The Brilliant Fighting Master
1205 The Bold, the Winner, the Strong
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1205 The Bold, the Winner, the Strong

"What a loser. No one comes forward to defend him at all," someone murmured, scared of Jiang Chen's eloquence. There were so many geniuses, but not even one of them stood by Jiang Chen.

Lin Shuangyue, who had been looking forward to the Wizard Race's banquet, somehow had not arrived.

At this moment, a man showed up. He drew everyone's attention.

"Master! Master!"

"Master Luo Cheng, do you really have the Thunderbolt Martial Soul?"

"You managed to stand firm facing Su Yinan's Magic Thunder Hand. That's wonderful."

People from all camps welcomed the master warmly. This was beyond the expectations of Jiang Chen. He guessed that the news about his fight had spread all over the place.

Master Luo Cheng smiled mysteriously. Then he went to his seat without speaking.

"Master, I didn't expect you to have been the person who had gone through the Five Thunders successfully in the Yaoguang Holy Land. I really made the correct decision to give you an invitation." The Wizard Hou Qin came up to salute him. None of the other people had gotten such treatment. It was not only because of the master's surprising fighting power, but also because he seemed to know almost everything.

"Master." From the crowd, Xie Ting flew up to the master. She was very excited, enjoying the attention of all the people. She had once doubted that the man going through the Ko was the master in the Yaoguang Holy Land, because it was too weird to believe. However, it was the master indeed.

"Huh." In the snow-silver-level seats, Han Cong'er was unhappy with what she was seeing. She looked quite jealous. Next to her, Shangguan Ru noticed her reaction. Smiling, she wanted to tell her bestie not to overthink the situation. "Xie Ting won't get the master." Shangguan Ru's wording was quite skillful. She did not say anything that could hurt Han Cong'er's feelings.

"Alas, how come there is such a great person in the world?" Han Cong'er let out a long sigh. She wished she could be more excellent. "What kind of women do you think the master would like?" She asked again. "Her?"

Shangguan Ru was curious about that too. She glanced over the crowd and finally laid her eyes on the Saint of All Beginnings—ranked first in the Beauty List. She had the natural base of Doctrine and was good at martial arts techniques, Doctrine Methods, sword soul, and so on.

"I'm wondering whether Lu Ping is okay." Gazing at the entrance of the tree hole, Shangguan Ru felt worried about Lu Ping, since he had not shown up yet.

"I think it would be better if he didn't show up," Han Cong'er said. She did not mean it in a bad way. She was looking at where the Jialan Race were sitting while speaking. They had obviously heard about Li Tianjun Junior's death. They looked pretty angry. Especially their leader, his gloomy look made people uneasy.

"Li Tianjun Senior! Li Tianjun Junior's elder brother. He has mastered four variations of The Great Chaos Method," Han Cong'er said in a low voice.

All of a sudden, Li Tianjun Senior looked toward the two women. Both of them felt a pain, as if thousands of arrows were piercing through their hearts. The Jialan race did not only know who had killed Li Tianjun Junior, but also knew who had been involved in his death. Fortunately, they were at the banquet at the moment. The Jialan race could not do anything to them temporarily.

"Jialan race, you are going too far." A charming figure appeared in front of the two women, lifting the pressure brought by Li Tianjun Senior's look.

Li Tianjun Senior curled his lips. He looked away without speaking.

"Thank you, Elder Sister Yueying." The two women took a deep breath and then thanked the woman—Ji Yueying, ranked second on the Beauty List. Her rank on this list was below the rank of the Saint of All Beginnings, but she was much stronger. She was one of the Junior Heavenly Kings.

"How come you two are here by yourselves? Didn't you find anyone to protect you?" Ji Yueying was young and pretty. Her eyes and brows were especially beautiful. When she smiled, her charm was infinite. The two women smiled awkwardly. They knew that Elder Sister Yueying did not mean the strongmen who were protecting them in the dark, but companies. They involuntarily looked toward Nangong Xing, who was not far away. He had come with them, and he was not far away from them at the moment, but when he had seen what Li Tianjun Senior was doing, he had not had the nerve to come forward. At the moment, he was avoiding the two women's gazes.

You deserved it. You were too nice to that Lu Ping. To cover his cowardice, Nangong Xing put the blame on them.

At this moment, the practicing body Lu Ping showed up from the planes' channel. Since it was the black-iron-level passage through which he came, he caught much attention. Lu Ping came up to the master first. Then he walked toward the two women.

"Okay, so you do have people protecting you. He just arrived a little late," Ji Yueying joked. At the same time, she threw Lu Ping a look. Her brow knitted slightly. It was not because Lu Ping was not good enough. However, with Shangguan Ru's identity and beauty, she really deserved someone better.

"Come sit with me over there." Lu Ping invited the two women. This was one of the privileges that people sitting in black-iron-level seats enjoyed.

"H'm." Han Cong'er and Shangguan Ru did not decline.

"This is Ji Yueying, the saint of the Merak Religious Sect," Han Cong'er introduced them. Lu Ping was somewhat surprised. The Merak Religious Sect was as famous as Yaoguang among all Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects. But he restored his sense of calm. He greeted her with a nod. Then the four went to the black-iron-level seats together.

"Oh?" Lu Ping noticed a pair of eyes gazing at him before long, and the look was very hostile.

"They are the Jialan race," Shangguan Ru said. "That's Li Tianjun Junior's elder brother, Li Tianjun Senior. It is said that The Great Chaos Method of his is hundreds of times more powerful than his brother's."

"I don't think he's going to leave me alone," Lu Ping said.

Ji Yueying had been listening to them. She was wondering how Lu Ping would react.

"So, I'll have to kill him first."

She heard Lu Ping speak before she could turn around.

Ji Yueying was very surprised. He really sounded very arrogant.

The other two women were surprised too. They were not sure he could really achieve it.

All of a sudden, the place became very noisy. A great disturbance was occurring. The four realized right away that the star of the night had come—the dual-pupils wielder Ji Yuan!

Different from the transformation body Jiang Chen had seen the last time, his true body did not look like a mighty God of War. He was in black, as elegant as a divinity, and as handsome as an alluring evil spirit. As he rolled his dual pupils, people had the illusion that they were the sun and the moon. They felt as if they were being sucked into his pupils. Every step he took made their hearts beat faster, as if it was a Divine Emperor who was walking toward them.

"Today, we'll witness the birth of the bold, the winner, the strong." He stopped, glancing over everyone. Then he gazed at Jiang Chen. "And the loser." Intentionally or unintentionally, he happened to mention the loser while gazing at Jiang Chen. Countless people looked toward Jiang Chen, either gloating or feeling pity for him.

"The human divine body will fall here—today."

Many Ancients were also very eager to attack Jiang Chen.

"Calm down, guys. Today we didn't invite you here just to have a contest. Otherwise we wouldn't have said it was a banquet. We would have said it was a ranked match." Hou Qin's words made many of those who were eager to fight control themselves a little bit. "Today's banquet is related to the magic tree."

Hearing her inviting words, many people's heartbeats accelerated.

"Everyone has experienced the wonderful effect of the fruits of the magic tree. But for this magic tree, it's only the most basic thing." Hou Qin kept the audience in suspense. They were extremely curious.


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