind after his death. This was only the case for Martial Saint Realm dragons. The status of such dragons in the Dragon Clan was similar. The main source was a sort of inheritance for young dragons, but this didn't mean that they could only be obtained by dragons. At least, it wasn't up to a golden dragon to try to take a fire dragon's main source.

"I really didn't expect a friend from the Dragon Clan to come here," Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and shouted loudly. He wasn't afraid of making a scene!

Jiang Chen was quite influential now, and his words gave rise to a great commotion among the audience. Many eyes stared at Jiang Chen, and they all followed his gaze, which eventually landed on Long Fei. Here was the day's unexpected winner with his mysterious status and tremendous power. Was he a dragon? Even the Wizard Clan wasn't sure.

Ji Yuan's expression changed, which was unusual. He also stared at Long Fei. Long Fei, who was exposed, made an unsightly face, so he kept silent.

"The Golden Dragon Clan possesses an illustrious status. Why do you need to condescend yourself and hide?" Jiang Chen said.

If Jiang Chen's main source were taken away, he would lose his divine body. He depended on his divine body to obtain many powerful techniques, which he would eventually lose along with the divine body. Moreover, he could also suffer other dreadful consequences. In other words, taking away the main source was tantamount to taking his life. Jiang Chen directly exposed that man's identity because he surely wasn't the only one interested in the Dragon Clan. The Dragon Clan had temporarily opened a plane channel because they didn't want to create a great disturbance.

Among the myriad clans, no clan was as special as the Dragon Clan. A dragon's whole body was a unique and peerless treasure. It was rumored that the Dragon Clan had created an independent world and established the Dragon Realm because people had started slaughtering them.

"I am from the Dragon Realm!"

Since it seemed impossible to hide the truth, Long Fei admitted it. A raucous arose for a moment, and many people started talking with Long Fei. They had many doubts about the Dragon Clan, and this prompted many questions directed at Long Fei. Long Fei snorted softly and formed an energy field around him, insulating all noise. Even though Long Fei was keeping a low profile, his pride as a member of the Dragon Clan was still apparent.

"The Human Clan's divine body was formed by a divine dragon's main source as well as the inherited bloodline flowing in his body. All dragons are allowed to attack him and take back the main source," Long Fei shot back, and he put Jiang Chen in dire straits with several words.

It seemed like Jiang Chen offended all dragons, and the powerful Dragon Clan would snatch what he depended on. If Jiang Chen lost his divine body, he wouldn't have anything else left.

"It's unknown which random nobody from the Dragon Clan is here. Yet, he still dares to represent the whole Dragon Clan," Jiang Chen said.

Hearing this, Ao Xu and the other young dragons who had fought with Jiang Chen were infuriated. They all felt like they'd just suffered a great insult. Meanwhile, a dignified presence that was more imposing than a lofty mountain engulfed everyone. It was a Dragon Might! It hadn't emanated from Long Fei, but from a Dragon Clan's expert in the dark. The Dragon Might wasn't just a frightening aura; it could inflict real harm upon people. Now, its target was Jiang Chen.

Shangguan Ru and Han Conger, who were next to Jiang Chen, couldn't bear it, and he pushed them away. As Jiang Chen stood up, he was pressed down by a great power that seemed like it wanted to pin him to the ground.

"There are some words that shouldn't be spoken."

At that moment, Long Fei stood up, and his black clothes were torn apart, revealing shining golden armor. Meanwhile, his combat robe fluttered in the wind. The unexpected winner, who'd always kept a low profile, now became the center of attention. On the other side, Jiang Chen was tormented by the Dragon Might.

"Get lost!"

Dazzling Buddhist Light emanated from Jiang Chen's body, and he started using the Buddhist Scripture and Heavenly God's Power. Jiang Chen thrust his palm at the sky, and the Void Palm Seal appeared and crushed the Dragon Might, extinguishing it. A startled cry rang out in everyone's ears as the Dragon Might was scattered. Everything happened quickly, and it was only after a while that the crowd came back to their senses.

"What just happened? No, I'm not talking about the Dragon Might. I mean that hand seal."

"That technique can't be used by a Star Venerable."

"It's really unfathomable. How much matter is the divine body still hiding?"

Jiang Chen wasn't protected by anyone, and he depended only on his power to extinguish the pressure from the Dragon Clan's expert.

"A bald Buddhist monk." Long Fei was surprised by this, and he gritted his teeth. His anger was apparent.

Witnessing this, the crowd recalled the ancient records. The Dragon Clan's position among the Buddhist Sects was quite low, though there wasn't any difference between their monks. The Dragon Clan's members resented them because of this, and they hated all Buddhist people. A moment ago, Long Fei had detected that Jiang Chen's Heavenly God Power still had a dragon soul among it, which meant that a dragon was enslaved by Jiang Chen.

"All living beings are equal," Jiang Chen muttered to himself while facing Long Fei's anger.

With this, the incident came to an end.

"The Dragon Clan is also one of the myriad clans, and this won't change anything. Let's continue!" Hou Qin said.

Then, they continued banqueting. Since Jiang Chen had fought both Lin Tian and Lin Tianjian, he was given a long rest period. The number of golden rings in his hand neared thirty pieces. As the number of people lessened, the golden rings in everyone's hands were increasing. Jiang Chen would need to defeat just one more person to receive the right to challenge Ji Yuan.

However, there was someone who had managed to collect enough golden rings before him. Someone whom no one had expected—the Saintess of All Beginnings! She was the Human Clan's most outstanding woman. But she didn't show off her ability like Lin Tianjian, and just dealt with everything calmly. However, this attitude only underscored her great power.

"Will you challenge him or go into the Fortune Land's hundred layers?" Hou Qi asked her.

"The Fortune Land's hundred layers."

It defied all expectations that the Saintess of All Beginnings, who had fifty golden rings, would make such a decisive choice. The crowd had expected that she would be the first person to challenge Ji Yuan, and they were disappointed by this. However, as they contemplated this matter, they realized that, since Ji Yuan was so strong, it wasn't really possible for a woman to defeat him.

Meanwhile, the Saintess of All Beginnings was being transported to the top of the divine tree. The number of people still able to fight was odd. They were Luo Cheng, Jiang Chen, the Ancient Ape Clan's Sheng Tian, the Golden Dragon Clan's Long Fei, and five others.

"I will challenge the Wizard Clan."

At last, a qualified person issued a challenge. He was Yao Zhixuan of the Half-demon Clan, and he always showed an outstanding performance. He had the special traits of half-demons; he was brave, bold, and powerful. If the Dragon Clan's unexpected winner and the Human Clan's divine body possessor weren't so eye-catching, Yao Zhixuan would have been the center of attention.

"You can wait for another challenger to fight along with you," said one of the Wizard Clan.

This subject was mentioned in the beginning, and they stated that two people could challenge Ji Yuan at the same time. The crowd paid attention to other people, and they couldn't help but praise the Wizard Clan for their courage. Regardless of who joined hands with Yao Zhixuan, it would be a terrifying combination.

"No, it's only me."

However, how could someone who had reached the last part of the competition be willing to join hands with someone else? As these words reverberated, Ji Yuan stood up slowly and strode toward the battlefield. This was an ordinary action, yet people's hearts raced faster, and their palms perspired. They could finally witness the great power of the myriad clans' strongest expert, Ji Yuan. Many people had lost their qualifications, but they still didn't leave because they were waiting for this moment. Even Jiang Chen couldn't help but stand up because he wanted to see if Ji Yuan was really so exceptional.


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