The Brilliant Fighting Master
1199 Early Form Sword Doctrine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1199 Early Form Sword Doctrine

The Great Chaos Method could not conquer the Thunderbolt Martial Soul. The situation was getting better and better for Luo Cheng. However, then Su Yinan arrived.

Shangguan Ru had not realized what that meant. So one of her friends explained it to her. Then her blood froze.

The Western School and the Shangguans were from different camps. Their territories were not far away from each other, so conflicts between them constantly broke out. The Shangguans would gain victory on most of the occasions. As a result, the Western School hated the Shangguans to their cores.

"Master?" Shangguan Ru called, as a way to tell him that they should retreat.

"Human, are you his enemy?" Facing a strong man, Li Tianjun Junior had to restrict himself a little bit.


Su Yinan's way of dressing was not as exaggerated as the Ancient's. In a black light armor, he looked neat and sharp. And due to his outstanding appearance, he totally stole Li Tianjun Junior's thunder.

"My Ancient friend, please do me this favor. Let me handle him." Su Yinan saw through Li Tianjun Junior immediately. He knew this Ancient did not want to collaborate with him or give up. Now that Su Yinan had offered him a face-saving way out of this situation, Li Tianjun Junior nodded. "He has the Thunderbolt Martial Soul. Are you sure about this?" Because of his pride, Li Tianjun Junior was not very happy to see Su Yinan so calm and fearless.

"Don't worry." Su Yinan smiled. He shrugged as if it was nothing serious. And then his arm raised up. From the palm of his hand to his elbow, it was covered by scales. Then an iron glove materialized.

"Magic Thunder Hand!" All of the onlookers exclaimed. This reaction showed how gorgeous the glove was.

Jiang Chen squinted. He saw that the glove had ten-odd doctrine patterns interwoven on it, and one of them, which was especially peculiar, contained extremely powerful energy.

"Is this a super Doctrine Artifact that can subdue the Holy Thunder?" Li Tianjun Junior asked, tumbling to reality. Not until then did he understand why Su Yinan was so confident. With this glove, he certainly had nothing to fear of the Thunderbolt Martial Soul.

"This should be regarded as an external force," Han Cong'er complained.

However, no one listened to her. To be honest, even if he had been holding an immortal weapon in his hand, it would not have been regarded as an external force.

After all, Jiang Chen had been fighting with two Doctrine Swords, and no one had ever blamed him for that.

"This is one of the three most important treasures the Western School has. It cannot only resist the Holy Thunder, but also subdue it," Shangguan Ru said.

"I know," Jiang Chen answered. He really did not need anyone to explain such things to him. He took a step forward. Thunders were roaring.


Seeing him so confident, Su Yinan smiled. He said, "As long as you take a blood oath and promise to refine 1,000 immortal elixirs for us in the Western School, the grudges between us will be settled."

1,000 immortal elixirs?

People could not help but exclaim at such an extravagant request. This would be like putting the master under house arrest.

"Cut the crap," Jiang Chen said.

"Are you sure this is what you want? It would be a great pity if the almighty master dies this way." A sharp light was flashing in Su Yinan's squinty eyes.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen did not reply.

"All right. Sometimes, you don't have to take a blood oath when you are fully conscious." He sounded as if he were talking to himself. Then his Magic Thunder Hand transformed. He kept closing and opening his fist. A profound sound could be heard. The iron emitted a brilliant light. Arm-thick black electric arcs were flashing and jumping, giving him an extraordinary look.

"I forgot to tell you. I'm ranked in the top ten of the Heaven List. I have never used the Magic Thunder Hand. Otherwise I would have been a Junior Heavenly King." Then, with his long hair dancing in the wind, Su Yinan charged over. He was as fierce as the Ko clouds Jiang Chen had seen while going through Kos. The black electric arcs emitted by the Magic Thunder Hand spread over dozens of miles. Jumping without following any patterns, they were like ferocious wild beasts who were going to destroy everything in the world.

Jiang Chen jumped out to confront him. Protected by thunder, he was advancing fearlessly.

The two exchanged blows. Thunder roared. It was like a desperate fight between two gods.

The Magic Thunder Hand shone brighter after making contact with Jiang Chen's thunder force.

"You've excited it! Master!" Su Yinan burst out laughing. Waving the Magic Thunder Hand, he clutched at Jiang Chen.

Then people saw the master get sent flying.

"Humans do have some good stuff." Seeing this scene, Li Tianjun Junior sneered. Then he threw Lu Ping a gloomy look.

"That's not good!"

Not until then did Shangguan Ru and Han Cong'er realize this was not the right time to look on the fight and not pay attention.

Lu Ping was sitting there still, no idea danger was approaching him. In fact, he was not in danger at all. To people's surprise, Li Tianjun Junior's target was those two women.

"Miss Shangguan, it's really a pity you didn't choose me." He appeared behind Shangguan Ru while speaking.

"Watch out!" He launched an attack while Han Cong'er's voice was still echoing in the air. Although it was not as great as the Magic Thunder Hand, Shangguan Ru was not strong enough to resist it. At this moment, a sword wind swept over. The wind blew extremely fast. Li Tianjun Junior's brow was tightly knitted. He had to stop. Lu Ping, who had been meditating a minute ago, flew over holding his sword. There was something subtly different about him. People could not really say what it was, but they all could feel it.

"Loser, are you eager to die?" Li Tianjun Junior was very unhappy. He was not interested in observing Lu Ping's change.

Lu Ping did not speak. He just thrust his sword toward Li Tianjun Junior.

"I really can't believe how stupid you of the human race are!" Li Tianjun Junior exerted The Great Chaos Method, showing the five variations in turn with his hands. He was even more aggressive than just now when he had been dealing with Luo Cheng, because he intended to kill Lu Ping in one go.

Facing an enemy who was as strong as if holding the sun, the moon, and the stars in his hand, Lu Ping, holding his sword, made people involuntarily sigh.

Shangguan Ru looked away. She could not bear to see him suffer. Meanwhile, she was ready to escape. She thought Lu Ping was stalling for more time for her. However, to her surprise, Lu Ping was not sent flying this time. Instead, his plain-looking sword attack became extremely sharp and powerful in the fight with Li Tianjun Junior.

"What?!" No one was more shocked than Li Tianjun Junior. He found his force field of chaos was being swallowed by the sword wind. "How did you manage to make such progress?!" He shouted loudly. Lu Ping had made huge progress in such a short time. It was like a leap from one to 100. Otherwise he would not have been able to make such a skillful Wind Sword Realm achieve the level of law at the same time. More than that, his Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud was clear, and it had got great achievements. He had mastered his own Sword Doctrine.

"Because I'm a genius." Lu Ping replied. The sword in his hand was still transforming.

"Sword Soul: strike!" The unique sword soul showed up again. Its energy was vast. Its blade was fatal. After a few fast sword movements, Li Tianjun Junior's force field of chaos became vulnerable.

"When we are on the same level, your Original Method turns out to be so weak." Lu Ping mocked while attacking.

Li Tianjun Junior kept retreating. He looked as if he was in a panic. He even thought maybe the current situation had been caused because he had been affected by Master Luo Cheng's thunderbolts.

It's impossible to fight back, Li Tianjun Junior complained to himself. Lu Ping's sword moved too fast. He had exerted the strength that a swordsman could achieve to the fullest. His Original Method had not reached the highest level yet. As a result, it was not enough to resist the current Lu Ping. He made a decision almost without hesitation. He turned around to flee.

"What's happening there?!" Some people not far away from them saw their fight. They were all petrified.


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