The Brilliant Fighting Master
1212 Wind and Fire Sword Domain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1212 Wind and Fire Sword Domain

The Wind and Fire Swords Wheel was like a divine sun that could exist forever, and it completely devoured Lin Tianjian's mighty Eternal Sword Spirit. No one could understand it fully. After the swords wheel reached a critical juncture, it broke down. Wind and flames erupted out of it and engulfed the land. Lin Tianjian's sword strike was successfully blocked. This was the first time that day that Lin Tianjian had suffered a defeat while using this move.

"What's the reason for this?"

After the crowd recovered from their shock, they looked at Jiang Chen and Jiang Chen with puzzled expressions. It was only now that they understood why Lu Ping had wanted pairs of two to fight: he'd wanted to block Lin Tianjian's sword move. However, the issue at hand was that Lin Tian was not merely decoration.

"Three Fingers Breaks Apart the Void!" Lin Tian was infuriated and erupted out fully. He used three fingers to crush everything in his way. "Break!"

Jiang Chen didn't have enough time to use a sword strike. As his Starry Sea boiled, he condensed divine lighting in his hands and attacked the light beam formed by the fingers. A deafening explosion echoed, and none of them managed to gain an advantage over the other.

"The main source?"

This day's unexpected winner, Long Fei from the Golden Dragon clan, finally detected the divine body's secret.

"Did you assume that everything would be fine so long as you blocked my sword move?"

Lin Tianjian became flustered because, once again, he hadn't managed to succeed.

"I will let you feel what it's like to attempt a 'finale struggle.'"

After Lin Tianjian spoke, a Sword Soul appeared behind him. Many Sword Souls had appeared that day during the banquet. But after Lin Tianjian's Sword Soul had appeared, everyone stood up. Even the Ancient Race didn't understand the concept of a Martial Soul. This was the first time that Lin Tianjian's Sword Soul had appeared, which meant that he would use his real power.

"Is this a Sword Soul with five special traits?"

"It isn't a Martial Soul any longer, but a true divine weapon."

"An immortal artifact wouldn't be any greater than this."

It couldn't be denied that Lin Tianjian's Sword Soul was fascinating. It stunned everyone because no one could clearly see that it was only a Martial Soul. It seemed like a real divine weapon.

The Sword Soul emanated bright light, and its tip was sharp. No, this should instead be called a 'divine tip' because if this sword fell upon any object, it would penetrate it directly and quickly destroy it.

"If that's the case, let's put an end to this ridiculous fight."

Lin Tian was afraid that Jiang Chen would also end up killed by Lin Tianjian, and he wouldn't have a chance to show off his power. That was why he'd also summoned his Martial Soul. Lin Tian's Martial Soul wasn't a sword. After all, Lin Tian was a famous swordsman, while he also depended upon his Martial Soul to become a Junior Heavenly King. When the crowd took a clear look at the Martial Soul, they understood why: It was a bell!

"The Eastern Sovereign Bell is a Martial Soul? It's impossible!"

A commotion rose. Weapon-type Martial Souls were judged according to the five special traits. But there was also an exception—ancient, divine weapons. People who maintained this kind of weapon-type Martial Soul were similar to those who possessed the Beast Soul of a divine beast. The Eastern Sovereign Bell was the greatest divine weapon.

After the bell appeared, the might of a Finger Pointed at the Sky Draws Earth Technique rose drastically. Both Jiang Chen and Lu Ping's performance seemed mediocre and ordinary compared to their opponents, who both had the last name 'Lin.'

"That isn't right. A divine body shouldn't possess such power. He's surely hiding something."

It seemed like Jiang Chen was holding himself back all along. As expected, Jiang Chen didn't just idle around while he faced Lin Tianjian and Lin Tian's terrifying Martial Souls.

"Since that's the case..."

Strangely enough, the crowd realized that Jiang Chen and Lu Ping were wearing the same expression. They also spoke in unison.


Both men extended their right hands and put their palms against each other before they interlocked their fingers. While the crowd was confused by this sight, a dazzling light emanated from Lu Ping's body. He turned into a gas, which was absorbed by Jiang Chen's body.

"Oh my God! That is an incarnation! Lu Ping is just Jiang Chen's incarnation."

They finally understood what was happening, and many hoarse, alarmed voices reverberated from the audience. "An incarnation? Is Lu Ping just an incarnation?"

Even though Lu Ping wasn't famous, he'd still broken the Sword Pavilion's records many times and killed Lin Family's disciples. He'd also killed Lin Tianjun while inside the Demonic Tree. The Sword Tower's disciples had already assumed that Lu Ping was an expert in sword techniques. Yet, he was, shockingly, just an incarnation.

"That isn't right. This should be a magical clone."

"The difference between them is that a magical clone possesses complete power and can grow stronger by itself."

"Hiss! What kind of Doctrine Method is this? Isn't it outrageous?"

While no one present had ever heard of One Qi being transformed into the Three Pure Ones Technique, there were still people who knew the difference between incarnations and magical clones.

"Jiang Chen's power will increase now, right?"

Just as these words rang out, the scenario they described really happened. After Lu Ping disappeared completely, Jiang Chen's aura went through a drastic change, and the area around him became turbulent. Lightning flickered in it. Wind, fire, and lightning fused together, and the Immortal Divine Bird was born from the flames. The divine bird emitted a long cry and spread its wings. Regardless of whether it was the Eternal Sword Soul or Eastern Sovereign Bell, all other birds paled in comparison to this lifelike divine bird.

"Great Wind, rise!"

Then, the Boundless Sword Soul appeared.

"How is this possible?"

At that moment, Lin Tianjian's expression changed drastically, while the Sword Tower's disciples cried out in alarm. It was really just like what Jiang Chen and Wu Ming had predicted. After the magical clone fused with the main body, the Sword Soul also changed. Before, Lu Ping's Sword Souls had just two special traits, and the same was true for Jiang Chen. But, after they fused, the Sword Soul acquired four special traits, which could be considered the best among all swordsmen's souls. Moreover, the Boundless Sword Soul had an unusual trait; it wasn't any weaker than the Eternal Sword Soul.

The Eternal Sword Soul seemed lifelike, while the Boundless Sword Soul seemed to alternate between an illusory and tangible state. It was like a perfectly outlined sword, and its blade was semi-transparent. It was rather beautiful!

Jiang Chen, who, before had seemed inferior to his opponents, managed to stun the audience. He had a divine bird at his right side, and a Sword Soul to his left, while lightning flickered around his body. Jiang Chen's black hair danced in the wind. Even if the Nine Heavens' Gods or Buddhas descended, they couldn't be any better than him.

"Wind and Fire Sword Domain!" Jiang Chen folded his hands and tried to quickly envelop his opponents in the new Sword Domain he'd comprehended.


Lin Tianjian and Lin Tian turned pale with fright, and their instincts warned them against entering that Sword Domain. However, the Wind and Fire Sword Domain had both the Wind and Fire Worldly Rules intertwining inside. There was no escaping from it.

"Wind, Fire, and Sword Strongest Move."

Jiang Chen, who was inside the Sword Domain, became even crazier than before. He didn't just use the Wind and Fire Sword Realms, he imitated Master Luo Cheng and tried to use the Lightning Sword Realm. Moreover, he even fused all three Sword Realms into one. Obviously, the crowd was still unaware that Master Luo Cheng was also one of Jiang Chen's magical clones.

"We must use our whole power to block it!"

Lin Tianjian and Lin Tian exchanged glances and coordinated with each other. They didn't leave each other behind to deal with everything alone like they had at the beginning. Their expressions became solemn, and they both used their strongest techniques.

"Ksana Sword Method, the Fourth Move!"

Lin Tianjian used the Fourth Move along with the Eternal Sword Soul. Lin Tian also didn't hold anything back. He gave his all, using every trick up his sleeve.

"Four Fingers Shatters Stars!"

"Five Fingers Destroys the World!"

Lin Tian reached a state, exerting massive strain on his body. He used his greatest power to persist while inside the Sword Domain. However, the Sword Domain that engulfed him exceeded all Sword Domains he'd ever encountered in the past. Even Lin Tianjian couldn't create a Sword Domain with both Wind and Fire rules intertwining inside it.

On the other side, Jiang Chen released his most powerful sword strike. Both his divine bird and Sword Soul were ready to unleash their power at any moment, and a murderous aura filled the whole Sword Domain.


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