The Brilliant Fighting Master
1202 The Golden Dragon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1202 The Golden Dragon

500 years ago, there was an ancient tree, thousands of years old, in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. It was so tall that it soared into the clouds and it was as giant as a mountain. It was too unusual to be accepted by the heavens or the human beings.

One night, endless fires of thunder fell from the heavens to destroy the giant tree. In the end, only a lifeless trunk remained. After that, the giant tree became a tourist attraction, where numerous people would visit. The destroyed tree was still more than 300 feet tall. It was just lifeless. Tourists would carve their names on the tree trunk to prove they had visited this place.

One day, Jiang Chen came to see the tree. However, he was surprised to find that the tree was not completely dead. When people carved their names on the trunk, he could feel the pain of the tree elf, which had developed spiritual intelligence. So, as the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone, Jiang Chen had used his power to erase the names from the trunk. Then he had moved the tree to an unknown place.

"Heaven and earth do not act from the impulse of any wish to be benevolent; they deal with all things as the dogs of grass are dealt with."

"You've been living for more than 1,000 years. As to your future, it will depend on yourself."

Jiang Chen put one precious drop of holy liquid into the tree's roots and then left.


500 years passed. The dying tree's fate was completely changed. It even soared into the empyrean. Now the magic tree warded off the dreadful Kos of Thunder for Jiang Chen to pay him back for what he had done so long ago. No matter how angry the Ko clouds were, they could not pass the tree to hurt Jiang Chen.

What can this world do to me? A profound loud voice arose in Jiang Chen's mind. Then Jiang Chen's puzzles were gone. Sitting with his legs crossed, he started to focus on himself. He was going to realize a state breakthrough. Protected by the magic tree, Jiang Chen became a seven-star strongman successfully.

No matter how angry the heavens were, they had to withdraw their thunderbolts.

"He made it?"

The people in the magic tree were surprised to see the changes. What they cared more about was whether Jiang Chen had succeeded, because if Jiang Chen had been killed by the Ko of Thunder, the disturbance would be the same.

Lu Ping, running at high speed, stopped. He went back to find the two women. They were curious about his behavior, but whether the human divine body had gone through the Ko successfully had drawn all of their attention, so they did not ask him anything.

Soon, the Wizard's voice came again. "Divine body Jiang Chen has passed a black-iron-level tree hole." It was only a plain statement without congratulations. After all, Jiang Chen and the Wizard Race held grudges against each other.

"The divine body is powerful."

People started to talk about it right away.

"He survived such a dreadful Ko of Thunder. That's really strong."

"If the divine body grows mature..."

"But why is he here? If he had gone into hiding somewhere until he became a Martial Emperor, who in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts would be able to deal with him?"

Some people admired him. Some people felt pity for him, while others gloated. All of the three reactions were because of Jiang Chen's rival this day, the dual-pupils Wizard Ji Yuan. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was still far worse than Ji Yuan.

When the Ko clouds had disappeared, the test of the magic tree also almost ended. Most people found the tree holes suitable for them. And many died in the tree holes.

"Lu Ping, don't push yourself too much." Shangguan Ru and Han Cong'er entered a snow-silver-level tree hole one after the other.

They knew Lu Ping was aiming for a black iron level, and they believed he could make it. However, the competition was really intense, and the Ancient Race was also targeting him. It would have been better if he had chosen to go to the banquet venue first to get the protection of the Wizard Race, but they certainly respected Lu Ping's choice, so they did not try to persuade him.

When Lu Ping was alone again, he looked around.

"Can you tell me where the remaining black-iron-level tree holes are?" If people saw him like this, they would think he had gone mad. But the magic tree pointed him the way before long. The branches became his road marks. No matter whether he was the true body or a practicing body, the magic tree would always recognize him. This was the natural ability of a spiritual creature. The ability to recognize people by their souls was also the best occult method among all races. Once people mastered it, they would not have to worry about others' disguises, and they would be able to guarantee their inheritances would not be stolen.

However, the ability to recognize a soul could not be mastered at all. The races only had some methods to do it, but these methods were very limited.

"Does the Wizard Race plan any conspiracies?" He plucked up his courage to ask.

"They are going to smelt me to be a treasure of the Wizard Race." The magic tree answered quickly.

This time, Jiang Chen tried to memorize this voice, but he somehow felt the voice was not real. Its answer was not exactly the answer to the question Jiang Chen had asked.

After thinking for a while, Jiang Chen asked, "Do you need any help?"

"They can't smelt me with brutal force. Otherwise they would pay a big price. The Wizard Race claim we are facing hard times. Only the benevolent can get the spiritual creatures in the world. So, they are going to find the benevolent in the banquet. I make rules for the competition, and they will decide the winner."

In this way, Jiang Chen came to know the Wizard Race's plans. They did not mean to harm the other races. They were just keeping something from the other races to satisfy their own needs.

"I will win," Jiang Chen said.

"The dual-pupils Wizard wielder is very strong. Be careful." The magic tree did not deny what Jiang Chen had said


Soon, Lu Ping found the only black-iron-level tree hole left.

"Wait. Wait."

When he was about to defeat the guards, a group of people showed up.

The one who had spoken to him was a teenage girl in the group. In the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts, most geniuses were youngsters. It was impossible for a teenager to achieve the Star Venerable stage. However, this girl looked only 16 or 17 years old. Her skin was very soft, and she was pretty.

Strong. What drew Jiang Chen's attention most was her energy. It was as strong as the energy of a giant dragon. Not only was the teenage girl's energy strong, but also all of her companions were equally strong.

"The Dragon, restrict your origin of fire dragons!" The black dragon's voice came. He was usually a bit casual and calm, but at the moment he sounded very anxious. He must care about Jiang Chen a lot, just like Azure Demon. Jiang Chen was shocked. The Dragon? The Dragon who were real and alive?!

He took a closer look at how these Dragons dressed. If the black dragon had not warned him, he would have had no way to tell.

"What's up?" he asked calmly.

"Could you let us deal with this tree hole?" The teenage girl said with a small smile.

Jiang Chen noticed that everyone behind her seemed to be disdainful of him, as if they would not even bother to speak to him.

"First come, first enter. You can take your chances if I fail."

The teenage girl had been nice to him, so he also tried to speak to her in a nice way. However, he saw the other Dragons frown at him right away.

"That's the thing with human beings. You shouldn't be polite to them. Give them an inch, and they'll take a mile."

"He would have run away if you were mean to him in the first place."

Next to the teenage girl, a man in his early 20s came forward, throwing Jiang Chen a glance."You'll be dead if you don't leave in three seconds." As he spoke, dragon power swept over. Of course, if the black dragon had not warned him, he would not have known it was dragon power.

"Go. They are the Golden Dragons," the black dragon urged him.

"He won't go." The Azure Demon shook his head with a bitter smile. He knew Jiang Chen well.

As expected, Lu Ping shrugged his shoulders. With a sharp look, he said, "You should be the ones to get lost!"

The arrogant Dragons were completely irritated. All of them showed a killing will. Including that teenage girl.

It was an instinct. They were arrogant to the core. They would in no way allow the low-down human race to trample on their dignity.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》