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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1206 Rings

"The magic tree's real name is the Divine Tree of Creatures. It's a miracle of the Nine Realms. Even Enlightenment Tea can't be compared to a leaf of the Divine Tree of Creatures. More than that, there are also ambers with all kinds of treasures inside the tree." Hou Qin paused here, noticing that she had drawn everyone's attention to herself. She smiled.

"Miss Hou Qin, don't leave us hanging. Tell us the most important part."

"Yes. Will the Wizard Race share the magic tree, oh...I mean the Divine Tree of Creatures with us?"

Hou Qin did not reply. She looked toward Ji Yuan instead, who answered, "The magic tree is very tall. There are 100 layers in all. The treasures kept in the higher layers are the most precious. Your performance today will decide which layer you can go to for treasure-seeking."

His words caused some discussion. Everyone was very excited.

"What about above the 100 layers? What is there?" Jiang Chen asked in a loud voice.

Countless people looked toward him in surprise.

Ji Yuan threw him a glance without answering him.

"Human divine body, you don't get to ask any questions. The Wizard Race doesn't owe you anything." Someone scolded Jiang Chen right away from the viewpoint of the Wizard Race.

"We'll tell you everything about today's rules." Hou Qin was also very cold.

The Wizard Race promised so many benefits to win popular support. It was not good timing for Jiang Chen to pose questions, and it was quite unpleasant for him.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. Then he said in a profound voice, "You've been sold, and you are counting money for the man who sold you."

His innuendo created a disturbance. The Wizard Race was very unhappy.

"Young Master Jiang Chen..." Hou Qin had something to say. "I'll just be straightforward. The Divine Tree of Creatures hasn't been taken down by the Wizard Race yet. Instead, the Wizard Race and the divine tree agreed to pick the most excellent person, and this person will be the owner of the divine tree."

"The Wizard Race has promised you so many benefits, but, in fact, wool comes from sheeps' backs," Jiang Chen said.

People were shocked. The whole place was in chaos.

"Is it true?!" Some epic Ancient Races asked emotionally, unable to sit still anymore.

"You should ask our Wizard friends about that." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders without adding anything.

Ji Yuan and Hou Qin caught the attention of everyone once again. Ji Yuan closed his eyes. He looked calm. "Guys, we were about to mention that. Besides, the Divine Tree of Creatures agreed to do that because we Wizard Race made a great effort," Hou Qin explained. Her response confirmed that Jiang Chen's words were true. The geniuses from powerful forces could not stay calm anymore. They looked toward Jiang Chen again, but this time with no intention of blaming him for anything. They were expecting him to give them more information, although no one knew how he had been informed of all this.

"You wanted to smelt the Divine Tree of Creatures, but you couldn't afford that. So you had to take a step back. You invited geniuses from all over the Nine Realms here in the name of the banquet. How sincere is that?" Jiang Chen asked sarcastically.

People were beginning to understand what was happening. After making this clear, many people who had been worrying about the Wizard Race's schemes felt relieved. They were raring to give it a try to get the Divine Tree of Creatures.

"Jiang Chen knows so many things. He must be very well-prepared."

"How did he get that kind of information? He would need to be very resourceful and well-connected to know that."

"The Wizard Race seem to be puzzled too."

The Wizard Race was really confused. They had no idea how Jiang Chen had known that.

"Let's start." Ji Yuan opened his eyes again. He did not care a fig whether these people knew the truth or not.

Hou Qin started to explain the rules: "I'll announce the rules today. People sitting in different seats will have bronze rings, silver rings, and golden rings respectively. You can exchange ten bronze rings for one silver ring and ten silver rings for a golden ring. Once you get ten golden rings, you'll be eligible to climb into the 100-layer Divine Tree of Creatures to seek treasures, but you can only climb into the tenth layer at most."

As Hou Qin spoke, everyone found a ring below their seats. "As to how to get more rings, naturally, you'll fight with others to get their rings." People came to learn how this day's banquet would go on.

"There are 56 golden rings in all, far less than 100." Someone found there were far less than 100 people sitting in the top row. When people thought this was a loophole created by the Wizard Race, Ji Yuan said, "Whoever defeats me will get 50 golden rings directly."

Exclamations could be heard immediately. People were shocked by Ji Yuan's boldness and generosity.

"Huh, are you saying...you, Ji Yuan, are stronger than the geniuses from all the various races together?"

Some people also felt pissed, not Jiang Chen, but the Ancient Ape.

"More than that, you can fight together. As long as you can defeat me, you can split the golden rings." Ji Yuan said something even more shocking, as if he had not heard the Ancient Ape.

"But sure, at most two people are allowed to collaborate."

Hou Qin added, "Who wants to challenge Ji Yuan must have 20 golden rings."

The discussion evoked by their announcements lasted for more than ten seconds. When people had finally calmed down, aggressive energies filled every corner of the place. They came from everyone there. It was exactly for this moment that geniuses from all races had gathered here together.

"Let's start the fight!"

Soon, those who had bronze rings and silver rings started their fights. They were the most eager to gain a victory.

By comparison, the 56 people who had golden rings did not launch any attacks. They were just sizing each other up.

"What chaos. I'll just wait until the situation is more controlled."

What these geniuses wanted was a stage that only existed for them. They wanted to draw attention to themselves. That was why they were not interested in a group fight.

"And some lucky underdogs will probably be eliminated," Lin Tianjian said.

It was not easy to find a black-golden-level tree hole. Those who arrived at the banquet venue through those were not necessarily the strongest. They were probably just lucky. Lin Tianjian's remark drew most of the attention to Lu Ping and Jiang Chen, especially Lu Ping. After all, Jiang Chen had a human divine body, while it was difficult to tell what this Lu Ping had.

Shangguan Ru and Han Cong'er also joined the fights. They planned to get at least ten golden rings.

Soon, no one was talking anymore. Everyone was paying attention to the fights. This scene, in which geniuses from all races were fighting together, would never repeat again.

"Some people are really just unlucky." A man who only had a bronze ring was actually very strong. His attack was quite fierce. He defeated four or five rivals in a very short time. It was said that this man had arrived through some random tree hole. He did not even care about the fruits of the magic tree.

Besides him, many superb geniuses had great performances. It was really a wonderful show to watch.

Shi Xu, who had quarreled with Jiang Chen, showed his strength as one of the top three in the Heaven List. Every time he defeated a rival, he would throw Jiang Chen a provocative glance as if he was emphasizing again and again what he had said, that it was only because he was not lucky enough that he had not come here through a black-golden-level tree hole.

He would absolutely challenge Jiang Chen once he got all of the golden rings he needed.


However, he was not Jiang Chen's concern at all. It was true that he was ranked top three in the Heaven List, but Jiang Chen had stopped paying attention to the Heaven List a long time ago.


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