The Brilliant Fighting Master
1203 The Fruit of the Tree
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1203 The Fruit of the Tree

Jiang Chen recalled what he had read in books. The Dragons were powerful and proud. They regarded themselves as the king of all races. Before the Human race got a foothold in the Nine Realms, it was the Dragons who were the owners of the world.

Later on, for some reason, the Dragons explored the World of Meson and created the Dragon Realm. From then on, there had been no real Dragons in the world. Then the planes channel of the Dragon Realm was temporarily opened, and the Dragons returned to this world.

"Don't try to confront the Dragon face to face," the black dragon warned Jiang Chen.

"Black dragon, don't panic. The practicing body Lu Ping has many restrictions. He doesn't have many of the origins of fire dragons left," said Azure Demon. Not until then did the black dragon recall it was Lu Ping who was in front of the Dragons.

Three seconds passed quickly. Lu Ping remained. He was not afraid that they would attack him together, because he knew the Dragons' pride would not allow them to do that.

"Go to hell." The young man who had threatened Jiang Chen realized what the latter was up to when he saw the expression on the latter's face. He came forward.

"Ao Xu, have you forgotten what the elders said?" The killing intent in the teenage girl's eyes disappeared. She pulled on the youngster to stop him.

Then, turning to Lu Ping, she said, "My friend, as long as you leave now, I'll forget about this." She was much colder compared with the beginning. Her words did not make sense at all.

Lu Ping could not figure out how the Dragons thought. "You made an excessive request of me. Then you think this is a big problem just because this man overreacted. And now you are gonna forgive me? Where are you from?" Since they were Dragons, Jiang Chen started to argue with them again. At the same time, he posed a question to which he already knew the answer.

The young Dragons exchanged a look, perplexed too. "Are humans all as arrogant as you are? When you Humans asked our race for help in the old days..." The youngster called Ao Xu complained unhappily. However, he was stopped by his companions before he could finish speaking.

"Let's talk with our strengths. Pick any one of us. If you win, this tree hole will be yours," said a young man who looked pretty steady-going. Letting Jiang Chen pick anyone from them, he was evidently very confident.

The teenage girl shook her head slightly. A helpless smile pulled the corners of her lips up. She knew her companions wanted her to understand she should not be too friendly to humans.

"What about you?" Jiang Chen pointed at someone without hesitation.

The teenage girl was about to come forward when she found Jiang Chen had picked Ao Xu instead of her. Ao Xu was surprised too. Then he smiled sarcastically.

The teenage girl was obviously the weakest. Even so, they still thought she was strong enough to defeat this human. However, Jiang Chen picked a strong one among them.

"If there is anything you humans have improved, that'll be your ridiculous pride." Ao Xu flew into the air after speaking.

This time no one tried to stop him, because Jiang Chen had picked him.

"Jiang Chen, aren't you afraid this practicing body will disappear?" Azure Demon said uneasily. "The Golden Dragon are very strong."

The black dragon was in awe of the Golden Dragon.

"Doesn't matter. I have this." The true body, who was still in a tree hole, took out a fruit. It was from the magic tree. This kind of fruit was extremely mysterious. It would not increase one's force, but it was very helpful to one's conception of elements. The fruits had four kinds of Primordial Spirits in Chaos in them! They were earth, water, fire, and wind. Those who had entered tree holes could choose one of them.

Both the true body Jiang Chen and the practicing body Luo Cheng had chosen wind. In this process, Lu Ping, who shared the same mind with them, could improve his swordsmanship.

"Come on." Ao Xu did not take Jiang Chen seriously. He was in high spirits and was serious about the fight. He would not be careless or drop his guard. The Dragons were proud, but they were also very competitive. Battles were sacred for them, so they would treat them especially seriously.

When Lu Ping unsheathed his sword, Ao Xu launched an attack.

His arms were as hard as iron. They were extremely strong. He moved as fast as lightning. There was no way to trace him at all. He was absolutely fast and absolutely strong. His physical power was purer than that of the Wizard Race.

At a crucial moment, Lu Ping threw his sword over. He moved in a delicate way to crack the enemy's tricky attack.

"The law of wind? No wonder you are so arrogant. But what else can you do? This only means you can stand in front of me." Ao Xu's voice came from somewhere. Then, the desperate fight suddenly paused, because one of them disappeared.

"The void level?" Ao Xu's speed was unimaginably fast. He disappeared in the void. Compared to The Escaping Method of the Nether of the Nether World School, Ao Xu's method was more advanced.

Jiang Chen got a punch on the back before he came to himself. He was sent flying.

"It's over?" Ao Xu showed up behind Jiang Chen. He and the other Dragons knew how powerful this punch was. However, this man in front of him did not even spit up blood. As his body spluttered, the injury caused by the punch was recovering.

"Is it possible for a human to have such a strong body?"

"This human must be a very strong genius."

Ao Xu was quite surprised. Shrugging his shoulders, he said, "You wanna continue? Even if we do it again, the result will still be the same. The only difference is that you will spit up blood because I will punch you with more effort."

It was him who had gotten the advantage in the last exchange of blows. If Jiang Chen did not have a solution for that, the result would be quite clear.

"You'll never know why the Human Race is powerful. We are not born to be strong, but we have infinite possibilities." As he spoke, Jiang Chen raised his sword.

"Moron." Ao Xu was struck dumb at the beginning, but soon he stopped taking it seriously. Then he launched a fiercer attack. It was twice as powerful as the last one, and he had made this change without effort. It was hard to imagine what it would be like if he went all out.

At this moment, a strong wind started to blow around Jiang Chen. This wind was quite different. It was extremely strong. Even people hiding in the void could not get away from it.

Ao Xu, about to approach Jiang Chen, was forced to slow up by the wind.

The other Dragons could hardly believe what they had seen. They did not understand how Jiang Chen had made it. They had not seen him move at all. They were even suspicious that Jiang Chen had turned to some external force. However, it did not seem so.

At the same time, the practicing body Luo Cheng and the true body Jiang Chen both entered a mysterious status because of the fruits of the magic tree. Meanwhile, Lu Ping's look got sharper and sharper.

"Wind, on!" As soon as he gave the order, all of the gales wove around each other. They formed a sword field which shrouded Ao Xu.

"Ultimate Sword Soul, on!" Relying on the force of the sword field, Jiang Chen exerted his Martial Soul. Since his law of wind kept realizing breakthroughs, the Ultimate Sword Soul was so brilliant that people could not even look at it with the naked eye.

"How is it possible that he's suddenly so strong?!" The Dragons could not accept the fact.

Ao Xu's strength had followed some law to change, but this human's strength soared to the peak instantly. Ao Xu went all out, as if he was facing a dreadful enemy. A long dragon chime came out of his mouth. The sound wave it created rippled in the air, distorting the sword realm.

At the same time, the Ultimate Sword Soul launched an attack!


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