The Brilliant Fighting Master
1204 Start of the Banque
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1204 Start of the Banque

The sword field disappeared at the last minute. The dreadful sword wind was blowing madly, obliging the young Dragon onlookers to retreat. They had been watching the fight without batting an eye. Now, however, through the sword wind, they saw that Ao Xu was bleeding and heavily injured. Lu Ping was heavily injured too, but he was obviously stronger than Ao Xu.

"Damn it!" Ao Xu's facial expression was hideous. He was giving off a domineering energy. His clothes were being torn apart. Dragon scales started to show up on his arms. This Golden Dragon had lost his senses. He was reverting to his original look to continue fighting. But his companions hurried over to stop him.

"The result has already been established. This is not necessary."

Gritting his teeth, Ao Xu was reluctant to admit his defeat.

Jiang Chen knew what he was thinking. He had been thinking that since he could not fight with his dragon body, he had not been able to exert his real strength in the fight.

"How did you realize the transformation just now? We didn't see you exert or accumulate force." The teenage girl approached Jiang Chen and asked the question that was on her mind. She was suggesting that Jiang Chen might have used some way to cheat, but they could not identify it.

Anyway, the transformation just now had been too mysterious. Jiang Chen did not blame them for not understanding what had happened. Who would believe that it was the enlightenment of the other practicing body and the true body on the conception of natural elements that had brought the change to the practicing body Lu Ping?

"I don't have any evidence to prove myself. So, I don't want to explain," Jiang Chen answered.

"Then please show the same sword wind to us. Or let me experience it too," the steady-going Dragon youngster asked.

The battle had ended. If Lu Ping's sword realm was really that good, it would not be difficult for him to do that again. Lu Ping did not look happy, but it was normal indeed that others would be suspicious of that. So, he brandished the sword in the air. The same sword wind started again, interwoven with the law of wind, working with the sword realm in a perfect way.

"The first level of the law of wind. The merge with the sword realm is beginner level."

The Dragon youngsters were communicating through holy awareness.

"That's nice, but not nice enough for him to be so arrogant before us."

"Exactly. Let's teach him another lesson."

"Shut up!" The steady-going young Dragon reproached his comrades. Looking at the man opposite him, he said, "My word is my bond. Please."

Then they left.

Although Lu Ping still had to pass the guards of the tree hole, the strength he had just displayed predicted that there was no way he would fail. And that was how things went. Not long after the Dragons had left, they heard the Wizard Race congratulate him.

"So, his name is Lu Ping!"

Ao Xu was still reluctant to accept the result. He said to himself, Let's wait and see. He'll see how dreadful I am when I'm in my prime.

At the same time, the test of the magic tree was about to end. Many people who had taken the fruits of the magic tree were at the banquet. It was in a spacious area, where the Wizard Race had built some great houses.

The geniuses who had arrived did not have to stand in the air. At the thought that they were actually inside the magic tree, they could not help but exclaim how great the Wizard Race was. And they also found the seats had three different levels. Those who had passed black-gold-level tree holes were seated at the center, where everyone could pay attention to them. Those who sat there were either ranked in the top ten of the Heaven List or a Junior Heavenly King. And quite a few young, strong Ancients were sitting there too.

Among them, a golden-haired Ancient Ape kept emitting fire. Sharp lights were flashing in his eyes. He was wearing armor, and the iron stick he was grasping rested on the ground. It was so majestic that no one had the nerve to approach him.

Lin Tian, who had become a Junior Heavenly King very recently, also received much attention. He stole the thunder of all the other Junior Heavenly Kings. It was because of the vision he created. It had such strong positive energy that it could even compete with the arrogant Ancient Race.

Lin Tianjian, a chief disciple of the Sword Tower, was also emitting an overwhelming energy. Wearing a long robe, he looked elegant and natural. The sharp energy he gave off was quite shocking.

Besides them, more and more people were arriving. The test of the Wizard Race did make sense. It split the guests by level in an efficient way.

"Human divine body!"

Jiang Chen's arrival drew many people's attention immediately. He had some eye-catching things about him. One was the divine body. And he had killed so many people from so many different forces, but still he had managed to stay alive. And his fight with Lin Tian was yet to come. He knew the Wizard Race would make him pay the price this day, but he still came. Many Ancients gave him an angry stare, regarding him as their enemy.

"Boo. A man I defeated, who ran away in fright. How great can he be," Lin Tianjian said unhappily. He thought Jiang Chen was just a clown who liked to seek attention. He certainly believed that Jiang Chen did not deserve so much attention. He was even more pissed upon seeing Jiang Chen's serious face.

"Jiang Chen, you are bold. But later on, you'll have nowhere to escape," some disciple from the Sword Tower scorned him first. Others instantly realized that they had had conflicts. And in the end, Jiang Chen was defeated and had to flee. At the thought of Lin Tianjian's strength, this was not a surprising result. However, since Jiang Chen's biggest enemy this day was actually Ji Yuan, people felt sorry for him, in spite of themselves.

"It's a great ability for losers to feel complacent," Jiang Chen refuted this argument in a tough manner. His reaction confused people.

The disciples of the Sword Tower looked greatly embarrassed. Jiang Chen was talking about Wang Fei's death. He had killed the latter although the strongest disciples of the Sword Tower had tried to stop him.

Lin Tianjian felt awkward. He decided to add one more person onto his must-kill list this day. "You are Jiang Chen, who involved the Lins in slandering the Wizard Race? I have a word for you. Be a man. Don't make others your scapegoats."

A man Jiang Chen did not know jumped out of the crowd. He was very hostile to Jiang Chen because he blamed Jiang Chen for how the latter had killed Ji Hai.

"Who are you?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Shi Xu, a good friend of Lin Shuangyue's," he replied.

"I don't know you." Jiang Chen did not say more. He turned away from the man. Shi Xu was really pissed off by him. After all, he was ranked in the top three of the Heaven List. Other people were amused. Jiang Chen even had the nerve to go against Ji Yuan. The top three on the Heaven List were really nothing to him.

"Hey, you. The Wizard Race has brought you here to atone for your crimes. You are only one of the many problems that the Wizard Race is going to resolve. Do you think you really have the strength to fight with the dual-pupils Wizard wielder?" A woman from an epic Ancient Race asked in a sarcastic tone. The dual-pupils Wizard wielder was said to be the strongest man among all races. No one had the confidence to deal with him, so they were very unhappy with Jiang Chen's attitude.

"Better than you, who don't even have the nerve to try," Jiang Chen said in a casual way. The female Ancient was irritated instantly. In such a situation, it would be useless to reason with people. On the contrary, sassing them to irritate them—that was the most efficient way.

"How eloquent. You are called the human divine body. Don't embarrass us, your fellow humans." A divine-level disciple from the Academy of the Land of Abundance said coldly. Jiang Chen was from the Academy of the Land of Abundance. Since he had quit, the disciples from the academy did not like him at all.

"Don't you think you've embarrassed the human race already?" Seeing him sitting in a snow-silver-level seat, Jiang Chen asked.

"I couldn't find the correct tree hole!" That man was so ashamed that he flew into a rage.


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