The Brilliant Fighting Master
1209 Irregular Chaos
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1209 Irregular Chaos

Many people worried about Master Luo Cheng because Li Tianjun had mastered the epic-grade's original method: the Great Primal Chaos Technique. This technique had five moves and patterns—Transformation, Extinguishment, Extermination, Revolution, and Heaven. These were like martial techniques and doctrine methods. As one progressed to the next move, one's fighting prowess increased. Moreover, after one learned all five moves, they could be fused together.

Li Tianjun's little brother, whom Master Luo Cheng had killed, had learned just two moves. Li Tianjun had mastered them all. Of the Ancient Race's members who'd fought before, only Sheng Tian's power could rival Li Tianjun's. Master Luo Cheng possessed a Lightning Martial Soul, but his Realm Level wasn't that high. He was simply a six-stars expert, and his position was disadvantageous. Moreover, if his Constellation Palaces had only cultivated one or two Qi, then he would surely suffer defeat.

"You want revenge for your little brother, don't you?"

Luo Cheng stood up slowly. He wasn't afraid of his opponent and spoke directly of the sensitive subject. Li Tianjun's gaze instantly became ice-cold, and flames of anger and hatred burned in his eyes.

"That's right. I will use all of my power to kill you," Li Tianjun replied.

Hearing such words brimming with murderous intent, a clamor arose.

"Only Lu Ping is the murderer, not the great master. Why do you need to do this?" someone asked.

"Anyone connected with my little brother's death must atone for his crimes." As Li Tianjun spoke, his peripheral gaze swept over Lu Ping and the two women, Shangguan Ru and Han Conger.

"What are you blabbering on about? Quickly start fighting. It's only humans like you who treasure the Human Clan's great master."

"In the Ancient Race, people depended on their power to speak."

"Fight! It's only through slaughter can such a feud be settled."

The Ancient clans all wished for this place to descend into chaos. Since this was a confrontation between the Human Clan and the Ancient Race, everyone hoped that the skillful great master would suffer bad luck.

"Then, I have to kill you." After Luo Cheng spoke, he walked onto the battlefield.

Luo Cheng was more forthright than people thought, and even Li Tianjun was startled by his bluntness. However, he quickly moved around and stood in front of Luo Cheng. Li Tianjun was wearing grandiose clothes, like his little brother. He was clad in eye-catching golden armor, which was able to deter an assailant thanks to its fusion with Li Tianju's powerful aura. However, unlike his little brother, Li Tianjun was holding a weapon, a long halberd, with three ribbons that shone with varied colors tied on its tip. The ribbons fluttered in the wind.

When the contestants' gazes met, they didn't say anything else and attacked at the same time. In front of everyone, Luo Cheng revealed his tremendous power as a great master. Rolls of thunder resounded from his body while chain-like lightning arcs wreaked havoc across the land. When his Lightning Martial Soul appeared, he caused a disturbance no less than when other people crossed their tribulations.

"Evil God Strike!"

Li Tianjun wasn't weak, either. As he waved his halberd, a magnetic field appeared once again. The void was torn apart by the sharp halberd, while all lightning arcs filling the sky were extinguished by it.

"This is a fusion of the Great Primal Chaos Technique's Extinguishment, Extermination, and Heaven moves. They can create an orderly chaotic field that doesn't fear any lightning."

There was a member of the Ancient Race present who recognized Li Tianjun's offensive techniques. He was well aware of how strong they were. The chaotic field around the head of the halberd took on three different colors, intertwined with worldly symbols. The berserk lightning couldn't affect Li Tianjun at all.

Just when it seemed like Luo Cheng was about to be defeated, his lightning turned into a sharp sword. It was a Martial Soul Transformation! The halberd collided with the sharp sword, and an intense confrontation ensued.

"It really is the Martial Soul Transformation!"

"Lightning is the most terrifying force, but it's also the most uncontrollable."

"The Thunder Department of the Abundance Land Academy's Divine Sword Palace was nearly abandoned. So why did the great master try to turn his Martial Soul into a sword?"

Luo Cheng and Li Tianjun fought on, and it seemed like a fight between heavenly deities. The Lightning Sword, as well as the halberd with its chaotic magnetic field, were both powers that couldn't be grasped by ordinary people. Besides, most people were paying attention to the Lightning Sword in Luo Cheng's hands. When the brief confrontation began, many had felt that it would have been better for him to turn his Martial Soul into a spear. Even though the Lightning Sword was peerless, it still seemed like it lacked something. Despite this, the contestants were evenly matched, and some people found this to be a pity.

"Heavenly Evil Exterminate Deities!"

Li Tianjun was determined to kill his opponent. He didn't have any interest in continuing the confrontation with Luo Cheng. Li Tianjun's attacks were becoming fiercer, but he quickly discovered that Luo Cheng was able to block them all. Immediately, he changed up his moves.

"This time, he's using Extinguishment, Extermination, Revolution, and Heaven moves to use the fifth variation and reach an irregular chaos state."

Many members of the Ancient Race stood up. Their gazes became zealous as if Li Tianjun were able to accomplish this impressive feat. Moreover, even the humans, who didn't understand the situation, still noticed that Li Tianjun's fighting prowess was undergoing a drastic change. Even though the Lightning Sword pushed down the halberd, it still seemed like the halberd's chaotic magnetic field was about to split Heaven and earth, devouring everything in sight.

"Sword, rise!"

When Luo Cheng realized that he was in a disadvantageous position, he raised his left hand and summoned his second Sword Soul. Many people had heard about it, but it was only after witnessing it now that they believed in it firmly.

"It's just a Sword Soul with a single special trait," snorted the Sword Pavilion's members disdainfully. They felt like this Sword Soul was weak and useless compared to the Lightning Martial Soul.

"Since the beginning, you haven't had any chance of success."

Li Tianjun also had the same opinion. He targeted the Sword Soul and attacked it. It seemed like the Sword Soul wasn't able to resist the halberd's advances.

"Your greatest mistake is that you don't take humans' most powerful trait seriously."

Luo Cheng's expression was calm, and he suddenly folded his hands. The Lightning Martial Soul and Sword Soul overlapped in front of many worried gazes. But they didn't explode, and they even began fusing smoothly together. The Lightning Sword flickered ceaselessly. Every time it flickered, its might increased tremendously. Now, everyone was speechless.

Li Tianjun was about to reach an irregular chaos state, which possessed indomitable power, while Luo Cheng was fusing his two Martial Souls. This situation was unprecedented. Every time he attacked, shocking Sword Energy erupted out of them.

"The great master will shortly get into a Sword Realm State."

The All Beginning Saintess was among the onlookers, and she spoke softly. She had been born with a Doctrine Embryo, which was unique and unrivaled, and she could see more than other people.

"It's the Lightning Sword Realm. Can he achieve it by using two Martial Souls?"

Lin Tianjian, who was next to her, took a deep breath. Reverence for the great master welled up in his heart.

"We will have to wait to see who will reach his peak state first," the Saintess of All Beginning said. "If Li Tianjun can get into the Irregular Chaos Realm first, then the great master will be in danger."

The onlookers' hearts leaped into their throats. By observing the contestants, they all felt that they were becoming stronger every second. They would shortly reach a critical juncture, which would determine the outcome of the fight. Since the battle had started, the contestants hadn't even stopped or rested for a moment.

"Ah!" Li Tianjun shouted loudly. A muffled noise echoed from the halberd in his hands. It seemed like he was about to create a whole new world and dimension.

"Awful!" shouted the people in the human's camp.

This was the Great Primal Chaos Technique's peak state, Irregular Chaos. As the halberd was lowered, it seemed like the whole world would be destroyed.

"Eleventh Sword Move: Lightning Disaster of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Luo Cheng managed to reach his peak state at nearly the same time. His Boundless Sword Soul and Lightning Martial Soul fused together. He entered into the Lightning Sword Realm and mastered the Sword Scripture's eleventh move. A shocking sword strike met the destructive halberd, and many people couldn't help but move back. Regardless of how far away they were from the battlefield, they still felt like they would soon be annihilated.

In the end, the two swordsmen collided, and everyone was aware that the battle outcome would be decided in that instant. Even their own fates, death or life, were about to be determined.


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