The Brilliant Fighting Master
1201 The Master Who Practices Martial Arts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1201 The Master Who Practices Martial Arts

The situation had changed so quickly that no one could believe it, not until Luo Cheng's second sword attack, which left a startling wound in Su Yinan's chest.

"How is it possible?!" Su Yinan screamed, reluctant to accept defeat. He fell. No one thought he would be able to survive.

At this moment, Lu Ping happened to arrive. It meant his crisis too had been completely resolved.

"This team is too dreadful."

"The most important thing is neither of them is famous. Who would know the master would be such a tough man?"

Gazing at the two men and the two women, the onlookers, who had witnessed everything, were in awe of them. They believed the young geniuses in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts would hear about Lu Ping and Luo Cheng very soon.

"Master." Jiang Chen's two practicing bodies started to act again. Lu Ping complimented Luo Cheng. Then he started to talk about the tree hole overhead. The three black-iron-level guardians had never moved. They had not shown any reaction to the fights that had just happened.

"Let me handle it." Lifting his head, Luo Cheng flew up.

The onlookers had not calmed down yet from the shock of Su Yinan's tragic death. What they were seeing at the moment made them even more nervous.

"It should be fine." These people had confidence in Luo Cheng due to his previous performance. And the result proved they were right. Facing the Thunderbolt Martial Soul, the black-iron-level guardians were quite vulnerable. Luo Cheng got rid of them easily one after another.

"Congratulations, Master Luo Cheng. You are the first one to pass the black-iron-level tree hole." When the guardians had become a pile of scrap metal, the tree hole was open to Luo Cheng. The voice of the female Wizard named Hou Qin came from the magic tree, as if the Wizard Race had been watching everything that was happening in the magic tree.

"What happened? The master passed a black-iron-level tree hole?" Many people had not realized who Luo Cheng was. They were freaked out by the title Master.

Young strongmen had different titles, like the Genius Swordsman, the First Knife Practicer in 100 Years, but no one was called Master.

"Is he the master from that Sundry Goods Store?"

"He seems to have received the invitation."

"Does the master practice Martial Arts?"

People were surprised and shocked, eager to figure these things out. Some Junior Heavenly King geniuses felt quite pressured. They started to make an effort. Then, these geniuses were called by their names from time to time. And their results to pass the tree hole were also reported. The test of the magic tree was advancing faster and faster.

"Let's go to find a new tree hole." Seeing Luo Cheng enter the tree hole, down below, Lu Ping and the others left this area.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Lu Ping, you killed that Ancient?" Shangguan Ru and Han Cong'er did not know Lu Ping before. They had never talked to each other before entering the magic tree. But since they had been a team for some time, they were getting acquainted.

"Yes," Lu Ping admitted.

The two women gasped.

"I'm sure it's not over yet. Be prepared. If you need anything, I'll try my best to help you." Shangguan Ru said seriously.

Han Cong'er was uneasy hearing that. She said to Shangguan Ru through holy awareness, "What are you doing? If your family finds out about this, they will ask you to stay out of this for sure."

"That Ancient attacked me first," Shangguan Ru replied.

Han Cong'er let out a sigh, considering what she should do.

However, whatever they would do, it did not seem to be a problem for Lu Ping. He was still looking for the next black-iron-level tree hole.


At the same time, somewhere in the magic tree, people found the temperature was much higher than in other places. It felt like there was a giant furnace nearby. Thinking something bad was happening, the passers-by hurried to leave. Some time later, the temperature got absurdly high. If it were not for the special magic tree, a big fire would have started. Before bigger disturbances occurred, the temperature started to drop to normal gradually.

A figure carrying two Doctrine Swords at his waist appeared in the dark. It was certainly Jiang Chen, who had mastered the Solar Golden Flame. He had also mastered the fourth chapter of the Fire God Scripture smoothly. He had absorbed the origin of the Purple Eerie Divine Flame. Not only had his lore of fire achieved completeness, but his divine body had improved a lot. It was growing from a curse-breaking divine body to a mature divine body.

Meanwhile, he could not keep holding back the force in his body anymore. The Ko clouds came, forcing him to break through to seven stars.

Outside the magic tree, the overcast Divine Prison Continent became even more depressing. Dark clouds tumbled through the sky. Thunder roared.

"This disturbance?"

Jiang Chen, very experienced in going through Kos, turned pale. The Ko clouds this time were more dreadful than the Five Thunders the practicing body of Luo Cheng had faced before.

"Crap. The heavens must know about your One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones." Azure Demon said anxiously, "Call your practicing bodies over." Jiang Chen would not be able to bear the intensity of this Ko of Thunder unless the true body and the practicing bodies merged. The true body itself was not strong enough to deal with it. Even though he wanted to take this challenge, he had to change his mind when feeling how powerful this Ko of Thunder was.

Because of this, Lu Ping left the two women without saying good-bye. He returned to Jiang Chen immediately.

Shangguan Ru did not know what was happening, but she also sensed the disturbance outside the magic tree. "Who is going through the Ko of Thunder here?"

"What a huge disturbance? Is someone going to be a saint?"

More and more people were disturbed by the powerful Ko of Thunder.

Thunderbolts were emotionless. They would usually hurt innocent people.

No one knew where the person who was going through the Ko of Thunder was. They did not want themselves to be hurt when the thunder fell.

"Stay away from the southeast. A human divine body is going through the Ko." Fortunately, they got the warnings from the Wizard Race. Instantly, people in the southeast of the magic tree all retreated quickly.

Lu Ping was the only one who went in the other direction.

However, the Ko of Thunder would not wait. The first thunder came.

"This is cheating!" Feeling the power of this first thunder, Jiang Chen could not help but swear.

"The treatment for a divine body is really special. I thought someone would become a saint." Someone gloated. No one knew how a Star Venerable would be able to resist such a powerful force.

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. When he was just about to give up, something surprising happened. It was beyond the expectations of everyone. The magic tree extended a thin twig to Jiang Chen. The thickest part of the twig was only as thick as an arm. It looked as if it could be broken easily. However, at this moment, the magic tree showed its power. The thunder which had fallen was whipped back by the twig.

"How come?" Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. He had no idea why the magic tree was helping him.

The Ko of Thunder thought Jiang Chen was using external force to cheat. As a result, the power of the thunderbolts soared madly. Everyone in the magic tree felt extremely pressured. A Ko of Thunder of this level was not something a Star Venerable could bear.

"He is not that good." Lin Tianjian complained unhappily somewhere. He thought Jiang Chen's fighting power did not deserve such a big disturbance. After all, he did not even have the nerve to fight.

Jiang Chen was very nervous. He knew the law of the Ko of Thunder. He was afraid the magic tree would induce something he did not want. Facing the angry Ko of Thunder, the magic tree fought back in an equally tough way. Countless branches extended to form a small world that sheltered him from the Ko of Thunder. Jiang Chen was very touched. He did not expect a tree to treat him so nicely.

However, he really did not understand why the magic tree was doing this.

"Is it because..."

All of a sudden, something he had forgotten for a long time occurred to him.


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